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Shurqeh t1_ja2ih2d wrote

This kind of decoupling from the West is the kind of Decoupling the West wishes they could pull off from China


Adrian915 t1_ja2ixnl wrote

Yep, thanks to profit obsessed markets, here we are. Manufacturing jobs are returning to the EU though so that's great.

Regardless, as opposed to China, Russia did weaponize our dependency in order to try and manipulate our politics which made them the bigger threat. I as a european, want absolutely nothing from them anymore, regardless of the price. The fact that they invested huge amounts of money to buy off some of our politicians, have an imperial agenda and have no issues with genociding people as close to them culturally as possible, makes them a way bigger threat than China could ever be right now.


heavy_highlights t1_ja2kl2o wrote

Can't make it fast

And the war will not be able to end quickly, as we all would not like it here.