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pichael288 t1_ja7qr3e wrote

Most of the drug dealers I've known do the opposite, cover themselves in tattoos and wear clothes that scream "I'm a criminal". Get you a star wars Tshirt and play Pokemon go on the way to your dudes house and the cops cant even see you


PoorDecisionsNomad t1_jabhdvt wrote

This is so fucking true. My pupils were blown the fuck up and I had 500$ of mdma in my pocket at a gas station. I had a friendly as fuck conversation at 2am with a cop in a dirty wet suit while we were waiting in line. I don’t remember much from those days but that one stands out. Better to be profiled as an awkward nerd than a criminal.


Chaos-Knight t1_ja9dtgm wrote

Literally invisible. They would only shoot you accidentally as colleteral damage.