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Emperor_Mao t1_ja28pi2 wrote

India is well managed? what?

It is one of the least developed countries in the world. Corruption is rampant and it is surrounded on all sides by foes. Of which one was supposed to be its peer at one point but has since utterly utterly surpassed India, like completely eclipsed.

India has never once even looked close to living up to its supposed destiny as a global player. I guess having a billion people doesn't automagically mean you gain relative power.


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Emperor_Mao t1_ja2ah7s wrote

Then explain how India has such a low HDI and high corruption if it is well managed?

Why did China completely surpass India in the 90's?

You made the claim, anything to back it up with? lol yeah no. Your response is just racism against Chinese.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja2aly2 wrote

because india opened up too late and it is a democracy. and in a demcracy things take time. atleast the entire world dosen't hate india like they do to china


Emperor_Mao t1_ja2b85n wrote

Uh huh yeah. Keep telling yourself that lol.

Meanwhile a bunch of democracies in Asia also surged well past India in this same time period.

I mean keep looking elsewhere for something to blame. We both know India will be less developed than most the world in another 50, 100, 200 years.


c4chokes t1_ja2dbpa wrote

Thatโ€™s ok.. keep under estimating your foes ๐Ÿ˜‰ itโ€™s a winning strategy ๐Ÿ‘


CHTanwar OP t1_ja2avpy wrote

and i'm not saying india is anywhere near china in development. But even a supremacist like would have to agree that india is far better than pakistan and we don't have to beg china for investments which is the what i was saying in the first place.


Emperor_Mao t1_ja2bh12 wrote


Don't take what I say the wrong way. I really do want India to wake up to itself. But if the best thing you can say is "we aren't as bad as Pakistan", then you really do have a big problem as a country. Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia all grew faster than India did relative to per capita. Many other countries in the same region. If India doesn't wake up and allow itself to be humbled one in a while, nothing will ever change.

You know what really changed China? being humiliated, accepting it, and resolving to never be humiliated like that again. India could do the same. But arrogance wins out.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja2blpf wrote

this is the first statement you have said that i completely agree with.


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Emperor_Mao t1_ja2apzp wrote

But I mean if we look at Pakistan, why not look at China?

From the 90's to now, India moved ahead slightly over Pakistan across most of those indexes. China utterly eclipsed India. Like not even in the same ballpark. Actually most countries in the region did. Not as much as China, but many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines etc also make India look shit when used as comparison.

Though I partly agree - India probably hasn't been mismanaged. India is impossible to manage, the people are too arrogant and split. What China and other countries in Asia did can not be achieved in India due to long standing cultural issues.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja2bhgj wrote

every indian agrees that china is far more powerful than india. even our ministers say so, that is non debateble. what this discussion was about was that india is a better place to invest than pakistan i don't know why you just came here to make your self feel better by shitting on india and feel better about being chinese


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Emperor_Mao t1_ja2bkuj wrote

Is your response to everything racism?

China doesn't need racism. China is winning lmao. India is toast.