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camaxtlumec t1_j9o6jn0 wrote

Love to see this stuff.


ThunderKant_1 t1_j9pjin3 wrote

Normally Australia is pretty abysmal when it comes to (marine) environmental protection, so this is definitely great to see.


AnAussiebum t1_j9qh05p wrote

We're sorry. 🫣

Just need the older generation to stop voting back in the conservatives.


____DEAFPOOL____ t1_j9qtcta wrote

Don't just blame the elderly, there are plenty of cooked cunts voting for Clive and Pauline and a whole cult of happy clappers voted for Scotty.


SneakyCrouton t1_j9r7ufk wrote

I choose to blame Murdock and the media, he's fucked our country for generations to come.


MiloIsTheBest t1_j9sg91v wrote

The difference between a conservative Coalition government and a Labor government.