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macross1984 t1_jaajip9 wrote

As the shrinkage of Arctic ice continue, people who own beachfront properties are in for rude surprise when the water start rising.


kingofpotatopeople92 t1_jaauc8s wrote

Everyone's fucked as soon as the insurance companies start filing for Chapter 11.

Edit: The smart ones are already looking for suckers to sell to.

Edit: About two months left till The Thwaites Glacier shatters


gambvestor t1_jac1f0t wrote

>Edit: About two months left till The Thwaites Glacier shatters

Where do you get that from? Seems like doomsday disinformation to me

Recent studies indicate:


70ms t1_jabl2ep wrote

>Edit: About two months left till The Thwaites Glacier shatters

Wait, what? Only 2 months?


Bergensis t1_jac9m84 wrote

This article is about the Antarctic ice.


CompositeBeing t1_jabypcu wrote

I would re read that physics books again - a melting floating ice you and the article referring to does NOT increase the average sea level. What is more - the southern hemisphere has summer right now.


Wildercard t1_jac86nf wrote


Ice is a sort of heat sink buffer.


TheMania t1_jac1nxi wrote

All helps the land-sitting glaciers slide in to the ocean though, doesn't it.


beaucoupBothans t1_jaes137 wrote

This is about antarctic ice which for the most part is not floating. And it being summer isn't relevant ice averages are measured and compared year over year.


gleba080 t1_jabyzto wrote

Does the reduction of sea ice has any effect on land ice melting?


Total_Customer_6627 t1_jaa3fbo wrote

I wonder if we’re already fucked, or if we have time to prevent us from being fucked.


SuspiciousStable9649 t1_jaa8csq wrote

checks notes …fucked. Yep, we’re fucked.


awfulsome t1_jab9426 wrote

fucked. If all emissions stopped today, it is estimated that it would take 500 years to return to normal, and no matter how green the agenda, emissions will not his zero unless the human population does.


kingofpotatopeople92 t1_jaatq99 wrote

"I'm gonna hide this tape when I'm finished. If none of us make it, at least there'll be some kind of record. The storm's been hitting us hard now for 48 hours. We still have nothing to go on.

[Briefly turns off tape recorder and takes a drink of whisky. He looks at the torn long johns and turns it back on]

One other thing: I think it rips through your clothes when it takes you over. Windows found some shredded long johns, but the nametag was missing. They could be anybody's. Nobody... nobody trusts anybody now, and we're all very tired.

[turns off tape recorder then turns it back on after a short pause]

Nothing else I can do, just wait...

R.J. MacReady, helicopter pilot, US outpost number 31."

[turns off recorder]


Fox_Kurama t1_jaaxk0l wrote

When you started talking about the storm, I thought for a moment it was a Frostpunk reference. Then I remembered they don't have tape recordings yet in that series.


Athoughtfulseizing t1_jackwof wrote

I like to think even if we are fucked, it's still worth trying to be less fucked, because if we don't we'll be REALLY fucked.


Batcraft10 t1_jaequg1 wrote

It’s pretty much 99% chance that places like Fiji and Maldives are fucked. Humanity as a whole will likely figure it out. Not before we start seeing catastrophic disasters, unfortunately, like mass die offs in Indian cities as a result of too high humidity + heat


ArBui t1_jac4mpb wrote

Probably not. This place is full of doom but if you click into articles or read the scientific papers and watch interviews with the scientists themselves and not the media's BS clickbait interpretation of what they or their papers have said, none of them are presenting doomed planet malarkey because it's not the case.

E.g. This article is full of maybes, likelies, possiblies, and also notes it will be several years yet before it's understood if what's happening is really going to have any effect on anything down the line.

Even more, you see lot of people worrying about the sea ice itself melting raising the ocean levels - which is tarded because sea ice is already in the ocean and so it won't raise the ocean levels. The further details being investigated for years to come are about it possibly maybe affecting the land ice.


liquid_cherry t1_jabbo8c wrote

Ive read we have about 10 years left.


Drywesi t1_jabgkh5 wrote

we had roughly ten years to cease all carbon emission in 2019~2020. The consequences of not doing that are spread over the next 50+ years, roughly.


clarkrd t1_jablcn6 wrote

so, are we at level 10 of the FAFO scale? I plan on retiring to Northern Vermont in 10 years. Too late?


Drywesi t1_jabmonx wrote

Depends on an awful lot of factors. Weather's going to get more unpredictable tho, and likely harsher in its extremes. It wouldn't surprise me to see significant sea level rise and consequent shoreline loss on the East Coast in the next 20ish years. Which is going to change how things shake out up there.


ChooglinOnDown t1_jabvgog wrote

> are we at level 10 of the FAFO scale?

Worse, we're at Level One. We're just now barely beginning to feel the effects.

If you're young, your children will live worse and shorter lives than you. Your grandchildren are going to be deprived.


Bored_guy_in_dc t1_jab3wkh wrote

This is the darkest timeline.


hex_ev t1_jaembzj wrote

At least we'll get rid of Florida with sea level rise


santz007 t1_jabwjbn wrote

Well.. It was fun while it lasted and thank you for all the fish


AltNationReality t1_jacwd0i wrote

But...But... I heard it snowed in LA.... so there can't be global warming... \s


Bremer_dan_Gorst t1_jabk8j7 wrote

how is this news? it will be shrinking still so every year it will probably shrink to lowest ever (barring some outlier year)


gleba080 t1_jabz8cp wrote

Antarctic sea ice has actually been increasing until the last few years. Arctic sea ice is the one that has been in a graduał decline.


CompositeBeing t1_jabyvsw wrote

Sea ice = floating ice. Its melting does not increase the average sea level. The southern hemisphere has summer right now and it is perfectly normal for an ice to melt during summer.


Bergensis t1_jaca90w wrote

> Sea ice = floating ice. Its melting does not increase the average sea level.

As the article states:

"...the sea ice rings Antarctica's massive ice shelves, the extensions of the freshwater glaciers that threaten catastrophic sea level rise over centuries if they continue melting as global temperatures rise."

I might also add that ice reflects more sunshine than sea, and a reduction of ice, whether it is on land or sea, reduces the amount of solar energy that is reflected back into space:


Zeustitandog t1_jae86zh wrote

Your literally describing why it’s gonna start makeing levels rise soon

But saying see since it isn’t rising yet we’re okay


beaucoupBothans t1_jaeskb3 wrote

They are measuring year over year so summer is irrelevant to the study.


Few-Carpenter-5746 t1_jac3j4l wrote

Funny. In Idaho right now its freezing and has snowed about 4 ft in the last month. Most snow Ive ever seen here and seems like its been abnormally cold all winter long. It seems like there is a jet stream thats moving the cold arctic air more south. Im sure it will revert back to normal over the next couple of years and the ice will build back up. Also, the more ice that melts from glaciers and ice caps in Antartica, the colder it makes arctic ocean waters thus creating more sea ice during winter months.


Batcraft10 t1_jaer3gm wrote

Here in NJ we’ve gotten 2 snow days including today. When I was eight, it snowed in October. This is the LEAST snow I have ever seen in my life.


beaucoupBothans t1_jaet2ew wrote

Cold water subducts and travels away as it sink below the warmer water on the surface that then cools then subducts as well driving the system south at the north pole and north on the south pole. It is called the ocean conveyor belt and is driven by temp and salinity. It is what keeps the gulf streams moving and mixes the oceans. Warm water moves to the poles cold water moves to the tropics.