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Budson420 t1_jadxfe4 wrote

The idea that Ukraine is going to get out of this without a compromise is just wishful thinking and not realistic. Russia is not just going to throw their hands in the air and admit they were wrong. Either this grinds on and on wasting lives everyday, or diplomacy of some sort will occur giving a way out


Expensive-Document41 t1_jae7q1b wrote

Russia started this, Russia can end it unilaterally by leaving Ukraine.


Beyond that, the only people who get to say when they're done are the Ukrainians.


LystAP t1_jae4v8z wrote

Russia is refusing to compromise as well. That’s why they rejected China’s peace proposal. As others have noted, they don’t even control all of the regions that they ‘annexed’, yet insist that they ‘belong’ to them.


Budson420 t1_jae58gl wrote

I’m not saying it’s justified but these borders have changed hands many times throughout history. This isn’t an isolated case. That being said both sides will have to compromise in order for the war to end, otherwise we are looking at another 20 year war


jeanpaulmars t1_jaebrsq wrote

And if Russia does get to keep it, it’s another slice in their salami tactics.


Budson420 t1_jaecpr5 wrote

I guess the countless Ukrainian lives that are tossed into the abyss just don’t matter then


Fresh-Temporary666 t1_jaerizb wrote

I mean Ukraine has straight up said several times that they will not be conceding land to make this end. Seems like they have made their choice on the matter so far that they'd rather keep fighting while the west sends them increasingly nicer weapons to kill Russians with. Eventually the losses will become too great but since Ukraine are defending their homes I'm gonna guess the Ukrainians have a fairly higher tolerance for what they consider acceptable losses on the matter.


Budson420 t1_jaesc0t wrote

I can’t help but feel like the support from the US is going to dry up or the Ukrainians have to negotiate. The only other outcome would be putin dropping a nuke and triggering an all outt war rather than the current war by proxy. I just don’t see another means to an end