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pk10534 t1_ja1i9yo wrote

Indians really live in a world where they think they’re the center of the universe don’t they. You do realize the US lobbies for dozens of countries to buy its weapons systems, right…? Like we do the same around the world, you aren’t special. Your economy is smaller than California’s


7sfx t1_ja1ozzs wrote

There's a thing called growth. India's economy may be small now, but it will rival China and US in the coming 25-30 years. You may have a very myopic view of the world, but I don't think the policymakers sitting in the US do too. Well, atleast that is what I hope to believe. All your allies in UK, France, Germany,etc will fall in riches(as compared to the developing nations) and as result, in relevancy in these next 25-30 yrs. Let's see how you stand alone then. As I said before, losing India to Chin-Rus will be the biggest geopolitical blunder of the US. It will hurt you more than you think.


pk10534 t1_ja1qicc wrote

I’ll believe it when I see it lmao


7sfx t1_ja1qt1h wrote

Just wait and watch my friend.


pk10534 t1_ja1r52p wrote

They said the same thing about the USSR and China and Japan. India is hitting 5 or 6% growth - at that rate, it will take decades for it to even catch up to Germany or Japan, much less the US or China.


7sfx t1_ja1txvj wrote

Even with modest projections, India will overtake Germany and Japan within a decade. With "modest" projections. With good growth, they will be overtaken even quicker.

Japan even acknowledged that in their military and economic doctrine released last year. I don't know where you are getting your news from. I think you read only biased rags to have such a pessimistic view of India.


pk10534 t1_ja1vnh9 wrote

Japan was supposed to become the world’s second superpower, never happened either.


7sfx t1_ja1wza0 wrote

Japan is well known for predicting earthquakes too. From sanctioning India 25 yrs ago, to courting India for partnership now, US came a long way lol. These are just minor tremors. Just wait, watch and enjoy the ride.


pk10534 t1_ja1xfxt wrote

Remember when China was supposed to overtake the US in 2020?


Emperor_Mao t1_ja29sc3 wrote

Yeah. Usually completely full of this weird hubris. Like the country has abysmal HDI, weak military, weak economic power relative to population and in general. Not important at all. But you talk to Indians on reddit and you would think they are the U.S.

It is funny because after WWII, the world thought India and China would both become great powers. One did, the other is still an undeveloped shithole. One talks the talk, the other is walking it now. India will fail to live up to anything even given another 60 years. The culture is just too divided and anyone that is educated leaves to a western country for a better life or career. Some cities in India have modern regions, but why stay there if you are intelligent - you can go to any western country, contribute and have a better life instantly.