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Alarm_Clock_2077 t1_j9z51kq wrote

Reddit diplomats in shambles yet again


hakenwithbacon t1_ja07wex wrote

Don't worry, they'll be back in a few days demanding sanctions and air strikes on India


pk10534 t1_ja15nk7 wrote

Hard to sanction a country with an HDI lower than Venezuela


7sfx t1_ja1d1gp wrote

That didn't stop the west from sanctioning India in the late 90's. Sanction us now, if you think you can. Go ahead, call your local representative or whatever.

Classic reddit DiPlOmATs lol. Don't know shit but will talk big.


pk10534 t1_ja1e5jm wrote

I don’t think anyone needs to sanction India lol. Or give it anymore attention. Who honestly cares what india thinks or does, it’s barely a regional power on a good day.


7sfx t1_ja1gsgd wrote

Who cares what India thinks or does??

Certainty the whole west. Are you living under a rock or something. So many deals are being offered from the west to woo India. Defence deals, investment deals, etc. If you don't care what India does, then why are your diplomats constantly trying to get India to condemn Russia from the last one year. Even reddit DiPlOmATs like you can't get enough of India. Look at the threads on India on this sub. If you don't care what India does, then why are you DiPlOmATs screaming sanctions on India.

India joining the China-Russia camp will be the biggest blunder of US foreign policy. I think you are too egoistic to see the big picture.


Emperor_Mao t1_ja29c3t wrote

Lmao. You know why India has such a terrible HDI? you know why China is building its infrastructure up on the Ladakh region, while India celebrates videos of its army chasing Chinese away with sticks? Because the Indian nation is so full of hubris, it can't see that China has already beaten it. In every single way. Militarily, Economically, Geopolitically.

China is frankly far more important than India will ever be. The west probably sees value in the manpower India has - and maybe sees India as a non-threat. But that is about it. The west can safely defend itself. India though, lol...... enjoy those viral videos of stick fighters. China is building roads, airfields, military installments all ialong those very contested regions. Every time China takes more land, India pretends it isn't happening and it is "achtually winning the war".

Gl. Say what you want about the CCP, but they turned China into a global power. India still fails to live up to anything it was hyped to achieve even 60 years ago.


7sfx t1_ja2cm0k wrote

Hmm. I know India is a little late to the party. But we are getting here. Our policymakers kept the economy closed till the collapse of Soviet union which led to China taking the global manufacturing pie. You are talking as if China was always big, don't forget millions died in your country too of hunger in the 60's and 70's.

We are also ramping up the infra development on the border areas. Arunachal, Ladakh,etc has seen rapid growth within the last few years. China can never even dream of conquering India. Firstly, I don't think xinping is that stupid to fight a full fledged war. If he does that, then say adios to your shenzen, Beijing and all your major cities. What do you think we got nukes for? For museum display? And don't forget that all your trade passes through the Indian Ocean. We will effectively choke you from food and energy. But I don't think this situation will ever happen because xinping is not that stupid.

All you could do is wander into our territories like pests and hope that we don't see you. But when eventually we do, be prepared for some good ole ass smacking. Videos of which went viral just a few months ago. Your soldiers are too weak. They are the only child of their parents so they are afraid of dying. Our people are on the other hand want to get enlisted in the army. They are not afraid to fight.

Plus, this is the most China will ever be. It's potential energy has been depleted. It's all downhill from here for you. Cause the world has now realised of your intentions. They are all teaming up against you. All your neighbours are increasing their military budgets. There is QUAD, which for now is a supply chain oriented grouping, but will turn into a defense pact in the future soon. China could have achieved more if not for this idiotic leader xinping which you got in 2012. That guy has pissed off the whole world in 10 yrs. He wanted too much, too quickly. Leaders prior to him were good for China. But xinping eroded all that progress in the last 10 yrs. First of all, your BRI project. How good is that going lol?? Sri Lanka, default. Pakistan, default. All the projects are essential lying dead now cause there was no economic sense in sanctioning the projects. Now be prepared to write all those debt off. Your only hope for a superpower status was Indian support. But you instead chose to support Pakistan lol. What a joke of an ally you have. Fighting and dying for wheat. I've heard that you have stopped your projects in CPEC and have also closed your consulate in Pak. What a waste haha.

