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ssdd442 t1_ja7g6rs wrote

China: those artillery pieces are for Russia to collect weather data and are not for the military.....


Complex_Construction t1_ja7gj4e wrote

Just private corporations doing private stuff. Nuthin to see here.


MC_chrome t1_ja8cxeb wrote

>private corporations

…which are staffed with state officials, but China doesn’t want anyone talking about that!


forrealnoRussianbot t1_ja8vtvr wrote

Private in China? Lol. You mean companies controlled by CCP.


Complex_Construction t1_ja8wp0m wrote

Sarcasm, mate, sarcasm! They were deflecting by using “private corporations” language to deny the balloons were for some kind of spying. They’ll do it again.


forrealnoRussianbot t1_ja8x15o wrote

Sorry, I have countered some naive people in Reddit lately. I believe some CCP companies will give weapons to Belarus so they don't get blamed.


BigfootsMailman t1_ja9hqqo wrote

US: So you're not going to send any military supplies to aid Russia?

China: Well now we are!


traveling_man182 t1_ja9jkkf wrote

I was thinking the exact same thing.


TSL4me t1_jaajo2g wrote

yea, like how is them saying that not admitting to doing it. They would just say No We arent.


ErwinRRR t1_ja7ijjh wrote

As a Chinese person, I would give you guys a notification:

The Chinese government uses all the words really carefully. 'disinformation' does not mean 'refused'.

Which means: The Chinese government may provide drone, missile, barrel(for tanks) or anything else except artillery and ammo.

Or, the Chinese government means: they have provided the artillery and ammo to Russia, not in the future.

So they did not deny the intelligence, but they said the intelligence is "wrong"


DeeHawk t1_ja7ws0t wrote

The english term is ‘being pedantic”.

But I still thank you for this context.


CherryBoard t1_ja9d9de wrote

"Chinese Official Speak" is a major cultural phenomenon that has been in play as the way the Chinese communicate since forever, of which understanding is pretty key to discerning whatever the Chinese leadership is actually cooking up


Sotap t1_ja9kt89 wrote

I mean they are painfully obvious about it imo. Always have been. Annoyingly so.


Midnight2012 t1_jabtfno wrote

Alot of westerners don't get this tricky language they use.


mfb- t1_ja84qxb wrote

Or "we don't send it, the Russians come and pick it up".


HumanChicken t1_ja9jje4 wrote

“We found all this cash AFTER the weapons fell off the back of the truck.”


wwarnout t1_ja7q6ht wrote

> but they said the intelligence is "wrong"

Does this remind anyone of "alternative facts"?


rpapafox t1_ja9eonm wrote

Or they are providing it to Belarus or Iran, so they can give it to russia.


ErwinRRR t1_ja9gd6o wrote

That's really possible. Just like ZTE and Huawei did before.


lurker_101 t1_jaar8gv wrote

The CCP have their own second separate language for political negotiations

.. one word could mean multiple words .. doublespeak .. ambiguity .. saying phrases which could have multiple meanings seems to be a specialty of theirs .. so a "promise" is not really anything

.. the Chinese media in Beijing still classifies NATO as "the provocateurs" and never really mention the Feb 24 invasion .. that is all you really need to know

.. the CCP could easily send Fat Kim weapons and have him send his old stuff to Putin and cover their tracks


udontnojak t1_ja9a6fa wrote

US: "who said anything about axillary shells" China: "ahhh" ....probably


CodeEast t1_ja9du6u wrote

Tank barrels good, ammo good, surveillance drones ok. Attack drones artillery pieces and missiles bad.


Lofteed t1_jabzsui wrote

or they can just straight lie, like when they say they have zero covid deaths


donut_fuckerr719 t1_ja7dv6z wrote

It's early 2022 all over again.


EtadanikM t1_ja7wukj wrote

Which means it's almost certainly going to happen, as the US mostly publicizes this information for PR to justify its response.


happykittynipples t1_ja94tjd wrote

Great time for a 200% tariff on all imports from China. Keep it in place long enough to give production a chance in a few more countries including the USA.


