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Dikai t1_ja13g57 wrote

Someone else explained this really well in comments in another post. I believe they said something like 'They keep updating sanctions over time to maximize impact, basically after a while when Russia gets uhm what's the right word 'comfortable?' with certain sanctions they will add new ones on other important things to impact as much damage as possible to their economy.' Basically the idea is dealing much more damage over a long period of time than can be done at once.


Ludwigofthepotatoppl t1_ja1gc95 wrote

Best way i can explain it is death by a thousand cuts. You sanction them a little, they find a way to work around it—then you sanction them a bit more, so they have to work around it again. Do this a lot, and they lose so much time and effort having to work around them. Economy’s shitty, people are tired and things look uncertain, it’s terrible for public morale.


Shurqeh t1_ja2fbro wrote

Have they closed the Turkish loophole yet?