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7sfx t1_ja2gjvo wrote

India's strategy is to rely on itself. India fought all its war alone. But like it or not, India's partnership with west is deepening. You can see that in the form of defence and investment deals.

We are surrounded by enemies, agreed. But one of them is not like the other. China is a problem, Pak isn't. With Imran gone and Pak needing new loans, it's coming back to its daddy US. Which means China can't use it to poke India. We are even contemplating on reducing our armed forces presence in Kashmir and redeploying them at the LAC. Honestly Pak is a non issue now. Pakistanis are now wondering that if they made a good decision antagonizing India and destroying it's relationship with India. Cause you know, they can really use some of our wheat right now. Which they won't get, cause their stupid administration stopped trading with India since 2019.

And good luck flying aircrafts over Himalayas. Even US doubts that a war could be fought that way, what will China even do? Our Rafales are decent enough to counter whatever j17s you have. US recently came to the air expo held in India with their F35s. Now I don't know if they will offer us F35, considering we operate S400s. But let's suppose they do, then how are you planning to match that? Your planes and your army isn't battle tested. Who says, they'll too come out as a paper tiger. And it most probably will. And hello, have you forgotten about AGNI 5, and the up and coming AGNI 6. They are more than capable in reaching your easternmost hideouts. As i mentioned before, all you can do is sneak inside our borders. But you will be repelled. And we will get to see more of those videos where our army is beating the shit out of your army lol.