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TheseLipsSinkShips t1_jaay3bj wrote

It should be interesting to see if this intelligence bleeds into US politics. I think we have a Russian and Chinese operative issue in the US.


notcaffeinefree t1_jab84ur wrote

Remember when Obama kicked out a bunch of Russian "diplomats" just after the 2016 election?


amitym t1_jaet4r9 wrote

I remember when he was succeeded by a Russian asset just after the 2016 election.


silasgreenfront t1_jabnmzj wrote

We definitely do. Enough have been caught over the years that there must be more. Probably a very desirable posting for intelligence personnel from those countries.


Chii t1_jabs3rw wrote

If a kremlin plant views living in the US as desirable, it means they have some greed, vs pure ideology as their motivation. This would make that person more readily convertable to a double agent - after all, the amount of money and better life being offered by the US would be magnitudes greater. Esp. if the family can also move.

Of course, the kremlin knows this, therefore, it's highly likely that the kremlin plants that make it to the whitehouse are more likely to be ideologically driven than greed driven.


bolxrex t1_jaby8zs wrote

Maria Butina loved living in the US.


silasgreenfront t1_jacxmhp wrote

She seems to have done really well for herself. Very short stint behind bars in one of our less awful prisons and sailed right into a sweet political gig when she got sent back. One of my favorite tidbits from her story:

>On at least two separate occasions she got drunk and spoke openly about her contacts within the Russian government, even acknowledging that Russian intelligence services were involved with the gun rights group she ran in Moscow. Twice, classmates reported her actions to law enforcement because they found her comments so alarming, sources said.

One of the things that makes the US posting attractive is that, if they get caught, they're likely looking at pretty human treatment. And, if they stay loyal, a decent situation when they return home.


CodeEast t1_jac217q wrote

MICE - Money, Ideology, Coercion/Compromise, Ego.


__Starfish__ t1_jae4wg5 wrote

RASCLS is another framework for agent recruitment as well.

>six influence factors, reciprocation, authority, scarcity, commitment (and consistency), liking, and social proof.

Or search, "From MICE to RASCLS" in the google box.


CodeEast t1_jaect3x wrote

Interesting. I wonder how hard they worked to add an extra A into that.


Patsfan618 t1_jaco7au wrote

Moscow has a history of recalling anyone back, who they even slightly suspect of being compromised. If there's any evidence at all, that person would be interrogated and disposed of. So it was always a dangerous game, getting that recall notice. Do they think your cover has been blown and want to keep you out of prison, or are they going to stick you in a furnace while still alive? You don't know. If you don't follow the order, they'll have their answer and send someone for you.

At least, that's how it was in the 60's. That's as far back as declassification goes right now. That's how Oleg Penkovsky was disposed of, allegedly. Arrested and placed in a furnace, which was then turned on.


Djaja t1_jadkfn8 wrote

Like with the Red Guardian!


Choochooze t1_jacewwl wrote

What ideology would you expect a Russian agent to have?


stilusmobilus t1_jabmczj wrote

Yeah, the Republican Party.

You don’t have to look hard to find the traitors in the United States. Most traitors are within conservative ranks or exploit conservatism somehow. Usually because conservatives can be bought easily.


ultravioletgaia t1_jac98wz wrote

Some of them are also Democrats. Remember, their job is further the divide.


progbuck t1_jacar0h wrote



Bitey_the_Squirrel t1_jacbpa4 wrote

Tulsi used to be a Democrat. Other than that I’ve got nothing.


Djaja t1_jadm6x3 wrote

There's that Democrat on a NYC council that got a street named after a Hitler praising, anti-jew, Nation of Islam dude.

Kristin Richardson Jordan

She is considered Far Left. The republican comment on that decision was fair and not crazy, it was her that seems crazy. That's about the only dem I can think of that is batshit, and they aren't even in state politics.

I'm sure there are more tho!


Hahahahalala t1_jacptdw wrote

Look at you being all open minded and honest. Reddit swallows the “divide” philosophy hook line and sinker. All Republicans bad and all Democrats good.


Big-Temporary-6243 t1_jacukm0 wrote

No, but who in the Democrat ranks favors Russia in the same way conservatives do? Just lay them out because I assure you that democrats don't coddle or tolerate much that embarrasses them when it comes to corruption or even looks like it.


