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snotrockit1 t1_ja7ffu7 wrote

You DO NOT keep doing the crimes AFTER you change your face, rookie mistake.


pichael288 t1_ja7qr3e wrote

Most of the drug dealers I've known do the opposite, cover themselves in tattoos and wear clothes that scream "I'm a criminal". Get you a star wars Tshirt and play Pokemon go on the way to your dudes house and the cops cant even see you


PoorDecisionsNomad t1_jabhdvt wrote

This is so fucking true. My pupils were blown the fuck up and I had 500$ of mdma in my pocket at a gas station. I had a friendly as fuck conversation at 2am with a cop in a dirty wet suit while we were waiting in line. I don’t remember much from those days but that one stands out. Better to be profiled as an awkward nerd than a criminal.


Chaos-Knight t1_ja9dtgm wrote

Literally invisible. They would only shoot you accidentally as colleteral damage.


MattMasterChief t1_ja7egqd wrote

Every person on reddit preparing to comment: hold my beer


superthotty t1_ja9qobj wrote

Yeah, I could look just as Korean as that guy! I’m a Hispanic woman but I could


myotherworkacct t1_ja7hbn8 wrote

Hold my beer, everyone. This dude thinks more about the people commenting than the topic of the post. I'm a star!


Traditional_Shirt106 t1_ja7kkp4 wrote

Ok, but this is like the worst James Bond movie and the Madonna song sucks


EvenHair4706 t1_jabikjr wrote

There’s worse in that movie than madonna’s song. My god, the invisible car…


echoNovemberNine t1_ja94wzb wrote

Drug lord but I only see he had 2kg of ecstasy.. that seems less like a lord and more like a serf to me.


happykittynipples t1_ja96khm wrote

The actual drug lord is the one who told the police where to find this guy and how to pick up their retirement check.


happykittynipples t1_ja9655c wrote

I love Thailand but after reading "The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in a Bangkok Prison" by Warren Fellows I am always a very good boy when I am there.


EvenHair4706 t1_jabimmx wrote

So fake moustaches don’t work anymore?


Greg_Davidson t1_jabri6c wrote

>Drug Lord

>Buys on the darkweb

pick one