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Wear-Fluid t1_jaa7rsp wrote

Macron has shown time & again that he is a complete idiot. He is still better than that fascist lady was but... Idiot.


AllomancersAnonymous t1_jaae3b2 wrote

Please explain because all I see is a guy that has been instrumental in getting critical military aid to the Ukrainians.

Remember that France was the number one supplier of military aid to Ukraine from 2014 up to the eve of the current invasion.

The French supplied Caesars are arguably the best artillery system the Ukrainians have short of the HIMARS and have been instrumental in the war.

And then Macron got the snowball rolling on western tanks by pledging the AMX-10...

U mad because he engages in diplomacy at the same time he facilitates weapons to Ukraine?


Wear-Fluid t1_jaaecc7 wrote

He believed Putin when he said he wouldn’t invade & while staying in close contact with Putin suggested that Ukraine give up more land for peace & now this. I know I’m missing a few others but I don’t think they relate to the war.


AllomancersAnonymous t1_jaaenne wrote

His belief that the invasion wouldn't actually happen didn't stop him from sending military aid to the Ukrainians in the event he was wrong...


whitehusky t1_jaaw1qi wrote

But what he’s doing here is (1) calling their bluff, and (2) playing “good cop” which is what France’s role almost always is with Russia and China. He’s basically telling China - “You want to end the war? Great. So do we. Go tell Russia to stop attacking Ukraine, and the war will be over and you will have helped the West.” Everyone knows China can’t do that, so… calling the bluff. It’s a smart strategy, and closer to what Ukraine itself is doing, because it’s a win/win. Either China doesn’t stop Russia, in which case China is called out for their hypocrisy on the world stage, or somehow they achieve the impossible and get Russia to pull out of Ukraine, pay reparations etc.


BuffaloOk7264 t1_jabzaw6 wrote

Thank you for giving value to what I perceived as problematic French position. The vagaries of international diplomacy often confuse me.


Kitchen_Pride6726 t1_jab1po7 wrote

Why can't China stand on Ukraine's side? Know that this country faced the same situation 70 years ago, when they were on the side of aggression, their legitimacy disappeared


der_titan t1_jabkbgr wrote

>Why can't China stand on Ukraine's side?

Because China benefits if Russia and NATO countries waste money and resources fighting one another. Most of the world outside Europe view the war as a local one, and there's little appetite to go out on a limb for Ukraine.

Moral arguments tend to ring hollow in many ears when western military aggression in Asia, in Africa, and in Latin America have been going on for decades.


DragonflyMon83 t1_jaa823g wrote

Yeah, he's an idiot but I do not want to imagine that putin lady being in power. Never.


Wear-Fluid t1_jaa88et wrote

big same on that lady lol.

Macron has just suggested some really dumb shit since the Ukraine war started.


DragonflyMon83 t1_jaa8jlx wrote

Yeah but if she won, there would be no help for ukraine and fucks knows what more bad things to europe and the world.


DNA1987 t1_jabst4l wrote

He is weirdo with a massive ego. I wouldn't say he is idiot, he is serving his own interests. He once said france should stop keeping nukes, that there was no need and it was to expensive to maintain. He was for dismentelment of our nuclear facilities, maybe in favor of russian gaz ? Hight enery cost in europe, he play his part of it with half of our power plan shut down for "maintenance" right when the war started. We used to sell cheap electricity to Eu, now we need to import it from coal :) Lots of Eu politicians are bribe by russian gaz lobby. He is somewhat friend with putin, they went in holiday together before the war. Russians are buying some key nuclear maintenance companies in France. There is so much stuff going on that the news are not covering, this will probably start a few scandales when he stop been president.


Background-Bed7249 t1_jaahea8 wrote

  1. Russians go home.
  2. Wars over.

fnorksayer t1_jaccl7o wrote

It's the only possible way. And I'm sure if the rusia we know won't be destroyed if won't end. They have to go through denazification.


DragonflyMon83 t1_jaa788m wrote

Why is everyone hanged up on what china says? While they treat their own citizens like garbage and want Taiwan too?


Moutch t1_jaaac0o wrote

Because they are the only country that could actually make Russia stop if they wanted.


MarvVanZandt t1_jaaao8v wrote

I don’t think they have a grip on the leash as much as they want you to think. Plus no way Russia is trading being US bitch to being chinas. They want to be the one who wags the stick too.


Moutch t1_jaabcmd wrote

They definitely do. If China sanctions Russia they have nothing left.


MarvVanZandt t1_jaagexi wrote

If china sanctions Russia and sides with the west it would be a huge blow to chinas CCP leadership. It would signal/confirm US is in charge which is exactly what they are trying to change. And it would loosen the grip they hold on Asia.

Also Russia could get by, maybe not as long, with the help of India, Iran, North Korea, some African nations. Some South American countries.

So don’t hold your breath for that resolution.

China jumped on the Russian bandwagon thinking they were going to be global disrupters by use of force and coercion to regain global power status identical to US. It’s back firing. Now they are trying to save face and pretend they are in control. When really they never were and just thought Russia would hold up its end of the bargain.


Kitchen_Pride6726 t1_jab28za wrote

I think Russia gets a lot here in China, weapons materials, chips, money, logistical resources etc. If China is on the other side, the war may be almost over


Estake t1_jacpesg wrote

The opposite. It would show their ppl that they achieved what the US/west couldn't and that they have more influence on the world stage.


DragonflyMon83 t1_jaaapvt wrote

By being as bad as russia? Great choice.


Moutch t1_jaaba6p wrote

Being bad or not is irrelevant. Russia can't do anything without China.


Drachenfels1999 t1_jaaf5cd wrote

Very true, and unfortunately for Russia, China won't sacrifice their access to the North American and Eurozone consumer markets over Ukraine.


DragonflyMon83 t1_jaacatr wrote

And China wants to invade Taiwan, fucks over their own people so trying to trust any of them is as bad as ruzzia invading ukraine, not to mention china is thinking about supplying lethal measures to russia in this war and it's not in ukraine's favour. So yeah, both bad as fuck.


EifertGreenLazor t1_jae1v2c wrote

If you look at the history of the government of Taiwan, China had been gaining favorability until recently. Their plan may have been akin to getting the government on their side to eventually annex Taiwan. Hong Kong protests changed those plans drastically.


ApprehensiveLoss7922 t1_jaab8at wrote

Title should read- “Bitchass Marcon and Xi have hurt feelings after Africa expresses anger over ransacking of limited resources.”


interpellation t1_jaadxm6 wrote

Honestly that sounds like the United States too. Treats citizens like garbage? Check. Wants Taiwan? Check.


J4MES101 t1_jaaewws wrote

Is he helping?

Or just seeking attention.


macross1984 t1_jaaj9x3 wrote

All I can say is I am leery of relying on another non-democratic leader to be mediator to end the war.


Background-Bed7249 t1_jaanixo wrote

It's so obvious China wants a seat at the table. They see Russia collapsing this summer. They don't want the West taking over Russia.


Ok-Class6897 t1_jabv1vg wrote

If China warned Russia, Russia would stop the war.