Pimpwerx t1_jac12e4 wrote

In the US, we elect our Russian spies to public office.


Front-Calligrapher-1 t1_jacphpt wrote

The gop politicians are proud of that practice, the contstituents.... still believe in imaginary friends that grant wishes when you pray.... so... you know, they aren't really ready for anything.


smiddy53 t1_jabw9sp wrote

Aus. and The US (and others) share intel all the time, we are part of the Five Eyes Alliance, NSA/CIA/FBI are hooked into our communications just like their homeland, etc.


TheseLipsSinkShips t1_jac1f7q wrote

Will be interesting to see whose names show up on the evidence gathered…


notyouraverageturd t1_jacqlds wrote

Do you think 45 shows up as Don T, DT, or D Trump to protect his anonymity?


philocoffee t1_jae63ye wrote

I imagine it will be a little more subtle... like PP. Not necessarily because he's a dick, but because of his Petite Phalanges.


Noblman_Swerve t1_jadkd6c wrote

I knew someone trying to get into an Australian intelligence agency focusing on cybersecurity, presumably counter-intelligence, have no idea about their operations obviously but I know trying to get in is no joke, definitely have to keep a low profile.


ParkRat t1_jabydy1 wrote

Unfortunately the operatives are Tucker Carlson, Hanity, Hersh. People that can only be swayed by compromat.


SuperRedShrimplet t1_jab5n0w wrote

It goes both ways. How do you think the US has intel on what China is considering lol.


TheseLipsSinkShips t1_jab8oh5 wrote

Laugh it up. You can belittle the role Russia has played in the GOP but your opinion only showcases the treasonous behavior of Russian supporters within the GOP.


ClammyVagikarp t1_jabhni6 wrote

You seem to be under the illusion that a hostile nation would only put spies in one side of their enemy's political factions.


TheseLipsSinkShips t1_jabi8oy wrote

If there are Russian operatives in the Democratic Party, at least they’re still concerned about keeping it a secret.

7.4.2018 How did 8 GOP elected officials celebrate America’s Independence Day?


Crully t1_jacgstd wrote

So many people only want the bad guys to be on the other side.

Stir up the far right, stir up the far left, both accuse each other of being Nazis or whatever. Amplify the chaos to ensure maximum outrage from both sides. Made so much easier by all the algorithms the likes of Facebook produce to help you target people effectively!


OdysseusParadox t1_jacm8kj wrote

Yes, exactly but part of improving is realizing you were wrong. Unfortunately the GOP does not and still puts Trump ( a guy who tried to blackmail Ukraine ) as their leading front runner for office. The problem is glaringly obvious.


MortalSword_MTG t1_jae6p0r wrote

This is likely intentional.

Russia wasn't looking to install a puppet government because that is an unrealistic and unsustainable, IMO.

They want to destabilize the machine, and nurture the culture war.


fearandloath8 t1_jadwus4 wrote

Only one party openly supports Kremlin values i.e. reactionary traditionalism, anti-democratic illiberalism, authoritarianism, anti-lgbt and anti human rights, anti-NATO, anti-green energy/pro-petrol state etc etc.

So, uh, yeah. The GOP is in lockstep with Russia. Democrats not at all.


BackOld3468 t1_jac00xp wrote

This is an issue not only for US. If Europe hasn't unveil them yet it means they have deep roots up here.


TheseLipsSinkShips t1_jac141c wrote

Agreed… France Germany Hungary… Russia had been busy spreading their authoritarian agenda against democracy. I honestly don’t understand why people think they would be better off.


BackOld3468 t1_jac1a7z wrote

Agree, UK should be a good lesson. Nevertheless, there are still protests, proving the situation is bad... Like really bad


SerpentineLogic t1_jac745d wrote

Austria in particular, for some reason


BackOld3468 t1_jacbfou wrote

Well, this reason I think is a well known reason. Austria is considered russia's trojan horse at the heart of Europe for pretty long time now


InBetweenSeen t1_jacwqe7 wrote

The reason is the same as for why the US, UK and Germany have a huge population of agents in Austria - because they never left after WWII and Austria doesn't have the resources to kick them out or the interest to fight with all those countries.

