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autotldr t1_j9pmqgq wrote

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> The head of the International Energy Agency has warned that the "Energy battle" between Europe and Russia is not over, despite a sharp drop in wholesale gas prices that has eased concerns over high bills and blackouts.

> European nations moved quickly last autumn to fill up gas storage facilities and supplies have not been depleted at the rate expected over winter thanks to periods of mild weather and efforts by businesses and households to cut back on energy usage.

> Birol told the Financial Times: "Russia played the energy card and it did not win but it would be too strong to say that Europe has won the energy battle already."I think Europe did a good job, been a big success.

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UniquesNotUseful t1_j9q954f wrote

> Some of the achievements made on clean energy and reducing Russia’s revenues are good but it is not a permanent solution.

Well the extra energy from clean sources is fairly permanent for solutions.

Europe buying Russian gas in significant amounts is doubtful. Not because we’ll never forgive but simply because fossil fuels are being phased out and by the time relations are normalised renewables will be the majority.


Interesting_Pop3388 t1_j9r9o8l wrote

Ukraine have vast natural gas resources not yet drilled in north, south and east. So it's in Europe's strategic interest to support victory of this country for energy independence of EU.