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FM-101 t1_ja7nyq1 wrote

The problem with lying all the time is that nobody believes you.

Actions have consequences.


aseriousplate t1_ja98xnr wrote

I'm glad the US never lies about this kind of shit.


RogueOneisbestone t1_ja9a17g wrote

Honestly, I'm loving how forthcoming the US has been recently. Yea, they've lied in the past and continue to lie. But most of the intelligence they have been releasing the last couple of years have been dead on. It's nice seeing these countries being called out, denying it, and then doing exactly what the US said they were gonna do.


lurker_101 t1_jaasb7u wrote

Yes .. Biden completely lied when he told us about Putin planning to invade weeks ahead of time Feb 2022 ^^^/s

.. our govt really messed up that one huh?

.. I would like to hear about the govt that "never lies" .. I will wait


ArmChairAnalyst86 t1_jaaujoq wrote

I'm going to back you up on this. Many people, including myself, are impressed with the US intelligence capabilities. Make no mistake, though. The minute it doesn't serve US interests to be forthcoming with intel, they won't be. Also, are the people coming out and saying "Well I've liked how they handled Ukraine," and also looking to other aspects of the US government? Judging the US credibility and good intent solely on Ukraine seems short-sighted.

I have one question to people. If China were to somehow put together a peace plan that would somehow end the war, completely without the US being involved, how would the US take that? What if China is able to sort of pose the west as an aggressor in the war at the same time?

I'm not hating. I'm not demanding change. I know what it is. It's about national interests and national interests alone. It's not about doing the right thing, although it's nice when the two line up, but they dont always, and I think we all get that. It's geopolitics.