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pistacchio t1_jac72gl wrote

So: not really open to talks.


Downtown_Skill t1_jacb6yy wrote

Yeah it's Putin showing that he's not ready to cut his losses yet and is more than willing to let more Russians and Ukrainians die until he is.

It's basically a psyop way of saying "oh you think we're scared and almost on the brink of collapse, well we're not budging one inch"

If Russia came out tomorrow and said they're ready to cede the (illegally) annexed territories everyone everywhere would know that putin was in trouble. He knows this so these "open for talks" statements he puts out is more of a reminder that Russia plans on continuing the war indefinitely. Second: they're an attempt to make it look like Russia is still strong and is not crumbling under the weight of sanctions.


MofongoForever t1_jad2rhn wrote

And you know they will just rebuild their forces and invade again later to take more land. That is how Putin rolls.


KarmicComic12334 t1_jac1d5f wrote

The regions they "annexed" without ever fully controlling.


purpleefilthh t1_jadkxm0 wrote

Kremlin: "Peace only trough Ukrainian withdrawal."


Breiti100 t1_jadtfcs wrote

those damn Ukrainians occupying the annexed land of russia. /s


AbleApartment6152 t1_jac3ywz wrote

Man. Next time you want to vote for a “strong man” realise that this is the shit it gets you and that these cunts will literally burn their own country down around them with no regards for the people that pay the price.

This ends when Putin and his sycophants do. How many Russians have to die with them is up to the Russians.


redmambo_no6 t1_jac57rn wrote

>How many Russians have to die with them is up to the Russians.

If history is any indication, the answer is “a lot.”


Scorpion1024 t1_jace028 wrote

Putin wasn’t really voted into office


RainManRob2 t1_jadfu6o wrote

Neither was TFG in 2016 he lost the popular vote and won the electoral vote which I think is total BS. It's happened in the past. Many a time. Electoral vote needs to be changed in my opinion


Law-of-Poe t1_jach39a wrote

Trump was ready to burn the country down and Todd out the constitution and republican voters love him for it


DigitalMountainMonk t1_jaci2i9 wrote

This isn't the actions of a strong man. A strong man protects the people by uniting them against all comers. They fight.. but they don't commit suicide while doing it. The strongman persona is attractive because its a signal that everyone survives or everyone dies and thus promotes unity.

This is the action of a great coward. When you cant admit, even to yourself, that you have failed. You cant face the consequences of your actions. When the only thing you can do is pretend you haven't failed like a petulant child demanding more candy.


dustwindy t1_jacvrnj wrote

The term "Strong Man" doesnt literally describe a virtuous protector; it's a political term for a smooth-talking autocrat who lies and steals his way into power under the banner of populism (another term that doesn't mean what you think it does). Popular tactics include eroding democracy and turning your neighbors and countrymen into hated scapegoats.


DigitalMountainMonk t1_jadeuon wrote

While that might be true in a technical sense.. to the Russians Putin is viewed as the figurative strong man.

It's why you always see him expressed in machoesq ways there.. such as riding a bear with his shirt off.


FM-101 t1_jac3j50 wrote

That makes absolutely no sense. Why would Ukraine accept that.

There can obviously not be talks while there are russian soldiers in Ukraine.


ahac t1_jach5i4 wrote

Wars usually end when at one or both sides give up something that they didn't want to give up before. That's the whole point of wars. Talks start when foreign soldiers are still in your country.

While I don't think Russia has any intentions of ending the war without forcing huge concessions from Ukraine, the reality is that Ukraine currently can't get those territories back. They're dying without gaining anything...


navinaviox t1_jad29do wrote

I would argue that you are wrong In just about every capacity with regards to your second statement.

Given what everyone (especially Russia) expected to happen as a result of Russia invading: Ukraine falls and a puppet government put in place within 3 days/a couple weeks….any result that is not that shows success if not outright victory for the Ukrainians

Ukraine has lost some territory and some 100,000 have been killed or wounded (I’ll go find source if you like but it’s generally accepted that ukraine has lost less people and have been far better about saving casualties)

Ukraine has gained: billions of dollars in military hardware and humanitarian supplies More global attention than they’ve ever received Good will of all western nations Green light to become a most favorable nation if not a member of treaties such as NATO A fully transitioned wartime economy: pros and cons since they’re also suffering from attacks on civilian infrastructure Increased Access to western intelligence communities which will likely stay strong for many years


Feynnehrun t1_jad2eh3 wrote

That might be your reality...but that's certainly not the reality here in the real world.


swatchesirish t1_jad3lqs wrote

Defensive wars typically are about protecting what you have and not gaining anything...


PutlerDaFastest t1_jadpic9 wrote

Ok, comrade. The Russians can't fight. They are suffering the most humiliating military defeat in modern history and one of the biggest military blunders ever.

