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SardonicSeraphim t1_ja6nc6j wrote

Holy shit, the ex and his family are fucking psychopaths.


SuperArppis t1_ja8e8gp wrote

We had a case like this next door building.

It was more about having a one strong willed psycho (or sociopath or whatever) and bunch of people involved or being silenced by him. He controlled everything through fear.

I can totally see some leader of some family being this kind of dominating force that makes everyone do their bidding.


dorkydragonite t1_ja8hc68 wrote

The helpers are often referred to as “flying monkeys.”


keep_calm_and_prep_ t1_ja8nitu wrote

they said In the psych evals that Karla Homolka had a copycat personality. I forget the exact term they said it was a long time ago but I remember reading that they were saying if she was with a psychopathic serial murderer that she would join them but that if she was with a person who emulated good values and was a morally responsible citizen that she would also copycat that.

Who knows for sure that lady is really f'd up. What we do know is that while she was the partner of Paul Bernardo she was a psychopathic murderer who participated willingly and joyfully. Unfortunately she was able to cut a deal and convince prosecution that she was a victim, forced to comply. The video evidence was found after the deal. Anyway so years later she's released and she remarries her lawyer's brother. They have three kids and she appears to be trying to live a normal life. She even had the audacity to sign up at her child's School as a volunteer. That was an interesting school mistake. Like HOW. How, do you say yes to Canada's most nefarious serial killer, involving minors as volunteer at your school for children... This B**ch literally gave her sister to her husband. They drugged her, raped her, and allowed her to die. Her parents disowned her.


Outforaramble t1_ja8xme6 wrote

Candice DeLong does a great podcast on this murder in killer psyche with an excellent breakdown if this piqued anyone’s curiosity


Zestyclose_Standard6 t1_ja9amv9 wrote

I can't find it? do you recall episode # or title?


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akkelerate t1_ja9fm2r wrote

HongKongese are Cantonese people, not Chinese!

Do not let CCP propaganda fool you, Cantonese culture is rich, unique, and separate from Chinese.

The Cantonese people have their own language, customs, and food.

For example, the Cantonese are very well known for soup making, and eating exotic foods such as shark fin and rhino horns.


ThePerfectMorningLog t1_ja9t1n5 wrote

>For example, the Cantonese are very well known for soup making, and eating exotic foods such as shark fin and rhino horns.

Checks out with the news story


295DVRKSS t1_ja723jg wrote

What the flying fuck. Insane that the father was a police officer


MustLovePunk t1_ja90z09 wrote

Law enforcement is one of the top “professions” of psychopaths (ie, ASPD incl sociopaths, narcissists)


Miltrivd t1_ja965ta wrote

That makes more sense. Police officers without proper training, upbringing and systems in place that keep checks on the forces themselves will get desensitized to violence, brutality and illegal practices.

Constantly justifying fucked up events they performed, had to witness, were coerced to participate in, were victims of or had to keep silent about changes the moral compass and changes the way they think about wrong actions.


Law_Doge t1_ja7fqn9 wrote

They turned her into soup. This is some Grimm fairy tale level stuff


Intelligent_Bug6515 t1_ja85cw2 wrote

> This is some Grimm fairy tale level stuff

Those versions tended to be closer to reality than the Disney version, fitting.


v8reddit t1_ja6xik2 wrote

What's the possible motive(s)?


aktivate74 t1_ja6xsou wrote

Money. Her family is affluent not his. It was noted she was planning to cut off financial support to the ex husband.


Intelligent_Bug6515 t1_ja81xl4 wrote

Ahhh, that makes total sense. Jesus, people can be just awful about money. Poor woman, I feel so bad for her. Cases like hers are why my family always told me to settle down with someone from a similar background.


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Fib0112 t1_ja7thkf wrote

You know how I know you didn't read the article? Because it says HIS family was involved, not hers - his mom, dad and brother. It's legit insane that people comment without reading, for sure.


Grinsekatze101 t1_ja7tnhx wrote

His family was involved not hers, it's clearly stated in the article.


MrDowntempo t1_ja7u7z6 wrote

The ex husband's mother was mentioned in the article. I didn't see a mention of her parents.


nettnettlaces t1_jacqxf6 wrote

She was living in this 8mil property in a rich neighborhood with her ex husband and his family. When they separated she left the house to them and continued to support them financially. She even hired ex BIL as her private driver. She has recently decided to sell the 8mil property and said she will relocate them. Ex FIL wasn’t happy about this, ultimately masteminding the whole thing. Ex FIL, use to be a police but got fired when he got accused for rape.


v8reddit t1_jaeo8sv wrote

This sounds like choosing beggars at an extreme level.


