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LiliNotACult t1_ja8bc3h wrote

This. We're running on fumes now. It's amazing to see how many people just don't care or ignore the news because they think it doesn't affect them.


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valoon4 t1_ja9pniz wrote

We can if we work together. The question is will the majority join?


OngoGoblogian t1_ja8n4dz wrote

I don't care and ignore it because we're all already screwed. I accept defeat and try to enjoy life as much as I can.


suicine88 t1_ja90g5o wrote

Understandable, but does morally preclude you from having children


PuckFutin69 t1_ja9cpxh wrote

I had kids before realizing and every single day is a mixture of joy seeing them grow and fear of the life they'll get to live with the current global state. That's if we're even able to feed people by the end of the decade.