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7sfx t1_ja1ozzs wrote

There's a thing called growth. India's economy may be small now, but it will rival China and US in the coming 25-30 years. You may have a very myopic view of the world, but I don't think the policymakers sitting in the US do too. Well, atleast that is what I hope to believe. All your allies in UK, France, Germany,etc will fall in riches(as compared to the developing nations) and as result, in relevancy in these next 25-30 yrs. Let's see how you stand alone then. As I said before, losing India to Chin-Rus will be the biggest geopolitical blunder of the US. It will hurt you more than you think.


pk10534 t1_ja1qicc wrote

I’ll believe it when I see it lmao


7sfx t1_ja1qt1h wrote

Just wait and watch my friend.


pk10534 t1_ja1r52p wrote

They said the same thing about the USSR and China and Japan. India is hitting 5 or 6% growth - at that rate, it will take decades for it to even catch up to Germany or Japan, much less the US or China.


7sfx t1_ja1txvj wrote

Even with modest projections, India will overtake Germany and Japan within a decade. With "modest" projections. With good growth, they will be overtaken even quicker.

Japan even acknowledged that in their military and economic doctrine released last year. I don't know where you are getting your news from. I think you read only biased rags to have such a pessimistic view of India.


pk10534 t1_ja1vnh9 wrote

Japan was supposed to become the world’s second superpower, never happened either.


7sfx t1_ja1wza0 wrote

Japan is well known for predicting earthquakes too. From sanctioning India 25 yrs ago, to courting India for partnership now, US came a long way lol. These are just minor tremors. Just wait, watch and enjoy the ride.


pk10534 t1_ja1xfxt wrote

Remember when China was supposed to overtake the US in 2020?