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Paras_01155 t1_ja284ia wrote

There’s no way that India will totally side against Russia. India needs Russia to counter the threat from China and Pakistan.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja28dam wrote

russia itself is going down the drain and falling into chinese arms. best for india to become fully western


Emperor_Mao t1_ja2a7ue wrote

West doesn't want that though.

The west is open to engagement in the region though. As it is with most countries there (e.g Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan etc).

This shit just gets blown out of proportion on here because A) lots of Indians use reddit but the same is not true of other countries in the region and B) Indians love to think they are important.


[deleted] t1_ja2af90 wrote



Emperor_Mao t1_ja2b3t6 wrote

Who is mad other than Indians lol.

You know Scholz visited China a few months ago? In Jan this year he visited Chile, Argentina, Brazil.

India is like the 50th country down on the list...