And let's not even talk about your demographics. You are an aging and dying society. Talk about world domination, you can't cause you will be very busy in talking care of the senior citizens.

Meanwhile US is increasing troop presence in Taiwan, so you can't get that too. The future will be full of frustration for the Chinese.


Emperor_Mao t1_ja2e6aw wrote

So India's strategy is to rely on the west - while also pissing the west off. And you say the west needs India lmao.

Yes the U.S is strong, no one in China denies that. But India is not. Surrounded by enemies with no real allies to help. The U.S isn't going to go to war for India - India can't even stop buying cheap oil haha. Why would the U.S help you there?

And China doesn't need to conqueror all of India to achieve strategic victory. China is simply taking land, building defences on it. India can't do anything back about it. Plus India struggles with long range missiles and aircraft. Launching a nuke over the Himalayas is childs play for China. Sending aircraft, can be done. What aircraft does India have that can do similar? I mean if the U.S sold some of its f35's perhaps. Maybe China can sell some J series craft to you... nope. I guess you can keep trying and failing to build anything useful.


7sfx t1_ja2gjvo wrote

India's strategy is to rely on itself. India fought all its war alone. But like it or not, India's partnership with west is deepening. You can see that in the form of defence and investment deals.

We are surrounded by enemies, agreed. But one of them is not like the other. China is a problem, Pak isn't. With Imran gone and Pak needing new loans, it's coming back to its daddy US. Which means China can't use it to poke India. We are even contemplating on reducing our armed forces presence in Kashmir and redeploying them at the LAC. Honestly Pak is a non issue now. Pakistanis are now wondering that if they made a good decision antagonizing India and destroying it's relationship with India. Cause you know, they can really use some of our wheat right now. Which they won't get, cause their stupid administration stopped trading with India since 2019.

And good luck flying aircrafts over Himalayas. Even US doubts that a war could be fought that way, what will China even do? Our Rafales are decent enough to counter whatever j17s you have. US recently came to the air expo held in India with their F35s. Now I don't know if they will offer us F35, considering we operate S400s. But let's suppose they do, then how are you planning to match that? Your planes and your army isn't battle tested. Who says, they'll too come out as a paper tiger. And it most probably will. And hello, have you forgotten about AGNI 5, and the up and coming AGNI 6. They are more than capable in reaching your easternmost hideouts. As i mentioned before, all you can do is sneak inside our borders. But you will be repelled. And we will get to see more of those videos where our army is beating the shit out of your army lol.


pk10534 t1_ja1i9yo wrote

Indians really live in a world where they think they’re the center of the universe don’t they. You do realize the US lobbies for dozens of countries to buy its weapons systems, right…? Like we do the same around the world, you aren’t special. Your economy is smaller than California’s


7sfx t1_ja1ozzs wrote

There's a thing called growth. India's economy may be small now, but it will rival China and US in the coming 25-30 years. You may have a very myopic view of the world, but I don't think the policymakers sitting in the US do too. Well, atleast that is what I hope to believe. All your allies in UK, France, Germany,etc will fall in riches(as compared to the developing nations) and as result, in relevancy in these next 25-30 yrs. Let's see how you stand alone then. As I said before, losing India to Chin-Rus will be the biggest geopolitical blunder of the US. It will hurt you more than you think.


pk10534 t1_ja1qicc wrote

I’ll believe it when I see it lmao


7sfx t1_ja1qt1h wrote

Just wait and watch my friend.


pk10534 t1_ja1r52p wrote

They said the same thing about the USSR and China and Japan. India is hitting 5 or 6% growth - at that rate, it will take decades for it to even catch up to Germany or Japan, much less the US or China.


7sfx t1_ja1txvj wrote

Even with modest projections, India will overtake Germany and Japan within a decade. With "modest" projections. With good growth, they will be overtaken even quicker.

Japan even acknowledged that in their military and economic doctrine released last year. I don't know where you are getting your news from. I think you read only biased rags to have such a pessimistic view of India.


pk10534 t1_ja1vnh9 wrote

Japan was supposed to become the world’s second superpower, never happened either.


