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YairJ t1_j9y741e wrote

Just another empty excuse to call for a designated Jew-free zone.


TheAbcedarian t1_j9z2223 wrote

Someone has to be the first to behave with decency, your statement doesn’t indicate that you’re in support of that “someone” being your preferred group.


yoyo456 t1_j9zazkw wrote

One side call to have Jew-free zones, the other calls to kill terrorists. One side calls to wipe Israel off the map by throwing them all into the Mediterranean the other calls for everyone to live together in one state. One side throws their terrorists in jail, the other side pays them generous salaries. Palestinians need to work on themselves before Israel can totally get behind negotiations from a unified front, for now all you got is the left who think it's worth it to sit down for negotiations even though they know deep down nothing is going to happen from them these days anyways.


TheAbcedarian t1_j9zl6lo wrote

Maybe just don’t actively behave like assholes, no negotiations needed for that.


yoyo456 t1_j9zsfek wrote

Maybe don't support terrorists and people will behave less like assholes. No negotiations should be needed not to kill civilians.


TheAbcedarian t1_j9ztp8j wrote

Yeah, we agree. So then why shouldn’t Israel be the first to act out this obvious understanding?

Where’s the adult in the room? I don’t see one yet.


jab116 t1_j9txp76 wrote

If that land was so important to the “Palestinians” maybe the 7 countries who invaded Israel 4 times to eradicate Jews should have fought a little harder?

You don’t get to lose a fight you started then cry for sympathy. You especially don’t get to do it 4 times. Palestinians are professional victims.