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unbent t1_jac21j1 wrote

Maybe less ballistic nuclear missiles more farming , I don’t know


Mellevalaconcha t1_jad2ugl wrote

No no, don't be silly, make more nukes, launch them to ocean, big fish, that'll solve it


WhatWhatWhat79 t1_jae5sjm wrote

So that’s what Kim’s been up to. Us rednecks are fishing with dynamite and he is using ballistic missiles. Genius!


OverallAd5175 t1_jaddhox wrote

Maybe less sanctioning the absolute fuck out of them and let them actually be able to import vital resources such as food.


Cycleguy57 t1_jadijat wrote

Legitimate food imports are not under sanctions


FM-101 t1_jac3n82 wrote

Has he tried not eating all the food in North Korea?


SomeGuyNamedPaul t1_jac4hfz wrote

Food shortages? Well that predictably explains the uptick in saber rattling from them lately.


DeepState_Secretary t1_jacfliu wrote

North Korea is interesting.

They’re an agrarian state essentially, yet simultaneously are bad at farming and have pretty much been depleting their own soil since the regime came into power.


TjW0569 t1_jaekj2v wrote

Which is weird when you think about it, because at the end of WW2, the north end of Korea was the rich industrialized part with steel mills, etc.


DeepState_Secretary t1_jaepihu wrote

From what I’ve read it apparently to do with government mismanagement and badly thought out agricultural reform.

Apparently in recent years the government has been trying to find more and make more arable land and that rice production has been falling.


Peet_Pann t1_jac3vql wrote

Has he tried looking for all the fish he's been killing with missiles?


Main-Past1594 t1_jacj7xc wrote

Didn't his sister just say that they wouldn't take humanitarian food aid cuz it was like "poison candy" from the west? Something along them lines


Updooting_on_New t1_jac6hrn wrote

not sure if this is serious

or a rant because he didnt like his meal


twirlingmypubes t1_jacf3p0 wrote

Sounds like he wants another US government bailout.


theimposter17 t1_jaea4kj wrote

Sacrifice another missile into the sea to appease your western gods. That usually earns you a bit more aid


MissionCentral t1_jaf4x73 wrote

Maybe he can trade with the dozens of countries he's charmed over the years.