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TurpitudeSnuggery t1_ja0mwyx wrote

TIL there is a donkey skin trade


joausj t1_ja154sq wrote

It's a traditional Chinese medicine thing if I remember correctly.


PlayasBum t1_ja1cskm wrote

It’s always a fucking Chinese medicine thing.


DavidBSkate t1_ja1hf4k wrote

The weirdest shit. Like if if I could only eat monkey ball sack, all my problems would be solved! Wtf!?


iCCup_Spec t1_ja1kdvj wrote

Way back in the days people don't have a good grasp of nutrition; if they got lucky and got their missing micronutrients from some nutsack it'll feel like magic.


PuckFutin69 t1_ja32bh0 wrote

My doctor said I should eat some monkey balls. Hard to stomach, I almost macacked them up.


travelinzac t1_ja1xkkl wrote

Seriously how do we purge the world of this crap


Tricky-Lingonberry81 t1_ja2gpge wrote

Math, science, logic, and philosophy classes starting as soon as kids can learn. Specifically teaching everyone how to identify logical fallacies. Preventing socially conservative dictators and politicians of any economic or religious persuasion from committing purges of information and people. Over half of traditional Chinese medicine came to exist under Mao after he had convinced the young people to kill many of the elderly and highly educated. There were no doctors, so they made up some stuff and called it medicine and gave it a backstory that tied it to herbal remedies that were traditional.


yukon-flower t1_ja4tkdu wrote

When science-based healthcare becomes too expensive (or onerous), people turn to quack remedies. Same with homeopathy. The placebo effect and things naturally spontaneously resolving themselves provide enough positive incentive, along with the profit motives of the purveyors. Still cheaper than going to a doctor in the United States.


MenstrualCupBearer t1_ja9w6ni wrote

You boycott this shit like the vegans you hate so much for boycotting this shit.


WerewolfHowls t1_ja1azzf wrote

I mean so is tiger bones and shark fins but that still doesn't make it right to produce lol


joausj t1_ja1bcu0 wrote

Oh yeah it's the Chinese equivalent of cyrstals and essential oils. Doesn't do shit, but also has the benefit of probably being sourced unethically (the donkey skin is probably the most ethically sourced, considering its a domesticated animal). You know shit like powered rhino horn, bear gallbladder... Basically the more endangered the animal is the harder it makes your dick.


SaltySwallows t1_ja2tdzg wrote

yeah and I guess they don't use domesticated Donkeys for slaughter they decimate wild Donkeys cause "fuck asses".


___zero__cool___ t1_ja3t1sf wrote

I realize you were going for the pun joke but aren’t donkeys sterile, meaning they couldn’t viably maintain a wild population?

Edit - I’m an idiot, mules are the result of a donkey/horse cross-species impregnation.


SaltySwallows t1_ja4pn6y wrote

I had to look it up too. Never realized they were wild fauna, learn something new everyday...if you try.


Chose_a_usersname t1_ja6gune wrote

China loves alternative medicine ... Wait till they find out about fish tank cleaner


shoomdio t1_ja7ics1 wrote

Donkey meat is delicious. They serve it up chopped with capsicum and onions in a crispy Focaccia style roll


FastWalkingShortGuy t1_ja0eyyc wrote

I don't get why that's a big deal... did donkeys suddenly become endangered when I wasn't looking?

They're livestock. Their various parts have different commercial applications.

This is no different than any leather goods.


WyrdHarper t1_ja0tj1b wrote

Yes, African Wild Asses are critically endangered. Read the article; these aren’t just domestic donkeys.

The donkey hide trade is also a major route by which zoonotic infectious diseases, including Brucellosis and Leptospirosis, can be spread. There are also concerns for its ability to bring in African Horse Sickness and Burkholderia spp. diseases which would be devastating to our domestic equine species and economically damaging.

It’s also used to spread money via illegal backchannels to fund criminal organizations.

Donkey products can be used in some cases in the United States; however, because they are not considered food and fiber animals there are fewer regulations documenting medications that have been used in them, including drug residues which can kill humans.


persfinthrowa t1_ja0vx86 wrote

I’m not seeing anything in the article about disease or African Wild Asses?


WyrdHarper t1_ja0xkmi wrote

It talks about South Africa. The illegal donkey hide trade has been going on for years so not everything is in this specific one. This is not a new thing.

Various donkey and ass species in Africa get processed for hides and other byproducts and sold to parts of Europe or SEA (especially Thailand) due to their value in traditional medicines where the information about the source is laundered and they are sold globally.

The parent comment was quite ignorant about this well-known issue and its global public and animal health issues.


Mayor__Defacto t1_ja1i1o6 wrote

There’s 570 of them. It’s way, way more efficient to just raise domesticated donkeys as livestock than poach them from the wild lol. In Central Asia you can buy one for 80 bucks a head.


Head-Investigator846 t1_ja2ys9d wrote

African Wild Asses are not native to South Africa. They live on the whole other side of the African continent. the article doesn’t mention anything about the African Wild Ass.


persfinthrowa t1_ja105g6 wrote

Okay thanks for the info. This is certainly the first most in here including myself are hearing about this issue. If you have time, I’d suggest updating your other comment with sources so people could learn more. I legitimately thought everything you said was pointed out in this article.


TranscodedMusic t1_ja1b3bf wrote

African Wild Asses is one of my favorite films - it pains me that it’s now endangered 😔


redditEATdicks t1_ja1hk03 wrote

Nah they all went from the pole to waitressing at waffle house, they didn't die off, just moved native habitats.


Amauri14 t1_ja1yypu wrote

I have never checked that one, maybe I should give it a watch before watching Big Wet Asses 26.


GroinShotz t1_ja0w9qg wrote

The only law it's violating is an animal welfare law in the state of California.


