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nagrom7 t1_jaax1dm wrote

As an aussie in a town with a lot of pubs, I have yet to see a pub that actually has fosters on tap. Only a handful even served it at all, and they were in more touristy areas.


ClammyVagikarp t1_jabhtzv wrote

I did in the early 2000s. Haven't seen them in 20 years. But I'm from the goldie and we gave tourists ask for that shite.


TERMINATORCPU t1_jabhc2q wrote

Are you inland? It does seem that the coastal (perhaps more touristy cities) had Fosters available.


nagrom7 t1_jabmvq2 wrote

Nah on the coast in North QLD. There's a handful of pubs around here that have Fosters available in cans/bottles, but none of them have it on tap.


TERMINATORCPU t1_jabo1u1 wrote

Gotcha. Ages ago I visited SW coastal OZ, and it was the same thing, cans available in pubs, but not on tap.

Also, while on the topic of beer and travel and whatnot, I, as an American cannot believe how many other countries seem to want/ seem to enjoy Budweiser, it is basically the Fosters of America, and I could not be paid to drink it.