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autotldr t1_j9y7t6p wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 88%. (I'm a bot)

> "Our cruise missile with a range of 1,650 km has been added to the missile arsenal of the Islamic Republic of Iran," said Amirali Hajizadeh, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps aerospace force according to the Reuters news agency.

> Israel has long warned against Tehran's missile program saying it poses a threat to Israel, the region and Europe, not just for its conventional capabilities, but also because they could eventually be used to launch nuclear weapons should Iran acquire them.

> The report on the new cruise missile came hours after Iran said it will likely send air defense systems to Syria, a move apparently meant to protect against Israeli airstrikes.

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HermitKane t1_j9ybpww wrote

Israel would just destroy the factory that produces the missile and do cyberattacks on the research facilities that developed it.

Cutting the head of the snake off tactic is what they always do.


nariusone t1_j9yiftv wrote

Well, time for Israel to send in some drones.


One-Fan-7296 t1_j9yp27f wrote

A total mislead. What it should say is" The Iranians think that they have a few new missles that can get to Israel but getting through the iron dome is impossible even for the Palestinians. "


tomi832 t1_j9z3efx wrote

The iron done isn't meant for missiles like this, and trying to use the Iron Dome against Paveh will be most probably, if not definitely, useless.

Israel has other systems against this kind of missiles, like Arrow 2 and 3. But I'm pretty sure there's no official known number of this missiles, especially since Israel hasn't used them (thankfully) in real combat, yet. So technically, it is a possibility that Iran will have more missiles here than Israel.

The best defence is offence - so I'm pretty sure Israel would prefer just bombing the shit out of all their known bases, as simultaneously as possible, to prevent any missile from launching into Israel.

Edit: I do think that the EU really has a reason to support Israel in neutralizing Iran.

Iran and Syria, can easily shoot this missile into eastern Europe. Just looking on Google earth shows it can reach most of Ukraine, and all of Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and all the countries that reside in their area.

In a few short years, they can get it even further, and deeper into Europe...and guess who lately basically began a war on Iran, adding it into their terrorists list?


Amn-El-Dawla t1_j9zemgl wrote

Very unfortunate times indeed.
Both states have the incentive to start a war, one is on the brink of collapse due to internal strife, the other is not politically stable due to a very extremist unstable political coalition leading the pack.

Out of all the saber rattles both of these states had over the past few decades, this might be it.


needypondy t1_j9zrzdx wrote

It can. Israel claims it has been tested against guided missiles as well. However, this would not be the preferred Israeli system anyway. David’s Sling has much more range, carries more speed, and has a more modern targeting system and would be used.


needypondy t1_j9zs9g3 wrote

Just for the sake of completeness, Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 would be used against long-range ballistic missiles. In particular, Arrow 3 was designed for exo-atmospheric interceptions, which would never involve a cruise missile.

More likely that David’s Sling and/or Patriot would be deployed against cruise missiles.


tomi832 t1_j9zsou0 wrote

Thanks, yeah. I read about the Iranian missiles beforehand on Telegram and he talked too about an exo-atmospheric ballistic missile (emm, ballistic missile means it's That they still didn't show but claim to have. So I was talking about Arrow 3 because of it.

Though I'm pretty sure arrow 2 could be used against paveh, no? 1650 KMs shouldn't be considered a long-range missile?


needypondy t1_j9zt6o2 wrote

> emm, ballistic missile means it’s exo-atmospheric….no?)

Not necessarily. Ballistic can fly within the atmosphere, but at longer distances they probably won’t because it’s not practical. Arrow 3 would intercept like above Iraq, whereas Arrow 2 would intercept at much closer distances to Israel.

> Though I’m pretty sure arrow 2 could be used against paveh, no? 1650 KMs shouldn’t be considered a long-range missile?

The problem is more related to the fact that Arrow 2 is designed to intercept in the upper atmosphere, whereas cruise missiles fly much lower. David’s Sling and Patriot have targeting systems and maneuvering that are more suitable for that.

The name of the game when it comes to Israeli (and American) missile defenses is to just have many different systems with different targets they are focused on.


Impossible-Second680 t1_j9zudar wrote

Is this an accomplishment? I mean it’s not super far.

Reference: ICBM’s have been around since the 50’s. North Korea fires them into the ocean like dolphins are going to attack tomorrow.


Full_Echo_3123 t1_ja0akf1 wrote

Wow Iran unveils a cruise missile that can reach Israel.. I wonder if they know that Israel has had cruise missiles that can reach Iran for about 30 years now.


No-Satisfaction3663 t1_ja10pnh wrote

Interesting that recently Salmon Rushdie was finally victim of long promised retribution and now Trump and Pompeo are on the Iranian shit list. Maybe Teflon Don won't sleep as well knowing there's a bunch of missile toting extremists who could probably take him out anytime if he happens to venture within their range. I would say stay away from the Trump Tehran if I were them.


coreywindom t1_ja1qhfh wrote

I mean… technically any missile is capable of reaching Israel, just depends on where it is launched from.


realnrh t1_ja22wzf wrote

Two countries without a border going to war, and neither one about to invade the intervening countries just to get land access, and every missile could be a nuke or dirty bomb? That's a lot of incentive to fire your nukes first and try to take out the other side's ability to nuke back. Scary.