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vibeology1 t1_ja8yypf wrote

So you're telling me our government and the CIA are lying to us by saying china hasn't sent weapons? If they are lying couldn't they be lying about their intent to do so at all?



Deep-Mention-3875 t1_ja8zcl4 wrote

Yes it’s call politics. And no, US govt and CIA has lied for china before to avoid escalation.


vibeology1 t1_ja90kjo wrote

Why would they acknowledge it at all then? A statement like this would only be escalating the situation by bringing it into the collective consciousness for no reason. Would it not be hush hush, like any proof whatsoever of these weapons you are thinking they are sending?


Deep-Mention-3875 t1_jacy0fr wrote

Because US is using it as a “blackmail” of a sort to get China to back off interfering with the Ukranian situation, obviously china and russia are friends and china is looking for ways to provid additional and direct aid.


vibeology1 t1_ja912np wrote

as an aside though ill eat my boot if this is precursor to an announcement that its actually happening. that'd be some shit


Deep-Mention-3875 t1_jacxrzk wrote

Not sure if govt would announce it but china just export through “civilian” and other national entities to hide the origin, just like with Iranian drones before they were publicly outted.