TSL4me t1_jaajtiu wrote

damm, that would be one hell of a way to get out of our recession. Everyone would be blaming china for the sky high costs while the government rakes in tax money and corporations can gouge us even more. Its really a perfect plan if you think about it.


Prairy_fire t1_ja8e52f wrote

Yes our government never lies to us or others


viperabyss t1_ja8vw4c wrote

I mean, they have been pretty spot on about the Ukrainian war so far…


ajr901 t1_ja90y62 wrote

Sure, our government isn’t perfect. But we’re fucking saints compared to the likes of Russia, China, Iran, etc.


Xert t1_ja949co wrote

Do you think the US government is lying about this?


FM-101 t1_ja7nyq1 wrote

The problem with lying all the time is that nobody believes you.

Actions have consequences.


aseriousplate t1_ja98xnr wrote

I'm glad the US never lies about this kind of shit.


RogueOneisbestone t1_ja9a17g wrote

Honestly, I'm loving how forthcoming the US has been recently. Yea, they've lied in the past and continue to lie. But most of the intelligence they have been releasing the last couple of years have been dead on. It's nice seeing these countries being called out, denying it, and then doing exactly what the US said they were gonna do.


lurker_101 t1_jaasb7u wrote

Yes .. Biden completely lied when he told us about Putin planning to invade weeks ahead of time Feb 2022 ^^^/s

.. our govt really messed up that one huh?

.. I would like to hear about the govt that "never lies" .. I will wait


ArmChairAnalyst86 t1_jaaujoq wrote

I'm going to back you up on this. Many people, including myself, are impressed with the US intelligence capabilities. Make no mistake, though. The minute it doesn't serve US interests to be forthcoming with intel, they won't be. Also, are the people coming out and saying "Well I've liked how they handled Ukraine," and also looking to other aspects of the US government? Judging the US credibility and good intent solely on Ukraine seems short-sighted.

I have one question to people. If China were to somehow put together a peace plan that would somehow end the war, completely without the US being involved, how would the US take that? What if China is able to sort of pose the west as an aggressor in the war at the same time?

I'm not hating. I'm not demanding change. I know what it is. It's about national interests and national interests alone. It's not about doing the right thing, although it's nice when the two line up, but they dont always, and I think we all get that. It's geopolitics.


Objective-War-1961 t1_ja7fclu wrote

In other words, China will be sending artillery and ammo to Russia. Carlson has a new country to root for.


lifesprig t1_ja9f91c wrote

The republicans love affair with Russia and detestation for China has always been a mindfuck for me. It’s clear that republicans support anti-democratic values and minimal human rights, so why not love both countries?


maminidemona t1_jac1o7h wrote

Viewed from Western Europe, the reputation of the republicans has been ruined because of Trump. And we dont understand why so many republicans feel compelled to try to be like him i/o to stay "reasonable". We believe that democrats share values with which we can adherate.


mwagner1385 t1_ja7x2ta wrote

Say what you want about American foreign policy... their intelligence tends not to be off (when they're not beating the war drum, a la Iraq 2002)


Johannes_P t1_ja87viv wrote

Well, US intelligence knew Iraq had no WMD and that reports stating otherwise were unreliable; the political leadership wanted war.


gbs5009 t1_ja939ga wrote

They had old chemical weapons lying around. The issue was whether or not they had restarted manufacturing.


goodstorydan t1_ja9ixfv wrote

…which we knew they hadn’t.

They went out of their way to drum up “evidence” to justify invading Iraq. It was bad.


vibeology1 t1_ja82ph0 wrote

We're in an economic war with china and i fully believe there's nothing that makes half of this country lose all critical thinking skills like the the mention of China.

I just don't think china is going to send weapons. It'd absolutely be silly and if they did they are risking pulling themselves into a conflict that will absolutely be kicking off a global war. I know as humans we're all kind of dumb but self-preservation and all.


nagonjin t1_ja89r2o wrote

How has (for example) the global pandemic response not disavowed you of the notion that collectively we're not that committed to long-term self preservation? Especially if the elites have money to make.


vibeology1 t1_ja8e3mf wrote

For the wealthy, their wealth is their self preservation. Their goals are just counter to everybody elses.

