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everydayasl t1_j9t3gi0 wrote

Medvedev, time to take your medication.


psioniclizard t1_j9t3nug wrote

I mean, isn't this the guy who talks about nuking London every 2 weeks


leorolim t1_j9t8gdx wrote

He has to.

Or else he may find himself jumping from a window...


psioniclizard t1_j9t8v79 wrote

Also I think talking about nuking London is a soft target for him. It's easy to say and he knows sonce brexit we are a bit alienated from the rest of Europe.


loiida t1_j9t9tvo wrote

Nuking a nuclear power is a soft target? Interesting take.


leorolim t1_j9tc4h2 wrote

Lizzy is dead so we lost some deterrence...


psioniclizard t1_j9tarbb wrote

I said talking about nuking the UK is a soft target. The key word there being talking. Do you honestly think this man has any say in if Russia should launch a nuke?


alexander1701 t1_j9wmmor wrote

For those who don't know, Medvedev's job is to be Putin's "ugly wingman." Whenever Putin says anything, he's supposed to say something slightly crazier and more tyrannical, to make Putin seem like a moderate by comparison.


Lazorgunz t1_j9t4rau wrote

Its been a year, at this rate my money is on the heat death of the universe before russia making it to Poland


miranomejoda t1_j9t4yp0 wrote

then what? say they need to push the next threat through and past poland? $#@! russia!


Tesla-Nomadicus t1_j9t6g4p wrote

First the east, then the south, now Poland's border.

The putjn regime will probably never stop until they are stopped.


Polyman71 t1_j9t62i5 wrote

Once they push their borders out they will continue their expansion.


dogeimistic t1_j9t3gr7 wrote

The concerning thing is which side of Poland's borders?


Material-Engineer177 t1_j9t3qha wrote

How is that concerning? Medvedev speaks here purely about Ukraine and to the Polish border if necessary.

Regardless, they can't make it past a Russian backed area of Ukraine never mind across NATO countries. There is no fear or worry of a land invasion across the continent


IvanLatysh t1_j9t8nym wrote

Just use the bear spray on this pest!


Sandbox_Hero t1_j9tts5e wrote

The historic Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth borders? Hey, that's not a bad idea!


autotldr t1_j9t5f2f wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)

> MOSCOW. Dmitry Medvedev, deputy head of the Russian Security Council, asserted on Friday that Moscow must push "The borders of threats" as far as possible, "Even if it will be the borders of Poland."

> In the aftermath of the war, Medvedev said he expects "Touch and nervous" negotiations, in which he said Russia would not be dealing formally with the real decision-makers on the "Opponent's side," arguing that the US controls Ukraine with arms deliveries and funding.

> "This cannot happen. That is why it is so important to achieve all the goals of a special military operation. To push the borders of threats to our country as far as possible, even if it will be the borders of Poland."

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UpperBroccoli t1_j9tbeox wrote

He truely is the Russian equivalent of Reginald J. Priest.


Drink_Irresponsibly_ t1_j9tbnct wrote

Is Russia thinks Ukraine is troublesome they really should wait until they border Poland with the history between them. I'm increasingly of the opinion nukes is why half of Eastern Europe isn't clamouring for some decade and century old payback.


Peet_Pann t1_j9w0ih9 wrote

Im pretty sure Poland is willing to jump in right now, they hungry to stomp out this filth.


Human-Entrepreneur77 t1_j9tmvwn wrote

Not doing that well in Ukraine right now. They say history repeats itself. Hitler broke pact and invaded Russia before he beat the UK. So, you can be surprised at the actions of a madman.


Kewenfu t1_j9v5v3y wrote

Russia is the "border of threat"


adilfc t1_j9tczoq wrote

Grow up man.


LostGuy242 t1_j9tnng3 wrote

Yeah what a great idea you cant win in ukraine lets start a war with another country


SyntheticSlime t1_j9tnuaa wrote

Damnit Medvedev! How many times do I have to say it? The blue text is your lines! The red text is stage instructions! Just say the blue lines!


1984Slice t1_j9u9kvb wrote

How has he not fallen out of a window yet? Those Russian made windows are dangerous as fuck


nc1264 t1_j9vu7dp wrote

Putin’s little bitch got some air time from daddy. Let crawl back into the hole he was hiding in


strangeapple t1_j9w8meg wrote

Yes, but when push comes to shove, all Russian plans fly out the window.


Allemaengel t1_j9wb8xd wrote

They try that, then Poland pushes back and Kaliningrad should be forfeited.


Vader_Von_Vader t1_j9wl1jk wrote

Medvedev is due to accidentally fall out of the window of a 47 floor building.


JohnnyFatSack t1_j9wx7zq wrote

Yes Russia. Please start a war with NATO backed Poland while currently getting your ass destroyed by Ukraine. Putin is exposing Russia to be a joke on every level.


Extension-Cup-843 t1_j9titvf wrote

If it means more dead Russian videos, I’m all for it!!