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JannaNYC t1_ja87ilx wrote

What a strange post description. Are they mentioning women and children because that somehow more tragic than if it had just been men?


PEVEI t1_ja87yb9 wrote

It's a way to fire up emotions and tamp down any other discussion.


takeitineasy t1_ja8be1g wrote

Perhaps because actual women and children on these boats are rare. The vast majority are adult men.


PEVEI t1_ja8c8jr wrote

There are almost always some women and people under 18, they just aren't the majority, which is also probably the reason for the careful phrasing in the article. "Among" and "Includes" implying without stating that it was a tiny minority of the whole.


TerbiumInside t1_ja9r5s0 wrote

Because men are treated as disposable in media, you all should already know this.


Luca_314 t1_ja88n13 wrote

exactly, because here in Italy there are some incidents like this every year, so to try to make people less indifferent they count women and minors


HolyHandgenades t1_ja9eeul wrote

Women no, we live in an age of equality, but as a father of two hearing that children died really hits hard. Funny enough too, I wasn't as sensitive about the topic untill I became a father.

They are just children.


ZaTroxPL t1_ja87cof wrote

Maybe at some point they learn to use official checkpoints...


heelspider t1_ja8duac wrote

I'm guessing men make up the rest.


DLM4473 t1_ja8idig wrote

I wasn't sure whether to have any sympathy for the dead - until you mentioned the women and children. Thanks so much for the clarification !


Twolves0222 t1_jaa8cci wrote

Love how nobody gives a shit when the men die


xc2215x t1_ja86tvw wrote

Incredibly tragic to see so many die, condolences go to them and their families.


[deleted] t1_ja9ccmb wrote



HolyHandgenades t1_ja9fe1h wrote

Do you want the collapse of every moderately disadvantaged nation? The population drain is real and only adds to growing inequality between nations. Supporting development in other nations through aid is the key, not sucking out their best.


cannedfromreddit t1_ja9wczz wrote

They board garbage boats on pourpose. If it is seaworthy they will be told to sail away. If it is an emergency then they get rescued.