The people not taking the vaccine are doing it out of the sincere belief that it will do them irreparable harm. Again, self preservation. Incredibly stupid but thats on the schools and the steady stream of poor quality US news.


nagonjin t1_ja8euzw wrote

Those are fair points, but those practices come at the cost of collective self-preservation.


vibeology1 t1_ja8j2rp wrote

Guess we got to convince people that a rising tide lifts all boats. Its a shame.


nagonjin t1_ja8kt3n wrote

Well, sadly some people just like watching boats sink


bpooqd t1_ja8cnzc wrote

>We're in an economic war with china and i fully believe there's nothing that makes half of this country lose all critical thinking skills like the the mention of China.

Feels also counter productive since it feels like republicans are really hating china like a lot, but they don't really mind russia so much.


EtadanikM t1_ja8loy5 wrote

Republicans are racist, and Russians are still white at the end of the day. But just as importantly, they support many of the right-wing ideologies Republicans do.


ProShortKingAction t1_ja8d6kd wrote

Considering moderate estimates of how many nukes would be necessary to end the world if they hit the right spots is 100, I'm not sure why we should be all that Gung ho about feeling the force of 350.


vibeology1 t1_ja8f7n7 wrote

Plans are plans. Countries plan shit out. Complete pie in the sky bat shit crazy scenarios and shit that will never happen, but when it comes to US-China relations push could never come to a conventional shove.

"Game over man, game over!"


Deep-Mention-3875 t1_ja8pjrg wrote

100 nukes is not ending the world lol


ArmChairAnalyst86 t1_jaavhdl wrote

It will end the world as we know it. Meaning it will not resemble what it does now, and likely not for the better obviously.


ifuckinneedcoffeenow t1_ja8rssd wrote

You think 100 nukes won’t end the world? Where the fuck do you live in la la land and how is the weather? I can’t imagine being so delusional and in denial of basic fucking reality to think that 100 nukes would not end the world as we know it. Yeah I’m sure everything would just be all hunky dory.


Deep-Mention-3875 t1_ja8t06l wrote

No 100 nukes would not even come close to the end the world. It’s interesting you are so confident about this.


ProShortKingAction t1_ja8ut3u wrote

I guess you are both correct because I was very vague in my initial comment. You are correct that for example 100 Hiroshima sized nukes if they were dropped in a desert would not end the world. However those same 100 nukes which are much smaller than what countries are capable of building today if dropped for example in heavily populated areas in Pakistan and India would cause a level of global famine that would bring every country on the planet to its knees, worse than any other famine in world history.

But even that might not be the end of the world to you, the end of the world was a pretty vague way to describe it on my part and for that I'm sorry. I meant more the collapse of everything that we currently rely on to survive. Countries falling apart, countless dead from starvation in even the wealthiest nations of the world, global trade collapsing, resource wars both regional and international, freak weather phenomenon, etc.

And that's not even considering how much more powerful modern nukes are than the one dropped on Hiroshima


bpooqd t1_ja92n6n wrote

Technically we can't literally delete all of humanity even in a nuclear winter scenario, but you are correct of course.

I think in more recent times people began to be less afraid of nukes for some reason. Perhaps its just war propaganda clashing against realities, like a constant stream of "look at this terrible thing X country does!" clashing against "no we can't actually start a war with X, they have nukes".

This hatred and moral grandstanding then makes people say unhinged things like "Nukes aren't so bad / we shouldn't be afraid of them / we shouldn't nukes let us stop doing the right thing / they wouldn't actually use nukes if it comes down to it / oh their nukes are not working anyway just look at their tanks / oh we can deflect their nukes anyway / etc.".

This also reminds me a bit of the constant screams for an Iran war like 10 years or so ago, clashing with the reality of what a clusterfuck that would actually be like.