7sfx t1_ja1wza0 wrote

Japan is well known for predicting earthquakes too. From sanctioning India 25 yrs ago, to courting India for partnership now, US came a long way lol. These are just minor tremors. Just wait, watch and enjoy the ride.


pk10534 t1_ja1xfxt wrote

Remember when China was supposed to overtake the US in 2020?


Emperor_Mao t1_ja29sc3 wrote

Yeah. Usually completely full of this weird hubris. Like the country has abysmal HDI, weak military, weak economic power relative to population and in general. Not important at all. But you talk to Indians on reddit and you would think they are the U.S.

It is funny because after WWII, the world thought India and China would both become great powers. One did, the other is still an undeveloped shithole. One talks the talk, the other is walking it now. India will fail to live up to anything even given another 60 years. The culture is just too divided and anyone that is educated leaves to a western country for a better life or career. Some cities in India have modern regions, but why stay there if you are intelligent - you can go to any western country, contribute and have a better life instantly.


patharmangsho t1_ja1gf3i wrote

Even days: Nooooo India is single handedly propping up RuZZia!!!!

Odd days: India is barely a regional power bro

Perfect template for a soyjak meme tbh


carpcrucible t1_ja0e01c wrote

You mean he's going to try to peel India away from Russia, which is what we've all wanted all along?


ScaryShadowx t1_ja0sfit wrote

Yes, but the way they wanted to do it was the way they treated Iran - sanctions and threat of military force.


xanderman524 t1_ja119ri wrote

Who has been calling for sanctions or military action against India? Western leaders have said they were disappointed and reiterated their position on countries helping Russia dodge sanctions, but I must've missed active calls for sanctions or military action.

I mean, I get why India has been so neutral; their military worked closely with Russia's, the west has previously favored Pakistan, and India can use ties with Russia for leverage to keep relative peace with China. All of this excludes the obvious reasons India doesn't get along with former European colonizers. Its a shame they didn't make a stand from a point of fundamentally opposing all imperialism, but I can see their reasoning.


Monsoon_cloud t1_ja180r6 wrote

Visit some day old posts on this sub regarding India. You'll see what he's talking about.


xanderman524 t1_ja1894x wrote

Ok, some morons on the internet called for extreme, unreasonable and irrational actions.


Alarm_Clock_2077 t1_ja1egpj wrote

Which is why I made a comment about the morons on the internet, not regular people with nuance and understanding of geopolitics.


ScaryShadowx t1_ja1epv5 wrote

It was a good portion of the major subs every time India did something that was in their interests and opposed to the wants of the US/West. It wasn't a minor group, it was a significant group of people who still saw India as a colony of the West who needed to be punished for not doing what the West wanted.


slyslayer223 t1_ja1gszb wrote

Good thing it's just random people/bots trying to sow general discontent and not people who actually make decisions then.


ScaryShadowx t1_ja2crp2 wrote

Not everything that shows the West in a bad light is a Russian ploy meant to make the West look bad. Plenty of people in the Western world think of the developing world, not as independent nations with their own needs, but as subservient states of their own countries.

You deflecting blame and immediately blaming a targeted disconnected campaign is that same energy - the West can do no wrong. Rather than seeing the West as another country that looks out for its own geopolitical and national interests with its citizens also self-interested, it's the West that is the moral arbitrator and whenever they are shown in a bad light, it's someone else framing them.


pk10534 t1_ja15lj8 wrote

Literally who has opposed bringing India into the west’s side, or attempting that?


mondaymoderate t1_j9z3vkm wrote

Here comes the India lean. Schumer visit, the Pentagon saying they are open to military partnership and now the German Chancellor visit.