TokyoPanic t1_ja72elj wrote

Such a fucked up case...


CannaPanda69 t1_ja83id4 wrote

Alright, I'm just gonna go ahead and ask.

Are they implying that they ate her?


adeveloper2 t1_ja9iuwg wrote

>Are they implying that they ate her?

They definitely boiled parts of her with carrots/turnips as if they are additions to a soup.

The whole crime is currently all over the news in Hong Kong. I don't think there's anything shocking like this before. She's also a socialite so the attention to that is even greater.

Her mom's devastated right now and any mom would be since she was so brutally murdered and desecrated.


PollysLithium t1_ja91nkw wrote

I'm not sure, like there are other large pieces still missing that can't be eaten. This whole case is sick. I truly hope that's not what happened.


nettnettlaces t1_jacq7d1 wrote

The boiled her up so she’d end up in pieces and they think they threw the pieces on a nearby river which they’re searching through still.


Sea_Inspection1689 t1_jabaixs wrote

For anyone who’s wondering why they’re boiling her remain in a pot. The reason is because they want to destroy any traces of evidence. The family probably thinks when the body gets 100 degree plus the finger print or DNA can be destroyed. Remember the EX husband’s father used to be a police chief. Their intention was evil but also they want to get away with it.


SpaceTabs t1_ja7iepg wrote

The family that preys together makes soup together


jeffyoulose t1_ja7gx2r wrote

You just know that now this news is out there. People are bound to repeat it. Sickos.


eskieski t1_ja9qw6r wrote

I Believe this was all about some property that she was going to sell or sold… family went ape sh… t over it… now, just because of their temper tantrum, you have no property, you’re jailed and given either death or life in prison.. SMH


PollysLithium t1_ja91gq8 wrote

A soup pot. What the actual fuck. I hope they get justice so they can finally rest at peace. What a monster I'm glad they gave them the black bag.


False-Guess t1_ja812gx wrote

Doesn’t China still execute people by firing squad? I think these people deserve worse, but at least most or all of them will be executed.


SquelchShnobler t1_ja837fh wrote

The Mainland does but capital punished was abolished in Hong Kong


akkelerate t1_ja9ggy5 wrote

The whole 2019 HongKong protests were sparked by an extradition case, by the way.

HongKong wanted to extradite a HongKongese man from Taiwan (murdered his girlfriend).

HK Lawmakers drafted a extradition bill that would allow extradition between HK, China, and Taiwan.

People did not like that.


quikfrozt t1_jaamtj5 wrote

Indeed. There was a legitimate reason for the case in question - but horrific mismanagement by the HK government led the whole issue snowball into a wider political crisis.


elleuteri0 t1_ja863dl wrote

even hannibal lecter would be appalled


keep_calm_and_prep_ t1_ja8z3lh wrote

As awful as it is what happened. We should all be so grateful he didn't hurt the children. I'm sure they were her last thoughts ❤️


Designer-Reward8754 t1_ja9gvnl wrote

He did not hurt them because the money from her is going to her children and since he raised them he would have gotten the money


keep_calm_and_prep_ t1_jaae0qp wrote

... money isn't always the motivating factor in these cases a lot of times there's a lot of hatred as well. Men often kill children they've raised. Usually they kill the children to punish the mother. Sometimes they'll kill the children and the mother. If even read up on cases where they killed the mother children, and family members of the mother. Pretty much every year there's a story in the paper near where I live about some woman who was killed. I always pray that the kids weren't involved.

I suppose in this case everyone's lucky that she had money and that's what he was after. Had the children not been so valuable who knows what would have happened.

I used to represent people in criminal law and the horror stories I can tell you. 💔 . Angry, toxic men can be so dangerous.


Designer-Reward8754 t1_jabnnya wrote

I know, I was only talking about this case, where he and his family just did it out of greed. He allegedly chased after her to marry him because she was rich, her in-laws and him allegedly mistreated her a lot, she paid for their home and employed his brother but wanted to relocate the family. They even used one of the daughters to talk her into employing his brother


yuuyake_red t1_jabdbf1 wrote

This is terrifying for all the people hearing and reading this kind of fuck, i mean why would they kill her that way and eat her. This is insane! Reading about this case even makes me overthink. No humanity at all, the fuck is wrong with this family. Hope the victim will get justice.


TourDirect3224 t1_ja7o9ch wrote

I wonder if you put any vegetables or anything in that.


bestnameofalltime t1_ja84w8c wrote

I read from Cantonese websites they put in radish and carrots, presumably to conceal the fact that there is a head in the pot.