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SuperRedShrimplet t1_jab5n0w wrote

It goes both ways. How do you think the US has intel on what China is considering lol.


TheseLipsSinkShips t1_jab8oh5 wrote

Laugh it up. You can belittle the role Russia has played in the GOP but your opinion only showcases the treasonous behavior of Russian supporters within the GOP.


ClammyVagikarp t1_jabhni6 wrote

You seem to be under the illusion that a hostile nation would only put spies in one side of their enemy's political factions.


TheseLipsSinkShips t1_jabi8oy wrote

If there are Russian operatives in the Democratic Party, at least they’re still concerned about keeping it a secret.

7.4.2018 How did 8 GOP elected officials celebrate America’s Independence Day?


Crully t1_jacgstd wrote

So many people only want the bad guys to be on the other side.

Stir up the far right, stir up the far left, both accuse each other of being Nazis or whatever. Amplify the chaos to ensure maximum outrage from both sides. Made so much easier by all the algorithms the likes of Facebook produce to help you target people effectively!


OdysseusParadox t1_jacm8kj wrote

Yes, exactly but part of improving is realizing you were wrong. Unfortunately the GOP does not and still puts Trump ( a guy who tried to blackmail Ukraine ) as their leading front runner for office. The problem is glaringly obvious.


MortalSword_MTG t1_jae6p0r wrote

This is likely intentional.

Russia wasn't looking to install a puppet government because that is an unrealistic and unsustainable, IMO.

They want to destabilize the machine, and nurture the culture war.


fearandloath8 t1_jadwus4 wrote

Only one party openly supports Kremlin values i.e. reactionary traditionalism, anti-democratic illiberalism, authoritarianism, anti-lgbt and anti human rights, anti-NATO, anti-green energy/pro-petrol state etc etc.

So, uh, yeah. The GOP is in lockstep with Russia. Democrats not at all.