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thehumandumbass t1_ja3j2oi wrote

I mean 70% of our arms are of Russian origin. Similarly i don't understand why people think India has some muscular foreign policy that is just internal rhetoric on reality our (kadi ninda karte hai but not officially basically we strongly condem this but not officially) has always been the case under the current government the reach has increased but not the strength behind it, i mean our foreign minister has stated that in regards to China encroaching on our land "as a smaller economy what am I supposed to do pick a fight with China who is 5 times my size be realistic" (usually such statements are not made in public by any other country except us, and this has been the case for a very long time) or how it is our government which does not like to talk about the military angle of quad so as to not anger China, we have always had the stance of let's try and accommodate them. Another example is G20 where India was trying to get all countries to ignore the Ukraine war for a while and focus on other things because otherwise there is no way China and Russia would agree and the meeting will be useless and then france comes and says it won't sign the communique if it does not condemn Russia (which anyway is not going to do anything).