The reality is that Putin went full Hitler too soon and spilled his entire plan in an evil monologue like an Austin powers villain. His sycophants had him convinced that the Russian military could conquer Europe. They started their invasion only to find out Russians still couldn't fight and Putler had already called half the world Nazis and satanists. Putin will have to be tried for warcrimes and crimes against humanity and Russia will have to pay reparations including for the weapons and ammo Ukraine got from NATO to defeat them. Ukraine will take back all of Ukraine including Crimea.


thebestnames t1_jadalfx wrote

Russia doesn't rven control the entirety of the annexed territories and is dying in even greater numbers to conquer them, so the point is moot.


macweirdo42 t1_jaec64x wrote

"Talks" weren't the point of starting this war, though. Genocide was always the end goal. If Russia hasn't backed down from "We will erase all evidence Ukraine ever existed," there's literally no reason to surrender, since the mass executions will happen regardless.


MrBeneficialBad9321 t1_jaefkso wrote

They probably can get it back. "winning" the war is more of a challenge, but i do think they can push them out of the whole Ukraine. Including Krim.


BloodyMess t1_jac33w8 wrote

Ok, officer. I'm open to discussing stopping committing crimes for now, but obviously we can only talk if you agree I keep all the money and land I stole and don't have to go to jail for the thousands of people I killed.



beyerch t1_jacgymk wrote

So..... they're not open to talks, then?


chucara t1_jaes1ej wrote

There open to monologues, just not dialogues. But it's still "talks".


UnsnugHero t1_jacgvl9 wrote

Burglar says I’m open to talks but I won’t get off your couch


neilinukraine t1_jac1ipn wrote

Well there's no negotiations. Zelenskyy doesn't recognise the dictator so who is there to talk to


hskfmn t1_jad7p52 wrote

Every single time I see something that says that Russia is open to some kind of “peace talks”, it always follows with the addendum that it’s basically their way or the highway.


worldpeaceunity t1_jacdrs9 wrote

Regions they annexed while committing war crimes


[deleted] t1_jac1bss wrote



JPR_FI t1_jac1k8q wrote

The only compromise on the table is Russia getting out of whole Ukraine (Including Crimea and eastern parts) and maybe sanctions / relations with Russia can be normalized in in a decade.


HelpfulYoghurt t1_jac2c9o wrote

Getting out of Ukraine should not even be part of the compromise. Russia getting out of Ukraine should be the default starting point for anything, then the peace talks can begin and we can get into negotiations about their reparations for damage done to Ukraine.


JPR_FI t1_jacb57x wrote

Sure; point I was trying to make (and failed) is that until they are completely out there is nothing to even discuss.


Amichateur t1_jac7cj3 wrote

Talks and negotiations should be about reparation payments after the invading army completely withdraws.


Swede_in_USA t1_jacgj0p wrote

more and more sanctions combined with an increased weapon flow to ukraine is the way to go. Eject the russians and then start negotiations.


PileOfLife t1_jaci28a wrote

I’m willing to renegotiate the consitions on my mortgage. As long as I can stop paying and get to keep the house.


Real-Patriotism t1_jad15ov wrote

Ukraine does not expect Russians to give up annexed regions of Ukraine.

Ukraine expects Russians to die while they forcibly take back their Homeland.


Chuckw44 t1_jacbfee wrote

"Give me your lunch money and I will stop hitting you", Putin in H.S., probably.


Itsallcakes t1_jac74t9 wrote

So in fact they arent open to Ukraine talks. Noted.


Allemaengel t1_jac846u wrote

Well, more war it is then.


DevoidHT t1_jacdumi wrote

“Russia NOT willing to negotiate”

At some point they’re going to have to realize they aren’t negotiating for territory. They’re negotiating for how hard we punish them after they lose.


Karma_Canuck t1_jacrt34 wrote

Seems to me Russia is just lowering their population on purpose at this point.


AltNationReality t1_jacwp4k wrote

Are they "open" to surrender? Because that's really the only way this war will end.....


Rillanon t1_jacbrn5 wrote

Well from Russia's position. Why should they give them up? They can keep throwing men into the grinder and hold the Ukrainians back is probably what they are thinking.

Ukraine need a good strategic victory to force Russia to concede.


Scorpion1024 t1_jachgw2 wrote

Putin’s strategy is to just throw bodies into the grinder and wait for the rest of the world to get tired of supporting Ukraine and cut them off, so he makes unreasonable demands he knows will be rejected so he can at least claim “Hey I’m open to dialogue but that mean old Zelensky won’t cooperate.” Sadly this strategy has an all too real chance of working.


nariusone t1_jacuo5u wrote

so let's not talk and focus on defeating the murderous invaders.


king_s0mbra5 t1_jadl6ev wrote

So they’re not actually open for talks then


LystAP t1_jae4iwi wrote

Usually politics and diplomacy requires ‘compromise.’