I don't know why war propaganda was so different during the cold war, there was a constant stream of "look at how horrible the soviet union is!" but there was also a constant stream of "nukes suck, like a lot, they are really really really fucking horrific, be scared of them!". And as is very apparent now, the latter was really necessary in hindsight, it might have prevented the cold war from going hot actually.


ProShortKingAction t1_ja95pc5 wrote

Honestly I think a big part of the difference between Cold War propaganda and modern propaganda on the subject is simply time. A large chunk of the people who were so into the idea of conflict with Russia also remembered the day that the Newspaper showed them images of a single bomb wiping a major city off the face of the Earth. People now a days don't have that type of reference. I have a feeling if a city like Kyiv (God forbid) got obliterated by a nuke people would not be so dismissive of the idea of nukes being something to scared of

Edit: I'm just using the city of Kyiv as an example because the idea of it being nuked has regularly been in the news and dismissed as an impossibility by regular people


Cold-Change5060 t1_ja9qe6o wrote

> would cause a level of global famine that would bring every country on the planet to its knees,

No, it would not. Even 10 thousand nukes in a WW3 scenario wouldn't effect parts of South America at all.

> I meant more the collapse of everything that we currently rely on to survive.

Then why are you doubling down when that's not what you said?


ArmChairAnalyst86 t1_jaax6vr wrote

10,000 nuclear warhead detonation wouldn't affect South America? You don't really believe that, do you?

I am confidently sure of one thing and one thing alone. We lack the ability to model our planet 10 years after 10,000 nuclear detonations in a short time. Esp considering they won't be of the 14 kt Hiroshima variety.

I am reasonably sure that 100 nuclear detonations on the planet would significantly alter the world as we know it, and maybe we can model the atmospheric effects, but we cannot model all of the effects, including disease, food disruption, animal disruption, weather disruption, and most importantly social economic disruption.

Also, 100 missles seems like a good hypothetical number, which is a limited exchange by all accounts, but each missle likely has between 3-10 individual warheads as well.

Honestly, the whole damn thing is just unthinkable. It's a useless thought exercise. Humans would likely survive in some capacity no matter what short of every single region being nuked, but it wouldn't be anything close to life now. OUR world would have effectively been ended, for a new, much scarier, and horrible world.


ProShortKingAction t1_ja9qtdc wrote

How young are you that you didn't grow up learning about the possibility of a nuclear winter?


ArmChairAnalyst86 t1_jaavl66 wrote

Are we talking 100 missles or 100 warheads because the difference is exponential?


Cold-Change5060 t1_ja9q5xu wrote

> You think 100 nukes won’t end the world?


> Where the fuck do you live in la la land and how is the weather?

Ah attacking the poster and not the content. Classic shit poster.

> would not end the world as we know it.

What are you talking about? We are talking about ending the world, not 'as we know it'.

Did you reply to the correct post?


TokeyWeedtooth t1_jaa6fqa wrote

Look, someone being a pain in the ass on purpose to get a rise out of someone then mocks them for said reaction.

Not only are you stiring the pot, but you haven't provided anything meaningful to the discussion.


Cold-Change5060 t1_ja9pwn5 wrote

We have 10's of thousands of nukes and it's not enough to end the world.

You are ignorant.


Cold-Change5060 t1_ja9phsr wrote

Everybody in the US is in economic wars with each other, the EU, and every body else.

It's called capitalism and the war is competition.


yycsoftwaredev t1_ja8kz4f wrote

Just replace "China" with "Russia" and "weapons" with "soldiers into Ukraine" and we have a European from Jan 2022.


Deep-Mention-3875 t1_ja8pf9l wrote

How much you wanna bet china has sent weapons and will continue to send weapons?


vibeology1 t1_ja8yypf wrote

So you're telling me our government and the CIA are lying to us by saying china hasn't sent weapons? If they are lying couldn't they be lying about their intent to do so at all?