Austria-Hungary and Russia used to have the biggest secret services in Europe, after WWI the infrastructure in Vienna was almost immediately used by the west to spy on eastern Europe, during WWII by the Nazis and since Austria's occupation "legally" by everyone.

And Western services are very happy to spy on Russia from a rather save place, that's why the US has been putting in effort to warm up their relationship to Austria in the past years instead of piling on pressure. They are well aware of the situation in Vienna, their own agents help creating it after all.


stilusmobilus t1_jabmcta wrote

Yeah, the Republican Party.

You don’t have to look hard to find the traitors in the United States. Most traitors are within conservative ranks or exploit conservatism somehow. Usually because conservatives can be bought easily.


swagonflyyyy t1_jacsr1g wrote

My thoughts exactly. I mean, Australia is a close ally of the U.S. but they are also in close proximity to China and is part of the Five Eyes Alliance. My guess is the Russians are cross-referencing intel gathered from Australia and elsewhere to paint a clearer picture of the West's strategic interests considering how far they went in conducting such a huge operation in Australia.

They're definitely intensifying espionage efforts. This may be related to Ukraine.


Noblman_Swerve t1_jadi9fc wrote

Well yeah we root out politicians being bribed by China semi-regularly at this point, but it's still a surprise to see Russia trying to directly infiltrate us.

Because to be honest Russia has probably already infiltrated US spy networks, lots of people have been accused of selling information to China, that's just how the spy game has always been.


Front-Calligrapher-1 t1_jacp12n wrote

We definitely do, that's why trump put dumb dumbs in charge of border and pentagon. It's gone be a while till all that trash is smoked out. Even the trains derailment and forest fires are probably from operatives.


attackonmidgets t1_jac57ef wrote

It's not a secret. It's a given that governments sends spies to each other, even the friendly ones.


i8noodles t1_jacaeub wrote

Look at it this way. U think u have an issue but how can u tell? But by there nature they are working in the shadows. They don't exactly have a convient book that says they have this many operatives working in this country. Some don't even know they are operatives.

For all u know the greatest operative ring in the US could be an ally country or like Greenland.


nznordi t1_jach90r wrote

You have Russian assets in Parlament!!


Interesting_Ad7639 t1_jaebiii wrote

Yep,Trump turned out to act like a real piece of work. SO, I woulnt put it past him.. Spies are everywhere!


TheAuraTree t1_jaddv4i wrote

In the UK there is no fear of secret Russian intelligence. We pay them to be involved with our politics instead...


Affectionate-Winner7 t1_jaes4oo wrote

We had a former President working with the Russians while in office and may still be working for the Russians today.


BirdCheap7586 t1_jaf3cph wrote

Guess what? It is preposterous saying that they aren't. I was raised in then socialist country of Poland. These guys were everywhere...


greenglasstree t1_jace4wl wrote

Considering that it's America, only the African, Asian, and Latin American spies will face charges, along with ordinary Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans who did nothing wrong and were loyal to the United States.

And Russian and other European spies will face almost no consequences.


MalibuBenjamin t1_jae57rb wrote

Biden is evil and brilliant. Too bad he can't confess to blowing up Nordstream because that would get him re-elected - and start World War 3. It appears that America and Norway teamed up to pull a Viking raid on the Nordstream Pipeline and blow it up. What that means is Norway is now the #1 supplier of natural gas to europe. They will make an additional $112 billion dollars which they'll invest in their cutting edge renewable energy grid. Norway's grid is already 98% renewable from hydro and they are installing enough wind turbines onshore and offshore to match that capacity and double the renewable output and sell the excess to Europe. Clever Viking bastards. And America's liquid natural gas exports to Europe have increased 137% and God knows how many billions that's worth. So let's hope The Big Guy is taking that 10% of Norway's action and America's action and flowing that money in Ukraine. That means Biden is using money stolen from Russia's pockets to help Ukraine prove that the Russian military is a paper tiger of depressed murderous rapists, and Putin is a coward hiding behind nuclear weapons. Biden is ****** evil and brilliant. Think Trump would have the balls to do something like that? Trump thought Finland was part of Russia. Too bad Biden can't fess up to it.🔥🔥


SlavicSquatter69 t1_jacoey5 wrote

Here it comes! Get the cattle cars ready we are coming for the Russian American population.