CHTanwar OP t1_j9z519b wrote

well....having india as an ally is beneficial for both the west and india. and soviet breakoff will take time.


showMEthatBholePLZ t1_ja0re1k wrote

I’m surprised the West hasn’t been trying to woo India for awhile. We could use a natural ally against China


Existing-Ad-4633 t1_ja135me wrote

Because india was disregarded and considered fully entrenched in the russian camp and hence the west were directly tried to undermine it until the last like 20 years


wakomorny t1_ja1702w wrote

Hence it's multipolar world now. It's not just USA and Soviet Union. It's usa China Russia EU india and the African block se Asia all having their own moves. The big 3 will either have to woo or threaten the smaller blocks into their side. India so far has been sort of independent with Russia. But with china you bet sides have been choosen


d0ctorzaius t1_ja1gv2s wrote

Well for a while the US had to be pro-Pakistan tin exchange for their help with the Taliban and in Afghanistan. Those things aren't relevant anymore, so the US can be pro-India if needed.


ujjwalb18 t1_ja2npv9 wrote

If the taliban issue emerges in future west is going to back to their old tactics of shifting back to Pakistan? Isn’t it a lamé geopolitical tactic.


No-Calligrapher-7018 t1_ja3gz2r wrote

When was the Taliban an issue?


ujjwalb18 t1_ja3jmlk wrote

Everyday since 9/11.


No-Calligrapher-7018 t1_ja6jrn5 wrote

But the Taliban wasn't part of 9/11. Sure they defended against the US invasion, but the invasion itself was meant to eradicate Alqaeda. The Taliban are still there! And Al-Qaeda are still fighting the Taliban LOL


Paras_01155 t1_ja27z3x wrote

India doesn’t have any ally, India has partners. They are both different terms. India follows the policy of NAM, which can also be seen in Ukraine-Russia Conflict.


[deleted] t1_ja0hxza wrote



VeryQuokka t1_ja0vq3m wrote

The PMs of Ireland and Portugal are also of Indian descent from a parent. The architect of the Russian sanctions, Daleep Singh, also of Indian descent and his relative was actually the first Asian-American member of Congress in the late 50s/early 60s.


skumarred t1_ja1c0gw wrote

For reasons unknown, Indians have a natural ability to adapt and go after what's "important".


Not_Ur_UW_Alt t1_ja1jk42 wrote

I think it’s that 18% of the world is Indian, almost 1/5 successful people should be Indian just mathematically speaking


ZuneNebula t1_ja50rxk wrote

That completely dismisses where most of the indians live.


winterwar45 t1_ja24c3q wrote

That percentage share is not same for literacy though


thehumandumbass t1_ja3j2oi wrote

I mean 70% of our arms are of Russian origin. Similarly i don't understand why people think India has some muscular foreign policy that is just internal rhetoric on reality our (kadi ninda karte hai but not officially basically we strongly condem this but not officially) has always been the case under the current government the reach has increased but not the strength behind it, i mean our foreign minister has stated that in regards to China encroaching on our land "as a smaller economy what am I supposed to do pick a fight with China who is 5 times my size be realistic" (usually such statements are not made in public by any other country except us, and this has been the case for a very long time) or how it is our government which does not like to talk about the military angle of quad so as to not anger China, we have always had the stance of let's try and accommodate them. Another example is G20 where India was trying to get all countries to ignore the Ukraine war for a while and focus on other things because otherwise there is no way China and Russia would agree and the meeting will be useless and then france comes and says it won't sign the communique if it does not condemn Russia (which anyway is not going to do anything).


TechieTravis t1_j9z5jox wrote

Maybe Western governments see Russia as not being a threat anymore in the future and want to lay the groundwork for good relations with India now for a future Cold War with China.


CHTanwar OP t1_j9z5wjj wrote

yep the cycle continues....same thing happened with india and pak during cold war 1.

india was a soviet satellite and pak was a us satellite but unlike pak india is a well managed country which is hpe to do well with western investments and not spread radicalism and terrorism and focus on actual growth.


wakomorny t1_ja174lj wrote

As an india I would say slightly better managed compared to Pakistan. But yes we better off than they are


crossdrubicon t1_ja2ez9w wrote

India has the potential to be the Asian manufacturing superpower within the next two or or three decades.


Emperor_Mao t1_ja28pi2 wrote

India is well managed? what?

It is one of the least developed countries in the world. Corruption is rampant and it is surrounded on all sides by foes. Of which one was supposed to be its peer at one point but has since utterly utterly surpassed India, like completely eclipsed.

