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showMEthatBholePLZ t1_ja0re1k wrote

I’m surprised the West hasn’t been trying to woo India for awhile. We could use a natural ally against China


Existing-Ad-4633 t1_ja135me wrote

Because india was disregarded and considered fully entrenched in the russian camp and hence the west were directly tried to undermine it until the last like 20 years


wakomorny t1_ja1702w wrote

Hence it's multipolar world now. It's not just USA and Soviet Union. It's usa China Russia EU india and the African block se Asia all having their own moves. The big 3 will either have to woo or threaten the smaller blocks into their side. India so far has been sort of independent with Russia. But with china you bet sides have been choosen


d0ctorzaius t1_ja1gv2s wrote

Well for a while the US had to be pro-Pakistan tin exchange for their help with the Taliban and in Afghanistan. Those things aren't relevant anymore, so the US can be pro-India if needed.


ujjwalb18 t1_ja2npv9 wrote

If the taliban issue emerges in future west is going to back to their old tactics of shifting back to Pakistan? Isn’t it a lamé geopolitical tactic.


No-Calligrapher-7018 t1_ja3gz2r wrote

When was the Taliban an issue?


ujjwalb18 t1_ja3jmlk wrote

Everyday since 9/11.


No-Calligrapher-7018 t1_ja6jrn5 wrote

But the Taliban wasn't part of 9/11. Sure they defended against the US invasion, but the invasion itself was meant to eradicate Alqaeda. The Taliban are still there! And Al-Qaeda are still fighting the Taliban LOL