AtomicTardigrade t1_jaecqt1 wrote

Russians be like, "But why Ukrainians won't talk with us about their surrender!". The audacity lol.

Usually the one being attacked is begging for negotiations, but here, it looks like Russia is desperate for communication. It's so pathetic and just weird.


gidutch t1_jaef8wq wrote

Stage of Denial


Theinsulated t1_jaeg2ya wrote

Fortunately, the west has a limitless supply of ammunition to supply Ukraine with.


Candy_Badger t1_jaegf8j wrote

So they are not open to talks.


rity5yender t1_jaegz03 wrote

So, they aren't actually open to them. Fuck the Kremlin.


Norwester77 t1_jaeucx6 wrote

Then you’re not really open to talks, are you?


laxyharpseal t1_jac2yl8 wrote

im assuming this includes lands that were annexed during the war.


Naturath t1_jac77y6 wrote

It includes lands that Russia doesn’t even currently control. Kremlin “peace talks” have always been fundamentally deranged.


Amichateur t1_jac75vc wrote

So then what do they want to talk about?


marlenesdottir t1_jac9jpq wrote

Do they even have defined the borders of those "annexed regions"?


Whackjob-KSP t1_jacc4ew wrote

Putin is just as fine with potentially 250,000 casualties as he was with 100,000. Russians, only you can stop the last of your younger generations from being sacrificed. Putin has a window with his name on it. Help him find it. And after, go down the list and help every oligarch do the same. Remember, you can live without them, but they can't live without you.


shadyhorse t1_jacfccw wrote

Putin can either leave completely now or face Civil War and his ass assassinated or worse for him, dragged through the streets and strung up. Ass assassinated, poetry for free there.


mrg1957 t1_jae89mf wrote

Wondering what they'll say when Ukraine hit their country with these new weapons, specifically the ones that were outside Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Playful-Ad6556 t1_jaeklkq wrote

Then Ukraine should attack and annex Western Russia.


secret-kayman t1_jaelql6 wrote

So, basically 'will you please stop defending yourself while making us look like a bunch of morons?'

Hmm, great strategy...


1seeker4it t1_jaeoomk wrote

Ahhhhh, well, fuck Russia 🤷‍♂️


Good_Intention_9232 t1_jaequz7 wrote

The annexed territory was taken with force that land doesn’t belong to Putin or Russia, its time to decide if that territory will get you back with the world or Russians and Putin will live isolated and distanced from the whole world for a very long time like it was in the past and it showed in your faces that Russian’s weren’t happy you all looked unhappy as if you were looked in jail and were all released.


Moidahface t1_jac5lir wrote

(tosses application in the garbage)


Budson420 t1_jadxfe4 wrote

The idea that Ukraine is going to get out of this without a compromise is just wishful thinking and not realistic. Russia is not just going to throw their hands in the air and admit they were wrong. Either this grinds on and on wasting lives everyday, or diplomacy of some sort will occur giving a way out


Expensive-Document41 t1_jae7q1b wrote

Russia started this, Russia can end it unilaterally by leaving Ukraine.


Beyond that, the only people who get to say when they're done are the Ukrainians.


LystAP t1_jae4v8z wrote

Russia is refusing to compromise as well. That’s why they rejected China’s peace proposal. As others have noted, they don’t even control all of the regions that they ‘annexed’, yet insist that they ‘belong’ to them.


Budson420 t1_jae58gl wrote

I’m not saying it’s justified but these borders have changed hands many times throughout history. This isn’t an isolated case. That being said both sides will have to compromise in order for the war to end, otherwise we are looking at another 20 year war


jeanpaulmars t1_jaebrsq wrote

And if Russia does get to keep it, it’s another slice in their salami tactics.


Budson420 t1_jaecpr5 wrote

I guess the countless Ukrainian lives that are tossed into the abyss just don’t matter then


Fresh-Temporary666 t1_jaerizb wrote

I mean Ukraine has straight up said several times that they will not be conceding land to make this end. Seems like they have made their choice on the matter so far that they'd rather keep fighting while the west sends them increasingly nicer weapons to kill Russians with. Eventually the losses will become too great but since Ukraine are defending their homes I'm gonna guess the Ukrainians have a fairly higher tolerance for what they consider acceptable losses on the matter.


Budson420 t1_jaesc0t wrote

I can’t help but feel like the support from the US is going to dry up or the Ukrainians have to negotiate. The only other outcome would be putin dropping a nuke and triggering an all outt war rather than the current war by proxy. I just don’t see another means to an end