India has never once even looked close to living up to its supposed destiny as a global player. I guess having a billion people doesn't automagically mean you gain relative power.


[deleted] t1_ja29yep wrote



Emperor_Mao t1_ja2ah7s wrote

Then explain how India has such a low HDI and high corruption if it is well managed?

Why did China completely surpass India in the 90's?

You made the claim, anything to back it up with? lol yeah no. Your response is just racism against Chinese.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja2aly2 wrote

because india opened up too late and it is a democracy. and in a demcracy things take time. atleast the entire world dosen't hate india like they do to china


Emperor_Mao t1_ja2b85n wrote

Uh huh yeah. Keep telling yourself that lol.

Meanwhile a bunch of democracies in Asia also surged well past India in this same time period.

I mean keep looking elsewhere for something to blame. We both know India will be less developed than most the world in another 50, 100, 200 years.


c4chokes t1_ja2dbpa wrote

That’s ok.. keep under estimating your foes 😉 it’s a winning strategy 👍


CHTanwar OP t1_ja2avpy wrote

and i'm not saying india is anywhere near china in development. But even a supremacist like would have to agree that india is far better than pakistan and we don't have to beg china for investments which is the what i was saying in the first place.


Emperor_Mao t1_ja2bh12 wrote


Don't take what I say the wrong way. I really do want India to wake up to itself. But if the best thing you can say is "we aren't as bad as Pakistan", then you really do have a big problem as a country. Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia all grew faster than India did relative to per capita. Many other countries in the same region. If India doesn't wake up and allow itself to be humbled one in a while, nothing will ever change.

You know what really changed China? being humiliated, accepting it, and resolving to never be humiliated like that again. India could do the same. But arrogance wins out.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja2blpf wrote

this is the first statement you have said that i completely agree with.


[deleted] t1_ja29bid wrote



Emperor_Mao t1_ja2apzp wrote

But I mean if we look at Pakistan, why not look at China?

From the 90's to now, India moved ahead slightly over Pakistan across most of those indexes. China utterly eclipsed India. Like not even in the same ballpark. Actually most countries in the region did. Not as much as China, but many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines etc also make India look shit when used as comparison.

Though I partly agree - India probably hasn't been mismanaged. India is impossible to manage, the people are too arrogant and split. What China and other countries in Asia did can not be achieved in India due to long standing cultural issues.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja2bhgj wrote

every indian agrees that china is far more powerful than india. even our ministers say so, that is non debateble. what this discussion was about was that india is a better place to invest than pakistan i don't know why you just came here to make your self feel better by shitting on india and feel better about being chinese


[deleted] t1_ja2bhbx wrote



Emperor_Mao t1_ja2bkuj wrote

Is your response to everything racism?

China doesn't need racism. China is winning lmao. India is toast.


technitecho t1_j9zf0tr wrote

Tbh... I would rather have a bus overloaded with people rather than explosives.


Andy900_2 t1_j9zfyca wrote

Fair enough. I just don’t think “well managed” when I think about India.


CHTanwar OP t1_j9zld1x wrote

well managed as in atleast better than pakistan correct word would be better managed


carpcrucible t1_ja0f0oe wrote

Uhh seems pretty clear in the context of the war happening right now that it's to cut russia off from any help


Shurqeh t1_ja0d6zi wrote

The best weapon they could get against China would be Russia.

China with a dependent Russia is energy and food secure within a decade. American plans for a naval blockade are nullified by Russia's extensive rail and pipe networks.

China without Russia is reliant on the seas highways to import energy and food. It is still vulnerable to blockade. Further more, Russia's rail network can be used to transport troops right to China's back door threatening them with a second front.


CHTanwar OP t1_j9z6a2q wrote

A little something for people offended that india buys russian oil

Trade is clearly a focus of the trip, but that there's another layer to this did not escape the German ambassador to India, Philipp Ackermann. He explained at a press briefing ahead of the trip: "India buying oil from Russia is none of our business. Basically, that's something that the Indian government decides ... what we would like to see, of course, is an Indian engagement at some stage."

source - DW(german outlet)


Shurqeh t1_ja0e6vn wrote

Dunno. Like China and Russia there is a strong desire within India to weaken the West's control over the world's financial systems. The sort of financial leverage they see us trying to use against Russia is what they fear could be used against them. Thats what lead them to join in the founding of BRICS which was, and maybe is, still making progress despite Russia's attempt to derail the project.


