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Happypappy007 t1_ja0nz9c wrote

Stop criminal Xi Jinping and criminal CCP from extra legal activities across the globe.


Busy-Dig8619 t1_ja0xzkb wrote

Ban TikTok


Zuutron t1_ja15u8c wrote

Yeah that'll never happen, people are obsessed with them likes! It's pathetic


Skrewrussia t1_ja1tc8b wrote

It's true tho.
You see kids on the bus watching this shit, faces emotionless as they watch


Zuutron t1_ja219gd wrote

Exactly, constant stimulation, social media is a huge mind fuck, especially for kids .

And yes I realize Reddit would be considered social media.. I've lost hours of my life browsing


inception27 t1_ja1bodu wrote

Hope you're being ironic.


Space_Meth_Monkey t1_ja1gj7s wrote

It’s actually pretty wild that an administration would take heat for protecting its citizens from foreign spying.

I don’t think they’ll ban it but I hope they do


fwubglubbel t1_ja24bfz wrote

You mean stop Chinese MPs from accepting their help. It's not that difficult.


DamagedOne8001 t1_ja1updm wrote

Canada please wake up and face the fact that China is your enemy. They want your arctic oil rights


motorcyclemech t1_ja3puen wrote


DamagedOne8001 t1_ja3q8ja wrote

I hope young Canadians understand this and are favorable to a continued strong alliance with the US. China would love to create fractures in that.


EnhancerSpecialist t1_ja29giz wrote

Canada isn't a country, it's a fly over piece of land that'll be owned by americans once water becomes a commodity


Excuse t1_ja2lhb1 wrote

Ouch, it seems like your entire profile is batting for China and Canada, and some other countries are living rent-free with how angry they make you.


EnhancerSpecialist t1_ja47slg wrote

truth hurts the fragile canadian ego

> some other countries

That's funny given how 50% of the posts on rcanada are about china


Spare-Control-5233 t1_ja5rrpr wrote

It’s actually a beautiful country who’s cultural diversity goes back centuries, you are one of the “flyover” students from class raising their hand with the intention of being disruptful while the instructor does their very best to find someone, anyone, else to answer for the class.


wapimaskwa t1_ja0qjxz wrote

CBC and CTV (2 of our major networks) buried this story.


Asphaltman t1_ja3126i wrote

That's because it's not the the best interest of the current government. Our news is as one sided as fox these days.


DadBodybuilder t1_ja3x38o wrote

Yes. 90% of Canadian newspapers are owned by Post Media, whose majority owner is Chatham Asset Management. They also owned a controlling stake in AMI, best known for their National Enquirer brand, which they then sold following them controversial catch-and-kill practices of burying stories related to Trump’s extra-marital affairs leading up to the 2016 election.


needle-roulette t1_ja0ks9h wrote

what government in power is going to investigate election interference that put them in power?

should not the MPs involved demand a clean by election?


AngryWookiee t1_ja17udw wrote

It makes Trudeau look bad by saying he won't do an investigation. We need an independent group to look into this, election interference is something we have right to know about.


the_poo_goblin t1_ja0ons1 wrote

What exactly is the motivation for Trudeau to bite the hand that put him in power?


RangerHere t1_ja1zchu wrote

Because China helped him. The same reason Trump wouldn't investigate Russia.


CloneFailArmy t1_ja1fb14 wrote

If Canadians will ignore this, I’m glad you guys can pick this up. I’m tired of people discrediting all the corruption behind this man because anyone who doesn’t like trudeau is somehow automatically Alt Right Nazis.

No, I just don’t like women being oppressed, multiple corruption scandals, and using children and child charity as a cover up to funnel nearly a billion dollars of tax payer money to his family.

I mean he literally threatened to dissolve government MID pandemic because people wanted to investigate him for stealing tax payer dollars in parliament.


Sam-buca_I_Am t1_ja2h9t2 wrote

I suspect most of his own voters hate him for all those reasons and more. They just feel even worse about the alternatives.


lost_opossum_ t1_ja986og wrote

The money wasn't all going to Trudeau's family. Not even close. I'd say there is a serious case of truth stretching going on here. There are elements of this that smell bad, but not like you're saying.


Captcha_Imagination t1_ja31qa5 wrote

China is not just posting trash on FB in Canada. We have several electoral ridings that are majority Chinese who elect Chinese Canadian MP's with varying degrees of sympathy for the CCP.

