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xanderman524 t1_ja119ri wrote

Who has been calling for sanctions or military action against India? Western leaders have said they were disappointed and reiterated their position on countries helping Russia dodge sanctions, but I must've missed active calls for sanctions or military action.

I mean, I get why India has been so neutral; their military worked closely with Russia's, the west has previously favored Pakistan, and India can use ties with Russia for leverage to keep relative peace with China. All of this excludes the obvious reasons India doesn't get along with former European colonizers. Its a shame they didn't make a stand from a point of fundamentally opposing all imperialism, but I can see their reasoning.


Monsoon_cloud t1_ja180r6 wrote

Visit some day old posts on this sub regarding India. You'll see what he's talking about.


xanderman524 t1_ja1894x wrote

Ok, some morons on the internet called for extreme, unreasonable and irrational actions.


Alarm_Clock_2077 t1_ja1egpj wrote

Which is why I made a comment about the morons on the internet, not regular people with nuance and understanding of geopolitics.


ScaryShadowx t1_ja1epv5 wrote

It was a good portion of the major subs every time India did something that was in their interests and opposed to the wants of the US/West. It wasn't a minor group, it was a significant group of people who still saw India as a colony of the West who needed to be punished for not doing what the West wanted.


slyslayer223 t1_ja1gszb wrote

Good thing it's just random people/bots trying to sow general discontent and not people who actually make decisions then.


ScaryShadowx t1_ja2crp2 wrote

Not everything that shows the West in a bad light is a Russian ploy meant to make the West look bad. Plenty of people in the Western world think of the developing world, not as independent nations with their own needs, but as subservient states of their own countries.

You deflecting blame and immediately blaming a targeted disconnected campaign is that same energy - the West can do no wrong. Rather than seeing the West as another country that looks out for its own geopolitical and national interests with its citizens also self-interested, it's the West that is the moral arbitrator and whenever they are shown in a bad light, it's someone else framing them.