ScaryShadowx t1_ja0t58i wrote

Let's be real. The US will never willingly allow India to overtake them as a superpower and the moment they start making strides in that direction, there will be something bad about them that the US and the Western world cannot stand and will need to engage in a trade war, be it a different type of government, different geopolitical interests, or even plain old racism.

India being reliant on Western goodwill given the history of that same 'goodwill' is just shooting themselves in the foot. India needs to remain more or less independent, and treat the Western world as a business partner, nothing more.

PS: [Here is how the US treats it's 'friends' when they become competition - Japan in the 80s] (


shipscomputer t1_ja0gohk wrote

Their foreign reserves are the same value as their national debt, basically if it's frozen then they can write off the debt and come out even. Then they're setting up bilateral trade agreements with vital partners that cut the USD out. They have a SWIFT alternative too. It's also a local consumption driven economy for the most part. I think they've already set themselves up to be financially independant.


Emperor_Mao t1_ja29zto wrote

Yeah but only because most Indians couldn't actually lose any wealth - because you can't lose what you don't have.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja2olpo wrote

it's not like all indians are poor. but yeah what you're saying is right. 75 percent of india's population is made up of poor farmers who couldn't give two shits about global impact on indian economy. as along as they keep growing food on their farms, make their own clothes and some of them also live without electricity so yeah. what mao and deng did in china was get the basterds out of the villages and into the factories but indian government can't do that. the rest 25 percent have a very good quality of life and they hold about 90 percent of the 3.6 trillion dollar wealth in india


redditu5er t1_ja1n7mv wrote

>Like China and Russia there is a strong desire within India to weaken the West's control over the world's financial systems

This is not true in case of India. Do you have any evidence to support this statement ?


ChaoticRoar t1_ja0zm6r wrote

You want better relations with India, you have to weaken and lower relations with Pakistan, their regional enemy.


BavarianRedditor97 t1_ja11w3h wrote

What does Germany have to do with Pakistan again?


ChaoticRoar t1_ja120ee wrote

You(Germany) want favor with X (India) you have to lessen support and relations with Y (Pakistan) who is the regional enemy of X( India)


BavarianRedditor97 t1_ja12jej wrote

You u havent answered the question. Germanys reletation to Pakistan is probably on the same level as with countrys like El Salvador or Papua new Guinea


ChaoticRoar t1_ja12qa7 wrote

Ah you need further explanation, well Germany is an envoy and representative of the western powers. The USA supports Pakistan and so do the western powers as a whole.

You cannot support both sides in a war, and expect bout to care about you equally.


Janni0007 t1_ja3alfp wrote

Lol dude germany is not a puppet state. We have our own diplomats and foreign interests. Germany in itself has very little ties in the region all together.


ChaoticRoar t1_ja55h6l wrote

Does Germany not represent Western Europe?


Janni0007 t1_ja5f5n5 wrote

No it represents Germany. And you were talking about western powers which includes a hella lot more countries than western Europe.

I genuinely have no idea where you got Germany represents western Europe comes from. But I am pretty sure France and the uk at the very least would be quite upset at us just deciding for them.


ChaoticRoar t1_ja5fymc wrote

Ok, why is Germany in the EU then? Why is Germany located in Western Europe even then? Why not somewhere else if they don’t represent the Western Europeans? France, the UK, Germany are all aligned on the same topic of aid to Ukraine and isolating Russia from Allies.

Western powers consists of Germany btw


Hjem_D t1_j9zkbll wrote

Will France and Germany compete against each other to develop submarines for India? India is seeking some conventional ones. But the transfer of tech for air propulsion systems hit a snag as no one was willing to do that


CHTanwar OP t1_j9zlj5f wrote

that might get sorted out. defo don't want old soviet subs anymore


UnderFingy t1_ja2n1x5 wrote

DRDO has developed their own AIPs now, afaik.