I'm not promoting a witch hunt because if we address this too strongly, we stoke the fires of xenophobia. However, if we address this too weakly, China can literally sway the functioning of our government from the inside.


fwubglubbel t1_ja247ea wrote

Honest question: What is the purpose of a public inquiry and why is it needed? It seems an inquiry is necessary to find out what happened, but we already know exactly what happened, and there is a parliamentary committee looking into it, no? The calls for a public inquiry seem to be coming from cons who will do anything to make JT look bad. In this case, he doesn't need their help, he's doing a fine job of it on his own.


Personal-Alfalfa-935 t1_ja54kum wrote

We don't know exactly what happened. We have tidbits, from anonymous sources given to journalists. Furthermore, members of the current government are among the accused. In that situation, a committee his government controls and a closed door investigation are insufficient. That is why we need an independent, public investigation of some form: because the public needs to see the results of this and because the liberals cannot be able to control the entirety of an investigation largely into themselves.


Caponermeister t1_ja0ug5n wrote

Trudeau needs to resign now. For gods sake man, show some balls.


RonyTheTiger t1_ja14ev3 wrote

It’s not a bad idea, but it shouldn’t be a public inquiry in the topic of national security, maybe let people do their jobs and not perform their jobs


motorcyclemech t1_ja3qnm5 wrote

Ever heard of Jody Wilson Raybould? She did her job and Trudeau fired her for it.


RonyTheTiger t1_ja3yz2w wrote

A sponsorship scandal isn’t the same as a hostile foreign government trying to manipulate our government, but yes I keep up with the news.


motorcyclemech t1_ja43pdx wrote

Sorry if I came off as rude. Wasn't my intention. Just your line of "let people do their job" made me think of her. I do agree they are different but a long list of Trudeau's... gaffes (?), along with his praise of the CCP government's dictatorship style, show his true colours.


RonyTheTiger t1_ja4frj0 wrote

Go ahead and call scandals what they are, I was just saying the media and public should be smarter than to try to ask for a public inquiry about matters of national security. They can’t divulge anything sensitive anyways and it just becomes theatre.


motorcyclemech t1_ja4t1ug wrote

Ah. I hear what you're saying. That's to bad since it includes 12 MLA's (10 liberal and 2Con). I think the public has a right to know who they are.


wapimaskwa t1_ja4h20r wrote

There are 5 more ministers he through under the bus for doing their jobs.


coreywindom t1_ja1ntrd wrote

Yea but Tredeau doesn’t have any balls and won’t stand up to China.


Wea_boo_Jones t1_ja2dm22 wrote

Justin wouldn't like that. In fact he's decided such an inquiry isn't needed.


autotldr t1_ja0llql wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 89%. (I'm a bot)

> Canada needs a public inquiry into allegations of Chinese election interference, Canada former spymaster says.

> On Dec. 21, 2022, Global News reported that an unredacted 2020 national security document alleged that Beijing used an extensive network of community groups to conceal the flow of funds between Chinese officials and Canadian members of an election interference network, all in an effort to advance its own political agenda in the 2019 federal contest.

> "To be practical about it, we have to admit that Chinese interference efforts in Canada are targeted. They're not targeting every constituency in Canada," he said.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: inquiry^#1 election^#2 Chinese^#3 public^#4 interference^#5


lost_opossum_ t1_ja98gzx wrote

The one confirmed candidate is a provincial Liberal, but supposedly there are Liberal and Conservative candidates involved. Obviously we need to keep a better eye on fundraising and influence.


NOTNixonsGhost t1_ja1oot8 wrote

*Trust the experts -- when it's politically convenient. Watch how fast we resort to conspiracy theories and ad-hominem attacks when it isn't."


Zuutron t1_ja15zp3 wrote

They'll just say that they didn't find any evidence linking the two together and that whoever speaks up about this is a disgruntled former employee


CloneFailArmy t1_ja1ef83 wrote

They tried to hunt down the whistleblower already supposedly


adeveloper2 t1_ja49pbp wrote

It's interesting that Russian election interference on Canada in favour of the far-right didn't attract nearly enough attention. It's like people accept it as a fact. Then when it comes to China, people get whipped into a frenzy.

I should also add that interference on foreign country's politics is something that Western countries often do. It's just it's legitimized and people don't bat an eye because of that.


deltadovertime t1_ja18wsa wrote

We have hogs over the border funding 1/3 of the Freedumb convoy but we collectively lose our minds over this.

Political interference only matters when it’s against conservatives.


CloneFailArmy t1_ja1eiyv wrote

That was literally in the public news sphere for how many months?


deltadovertime t1_ja20quh wrote

And yet I have heard absolutely no action on those events let alone a public inquiry on it. I’m sure this will blow over in the media sphere soon but I guarantee conservatives will bring this up well into the next election.

If anything this is a complaint about the left’s ability to stick on a issue and make it actually influence an election.