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ChaoticRoar t1_ja120ee wrote

You(Germany) want favor with X (India) you have to lessen support and relations with Y (Pakistan) who is the regional enemy of X( India)


BavarianRedditor97 t1_ja12jej wrote

You u havent answered the question. Germanys reletation to Pakistan is probably on the same level as with countrys like El Salvador or Papua new Guinea


ChaoticRoar t1_ja12qa7 wrote

Ah you need further explanation, well Germany is an envoy and representative of the western powers. The USA supports Pakistan and so do the western powers as a whole.

You cannot support both sides in a war, and expect bout to care about you equally.


Janni0007 t1_ja3alfp wrote

Lol dude germany is not a puppet state. We have our own diplomats and foreign interests. Germany in itself has very little ties in the region all together.


ChaoticRoar t1_ja55h6l wrote

Does Germany not represent Western Europe?


Janni0007 t1_ja5f5n5 wrote

No it represents Germany. And you were talking about western powers which includes a hella lot more countries than western Europe.

I genuinely have no idea where you got Germany represents western Europe comes from. But I am pretty sure France and the uk at the very least would be quite upset at us just deciding for them.


ChaoticRoar t1_ja5fymc wrote

Ok, why is Germany in the EU then? Why is Germany located in Western Europe even then? Why not somewhere else if they don’t represent the Western Europeans? France, the UK, Germany are all aligned on the same topic of aid to Ukraine and isolating Russia from Allies.

Western powers consists of Germany btw