Paras_01155 t1_ja284ia wrote

There’s no way that India will totally side against Russia. India needs Russia to counter the threat from China and Pakistan.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja28dam wrote

russia itself is going down the drain and falling into chinese arms. best for india to become fully western


Emperor_Mao t1_ja2a7ue wrote

West doesn't want that though.

The west is open to engagement in the region though. As it is with most countries there (e.g Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan etc).

This shit just gets blown out of proportion on here because A) lots of Indians use reddit but the same is not true of other countries in the region and B) Indians love to think they are important.


[deleted] t1_ja2af90 wrote



Emperor_Mao t1_ja2b3t6 wrote

Who is mad other than Indians lol.

You know Scholz visited China a few months ago? In Jan this year he visited Chile, Argentina, Brazil.

India is like the 50th country down on the list...


nobodilicious t1_ja2opd0 wrote

India is taking full advantage of their current position. Keeping up with their oil purchasing and increasing it in fact(Russia), talks about buying submarines (Europe), talks on tech development/production (USA). Let's hope this delicate balancing act comes to a favourable conclusion for them.


acuet t1_ja18e9v wrote

I mean, low cost Russia oil is also an option. By Proxy


Pilotom_7 t1_ja1l33b wrote

I dont think the West wants to pull India Away from Russia. First, the West needs a democratic India, an alignment of Values.

Second, a democratic, non-aligned India Could offer a model to Russia. The Russia- China alliance should not Last beyond the personal Relationship between the two authocrats.

Finally, economic cooperation with India and with the central Asian countries Could support the Russian economy in the future and give Russia Access to warm Water ports at the Indisn ocean.


Bertob15 t1_ja0sdpp wrote

This dude kind of looks like Rob Corddry


Kewenfu t1_ja2rzv9 wrote

How long will it be before India gets off the Russian titty? It looks like Putin has sold out Russia to China. The West is dangling trinkets such as subs and arms. So buying Russian weapons will be less of an option, and buying Western systems more of an option over time. Since India is proud to look out for itself, it may find its self-interest to vote with the West. It won't be about noble principles such as international law, sovereignty or human rights, but about where India makes a profit and gets economic development.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja2s9zd wrote

first of all that first line is funny, credit where credit is due.

now india is already in the process of doing that, but what reddit experts like you don't understand is that changing arms and supply chains takes time. by the time india will have done it fully to not rely on russia this war will have been long over.


CHTanwar OP t1_ja3d23h wrote

it is starting with one by one sector. and this deal is being talked about since before the special military operation of russia began and russia was just another european country.


Xert t1_ja3fknq wrote

And Russia's actions over the past year have done nothing to stop such talks.

I'll buy the "trying to shift away" line when I see concrete evidence. Right now it's all talk, as though India is hoping Western relations with Russia will magically go back to the 2000s and they can just continue on without having done anything tangible to move away from Russian alignment.


Kewenfu t1_ja2sy9o wrote

You are imagining things that I did not write, my fine reddit expert. I specifically ask about the timeline. You are writing that it is connected to Russia's war with Ukraine. There may be additional Russian imperialist wars, such as in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. It may take 15 to 25 years.


pauelena t1_ja31lye wrote

Unfortunately, Modi is copying the Putin and Xi playbook.

The world's biggest democracy is gradually becoming the world's biggest nationalistic autocracy.

Our grandchildren's grandchildren will be studying 2022 and 2023 as the rise of the totalitarian regimes.


pk10534 t1_ja15ikf wrote

Waste of time


Kewenfu t1_ja2autb wrote

Indian slogan: "Oil price over human rights!"


B93k34 t1_ja86ce1 wrote

Just copying America over the last century then


Kewenfu t1_ja9azax wrote

So you are saying that you want to see India go in this direction? 🤔


Select_Truck3257 t1_ja1xdta wrote

if india can't identify yet who is "good guys" it wasting of time


CHTanwar OP t1_ja1xw0m wrote

>india is abstaining , chilling and growing. btw india has sent billions of dollars of aid to innocent ukranians