Deep-Mention-3875 t1_ja8zcl4 wrote

Yes it’s call politics. And no, US govt and CIA has lied for china before to avoid escalation.


vibeology1 t1_ja90kjo wrote

Why would they acknowledge it at all then? A statement like this would only be escalating the situation by bringing it into the collective consciousness for no reason. Would it not be hush hush, like any proof whatsoever of these weapons you are thinking they are sending?


Deep-Mention-3875 t1_jacy0fr wrote

Because US is using it as a “blackmail” of a sort to get China to back off interfering with the Ukranian situation, obviously china and russia are friends and china is looking for ways to provid additional and direct aid.


vibeology1 t1_ja912np wrote

as an aside though ill eat my boot if this is precursor to an announcement that its actually happening. that'd be some shit


Deep-Mention-3875 t1_jacxrzk wrote

Not sure if govt would announce it but china just export through “civilian” and other national entities to hide the origin, just like with Iranian drones before they were publicly outted.


ZubenelJanubi t1_ja8m44r wrote

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years is that warnings from the US intelligence community are based in fact when they are published, and that China consistently lies and plays both sides of an issue to save face.


sxtigon t1_ja7pcew wrote

Well you better not do it!


Vintageradiohead t1_ja9b3db wrote

Oh dang, they are sending it for sure. Wish they admitted it then it would never arrive.


Demolisher05 t1_ja7j9rh wrote

Ok China, then prove us wrong and don't do it.


cranberrydudz t1_ja80fdd wrote

Lol this is how you know china was definitely planning on sending military aid.


JubalHarshaw23 t1_ja8mkmd wrote

It's likely that China is already supplying Russia through North Korea. They just are considering being "Open" about it.


LooseWetCheeks t1_jaaepmv wrote

China has a more of a lucrative future with the US then Russia.


smp7401 t1_jabuuz6 wrote

This is probably one of those situations where actions will speak much louder than words, China…


maminidemona t1_jac0rpm wrote

Accusing each others on its intentions without clues becomes an habit that should be prohibited in politics. It is useless and envenom relations already enough tense. Could all those leaders behave like adults i/o behave like childs in a kindergarten Please stick to facts !


Fleinsuppe t1_jacr8jr wrote

US: nah, we just wanted you to say what you just said so you don't consider helping them in the future.


Mongobuzz t1_ja8555a wrote

Oh okay good so they won't do it then... right? ........ right?


cpt_koerg t1_ja9k18q wrote

The disinformation is that they are considering while they actually do.


dwdrummond t1_ja9mpaj wrote

Oh, you mean embarrassing facts


smcoolsm t1_ja9o4dm wrote

China made the same claims about the US and its forewarning that Russia would attack Ukraine, but they turned out to be wrong.


80schld t1_ja9yqrk wrote

I think the intended purpose was to put China on the Defensive so that they don’t try to do it. All the CIA did was confirm the possibility that they could… which is basically nothing.


jebediah999 t1_jaaf58e wrote

logical response would then be... "So you are in fact not considering this action?"


Carteeg_Struve t1_jaan4tw wrote

China: “No no. We’re uh… we’re going to invade Russia. Yeah.”

US: “Oh thank god. Carry on.”


agu-agu t1_jabahog wrote

That’s the same shit Russia said when the US warned they were about to invade Ukraine. It’s hard to trust any public statement of countries that lie prolifically.


Lahm0123 t1_ja8gaxa wrote

She far China exports weapons to a few Asian countries.

Not sure they really want Russia on that list.


alexander1701 t1_ja97u2y wrote

According to the article, the White House has confirmed that no Chinese weapons have been sent to Russia.

We should all be glad that China resents the implication that they were going to send weapons, and be mindful that Russia's disinformation network is extensive, and has a vested interest in goading China this way, to make headlines that will sound hypocritical in China.


rpapafox t1_ja9e27x wrote

Well China, we welcome you to prove the U.S. wrong.


whyreadthis2035 t1_ja83vbp wrote

Disinformation Datinformation? CCP propaganda makes Fox look balanced. Who knows?


jert3 t1_ja90ers wrote

Hey pot, take it from a kettle, you're black.