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thisistumblr t1_j9tgsr8 wrote

everyday i thank the stars that redditors aren't in charge of foreign policy


Feliz_Desdichado t1_j9szcgr wrote

Well, India can't really align with China since they're in an active territorial dispute, and america supports their biggest enemy which is also a nuclear power, so it's hard to see who could they align with.

I'm pretty sure most Indians remember that America knew about the Bangladeshi genocide and decided to fully back Pakistan either way.


FoXtroT_ZA t1_j9tf9rb wrote

I think you’ll find the US is increasingly moving away its support from Pakistan to India.


Full_Entrepreneur_72 t1_j9tjpsq wrote

Yeah but the media (within and without) has managed to make the most pro-west generation neutral at best and jingoistic at worst. Given how slow the negative perception towards a nation's changes in India, I don't expect much


JKKIDD231 t1_j9trhaf wrote

I think Indians understand the there are no permanent Allie’s only permanent interests too well. Unlike Pakistan, India excepts to be treated as an equal ally, they know how to negotiate and bargain well


bot420 t1_j9rrz0j wrote

India's trajectory is not only slow, it's low. Not many care about South Africa, to most it's a lost cause.

Blinken was accurate but to fully forthright.


goodnewbadestnews t1_j9s42ez wrote

Nixon did a lot of damage but winds are changing even though very slowly.


Shillofnoone t1_j9sgw4e wrote

Send an ambassador to India first. US has been dillydallying on US ambassador to India for years now . What message does that send to India.


VictoryVino t1_j9sxype wrote

Is India willing to accept a US Ambassador? I have no idea how any of that works but I'd be surprised if a country could just call up another, state there is an Ambassador coming, and expect the receiving country to just have a place ready for them. Is there already a vacant US Embassy there?


idoeno t1_j9t0bap wrote


VictoryVino t1_j9t4ljb wrote

Ahh, I see. I didn't know if the property gets absorbed into the home country when the embassy isn't occupied.


idoeno t1_j9t5t94 wrote

it is occupied; there is a full staff and a foreign service member with the title "Chargée d'affaires" as the acting ambassador, but as such they can represent the US, but not the POTUS, as an ambassador does.


Shillofnoone t1_j9tn157 wrote

Your shitty politicians are lobbying different candidates which is creating this mess. Ask them to get on same page and send a candidate immediately, see how fast India aligns with NATO then.


TheSkywarriorg2 t1_j9s2pm5 wrote

I wouldn't say that India's trajectory is low if you look at their weapons source from like a few decades ago to now.


blackmirrorlight t1_j9sqckg wrote

He's definitely making a joke. South Africa is steadily getting closer to Russia.


daniel77015 t1_j9su0l3 wrote

Geez, who would I believe more on a geopolitical topic: a random Redditor or the US Secretarian of State


misyo t1_j9syi5d wrote

BRICS partners


No-Philosopher-8212 t1_j9th7w5 wrote

You do realize BRICS has China and India in the same grp right? That should tell you how 'close' the bond is.


denkbert t1_j9tm46r wrote

Brazil condemned the Russian attack in the latest UN resolution.


misyo t1_j9ulxr8 wrote

Brazil isn't as invested in BRICS as China is. China and Russia hope to use BRICS to create a second IMF and a new world reserve currency. China can't let Russia be defeated because its governme t would collapse, which would bring about substantial and unpredictable changes in Russia- which China really doesn't want. China needs the war over quickly and sanctions removed to get Russia back on track. The longer the war drags on, the more problematic this becomes for China.


denkbert t1_j9v8jro wrote

Fair enough. But then it it a specific China-Russia partnership and not a BRICS-partnership.


misyo t1_j9ul8i0 wrote

I'm not sure where you're going with this.


No-Philosopher-8212 t1_j9upryc wrote

The fact on south Aftica. Brics is jsut compeletely lost now, there is no reviving it at all.


[deleted] t1_j9sv5hb wrote



daniel77015 t1_j9svexb wrote

Let me know the last time you had personal talks with your politicians, saw classified data and went to briefings about international relationships in your country.


zipzoupzwoop t1_j9suy01 wrote

How about not just believing one of these two and asking the person to clarify and give sources or reasoning? Nah, et's just believe blinken because it's better than a random redditor. That's why I also take trump's word over random redditors, he was a president once after all.


daniel77015 t1_j9sv7er wrote

Nice whatabouttism at the end. Blinken has access to networks, classified data, personal contacts, he is on the frontline in these regards. Random Redditor only reads random headlines. Good try though.


apexHeiliger t1_j9t5n0p wrote

It's a bit more complex than that. The populace at large does not support russia and some are apathetic. The ruling party is historically a communist party but have moved away from many of those policies to maintain popular vote. Currently, South Africa is going through a power struggle literally(ESKOM) and politically (state capture).


idoeno t1_j9t0i9y wrote

Maybe India is just taking the scenic route...

...which includes scenes of genocide; not a good look India.

I say this as an America; we know thing or two about genocide.


Full_Entrepreneur_72 t1_j9tk86u wrote

The ones your gov conducted or the ones Americans "supposedly" suffered


idoeno t1_j9ucc7z wrote

Americans definitely suffered when the Europeans came over and stole their land, of course we didn't call them "Americans" at the time.

There is a long and shitty history in how the US treated the native peoples, like most places conquered during the era European colonialism.


JKKIDD231 t1_j9trsy8 wrote

I think what he’s trying to say is that India and South Africa won’t shift their policy overnight, especially India what’s been closer to Russia for 75yrs whereas relations only began in 2008 with Nuclear deal between USA and India and only growing stronger and bigger each year.


Both_Lychee_1708 t1_j9s5b42 wrote

could've fooled me


[deleted] t1_j9sblrl wrote



Wandering_Abhorash t1_j9sd31w wrote

And yours is just bad take after bad take.

Either a complete moron, or unskilled troll


[deleted] t1_j9sdgt4 wrote



Wandering_Abhorash t1_j9sdnxw wrote

Offended? So you also don’t know nuance. That’s nice.


Hobbito t1_j9sdr46 wrote

Offended enough to comment.


Wandering_Abhorash t1_j9secg1 wrote

Commenting and laughing at you isn’t offended.

I don’t know you, nor do I care about you.


zipzoupzwoop t1_j9sv4io wrote

So when your mom talks to you she must be offended? Wtf is even going on with your paranoid psychosis man.


Denubious t1_j9tdjcp wrote

Why should India and South Africa move towards the US? Should it be on principle? Economic benefits?


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benleo9 t1_j9ul606 wrote

This is total BS, South Africa has been aligning for years with Russia and China.
This is basically hopium, the US threw SA under the bus in the 90's, what do you expect?Its a top strategic point on the's a pity it's lost.


Imintroublemen t1_j9uoc2k wrote

That is bullshit.... its the second bullshit statement he said today.


WinterWindWhip t1_j9sr5f7 wrote

Right because engagement with Russia and China worked out so well.

We want to be friends with India because they make our stuff for cheap.


Polyman71 t1_j9t4ajt wrote

Slow as in moving towards Russia.


SpaceTabs t1_j9svupq wrote

Russia sugar dick takes a while to break the habit


Kewenfu t1_j9siqgj wrote

Considering that India supports Russia's imperialist invasion and is complicit in the mass murder of civilians, does the U.S. even want to get closer to India!?


sakrapro t1_j9t07il wrote

You seem to have truly lost your marbles. Get off reddit and have some fresh air.