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Scapenator1 t1_j9p8csd wrote

Here Erdo, have some additional budget.

Now let international observers in to follow your 'campaign' for the next election.

Enough with your never ending foul play!

Time to leave the building Erdo!


StukaTR t1_j9pslc8 wrote

>Now let international observers in to follow your 'campaign' for the next election.

why do people are so intent on speaking shit about things they don't know?

International observers are already invited for all general elections. Turkish elections are not fair, but they are free.


nopedoesntwork t1_j9podv3 wrote

How can a country be hit so hard for so long by inflation and still not collapse?


LyptusConnoisseur t1_j9rdu6y wrote

They get used to it.

The economy dollarizes, which means they change all local currency into dollar, euro, gold, etc. Things that won't lose value. They use said asset to make trade rather than the local currency.


Shuber-Fuber t1_j9rzngg wrote

Or they switch to bartering.

Basically international trade is more or less fucked, but internally potentially tolerable.


UniquesNotUseful t1_j9qa7m1 wrote

Strong growth, people put all earnings in the stock market, the age geographically advantaged and have good access to energy. They could be doing a lot better.


yantraman t1_j9pcp03 wrote

Wait, how? Natural disasters often bring recession


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xTCHx t1_j9pi2qr wrote

Earthquake, war in Ukraine, Soros, opposition, judges only not Erdogan is responsible for inflation

it's just like in Poland