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Zestyclose_Meet1034 t1_j9zkyy0 wrote

Is that fast enough to fly through the iron dome


SovietMacguyver t1_j9zp0og wrote

Iron dome only protects against unguided ballistic rockets.


Zestyclose_Meet1034 t1_j9zrapa wrote

Why can’t they turn the switch and select guided


needypondy t1_j9zrzdx wrote

It can. Israel claims it has been tested against guided missiles as well. However, this would not be the preferred Israeli system anyway. David’s Sling has much more range, carries more speed, and has a more modern targeting system and would be used.


Arctic_Chilean t1_ja0nxx0 wrote

David's Sling would be the system best suited to counter this type of missile.


EvenHair4706 t1_ja71rt2 wrote

I have to admire the nomenclature: iron dome and David’s sling.


Zestyclose_Meet1034 t1_ja1frn6 wrote

So these Iranian threats are no threat at all?


Arctic_Chilean t1_ja1hq5t wrote

Yes they are. Anti-ballistic missile systems are not a perfect means to defend against missile attacks. Even the US ones have a notoriously poor test record, barely achieving a 50% success rate in controlled tests.


Shaul_Ishtov t1_ja1a1vd wrote

The iron dome in only one of Israel's air defense systems, which includes David's Sling, Arrow 2, Arrow 3, Iron Dome, and Iron Beam. David's Sling is probably the best system to tackle that kind of weapon.