GrizzledFart t1_ja0wwym wrote

Not if the product isn't made in California. There might be a particular product importation ban, but that's not animal welfare - unless California thinks it can legislate animal husbandry practices in China.


GroinShotz t1_ja164kx wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, The US Center for Contemporary Equine Studies is suing Amazon for selling products containing a donkey derivative, despite efforts from advocacy groups to halt the practice.

The lawsuit claims the e-commerce giant is illegally selling products that contain "Ejiao" a gelatin made from the skin of donkeys and used in various products like health supplements - in violation of California animal welfare law.**

According to the Brooke USA Foundation, a group fighting against Amazon in support of donkey welfare, ejiao acts as "a hard gel that can be dissolved in hot water or alcohol to be used in food or drink, or in beauty products such as face creams." Some advocacy groups and consumers claim companies are deceptively using the substance, contributing to the slaughter and skinning of millions of donkeys a year.


yukon-flower t1_ja4tyzz wrote

I’m excited about the idea of Amazon being held more responsible for the crap it peddles.


rtyuuytr t1_ja0fnb7 wrote

This 1000x,

Donkey is an livestock like a cow or a pig or a chicken (or even even a dog to Korean dog farmers). Humans use every part of livestocks. But boo hoo, someone is selling products derived from donkey skin, that's a big bad no.


WerewolfHowls t1_ja1bday wrote

Yes but they're using the endangered African Wild Asses not the domestic ones we produce easily... But I mean go off, who even cares, right? Doesn't directly affect you. Might as well keep child labor and marriage going too as long as it isn't your family, welfare be damned, right?


Head-Investigator846 t1_ja2yx3k wrote

Where does the article mentioned the African Wild Ass? The African Wild Ass is not native to south africa. Not even close


autotldr t1_ja06hc3 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)

> The US Center for Contemporary Equine Studies is suing Amazon for selling products containing a donkey derivative, despite efforts from advocacy groups to halt the practice.

> The lawsuit claims the e-commerce giant is illegally selling products that contain "Ejiao" - a gelatin made from the skin of donkeys and used in various products like health supplements - in violation of California animal welfare law.

> According to the Brooke USA Foundation, a group fighting against Amazon in support of donkey welfare, ejiao acts as "a hard gel that can be dissolved in hot water or alcohol to be used in food or drink, or in beauty products such as face creams." Some advocacy groups and consumers claim companies are deceptively using the substance, contributing to the slaughter and skinning of millions of donkeys a year.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: donkey^#1 Ejiao^#2 product^#3 Amazon^#4 contain^#5


geophilo t1_ja0crk1 wrote

What the fuck is this world


_toodamnparanoid_ t1_ja0i9ym wrote

The program is calling all of its deconstructors and preparing to terminate. We're experiencing what happens after a deleted object is used as valid because it wasn't set to NULL yet.


Card_Zero t1_ja0m0jw wrote

Ridiculous, reality isn't garbage-collected, it's written in C obviously.


Geesemeece t1_ja1dkkr wrote

You write the deconstructors in C


Card_Zero t1_ja1gpzh wrote

I guess it's hard to use a deleted object in a garbage collected language and they were probably talking about C++, but the term deconstructor seems to be to do with unpacking tuples anyway, I think "destructor" was intended. This whole interlude is a mess. In summary, donkey skins.


nariusone t1_ja0goi1 wrote

Lol ... let's not be hypocritical here. We eat millions and millions of chickens, pigs and cows every day, and suddenly a little donkey skin is no-no?


nbcs t1_ja0tj4n wrote

I can respect animal rights activist if they are strict vegan, but there are so many so called activist who have no problem eating chickens, pigs and cows while protesting about other people eating other animals, ugh.

Indians worship cow and you don't see them bitching about how Western countries consume cows. First world issue at its finest.


McCorkleJone t1_ja3dhvf wrote

To make it 100% clear to the virtue signaling meat eaters in this thread: this comment is about you.


MenstrualCupBearer t1_ja9y2d9 wrote

Probably because India does not actually worship cows but is a top producer of cow leather instead. Money is sacred, not whatever some shit some dudes made up to get money.


rawdatarams t1_ja4c6uh wrote

Read the article. These aren't your average, domesticated versions.

It's like having tigers pushed to extinction and you sit here thinking it's no big deal, they're just your average kitty cat, right?


nariusone t1_ja4mmw1 wrote

And I quote, "According to The Pegasus Foundation, an organization advocating to ban donkey hide products, an estimated 8 to 10 million donkeys are killed and skinned each year to meet demand for ejiao."

Clearly, most of the 8 to 10M donkeys killed are not endangered. There are 40M donkeys in the world.

Just eat the non-endangered kinds, and may be captured some and domesticate them. Problem solved. And yes, it is no big deal.


Autarch_Kade t1_ja13kn3 wrote

If chickens, pigs, or cows were endangers then that'd be a problem too, yeah.


nariusone t1_ja1avzt wrote

Since donkeys are not endangered (40M+ population in the world), there shouldn't be a problem eating them then, according to your logic. Good that we clear that up.


_annie_bird t1_ja1egjb wrote

There are more than one kind of donkey.


nariusone t1_ja1wy6h wrote

Then eat the plentiful kind. Or catch the delicious kind and raise them in a factory. Treat them like pigs.


_annie_bird t1_ja4o56m wrote

The problem is that where these products are getting sourced are where donkeys are not plentiful enough/are endangered.


sirtet_moob t1_ja2dlaa wrote

Donkey is the international animal of the World.


goiabada- t1_ja4kcdb wrote

But all the artropods and small reptiles, birds and mammals dying to produce crops is alright?


mosthumansrnotgreat t1_ja0o06m wrote

We shouldn't be eating any of them.


GrannysPartyMerkin t1_ja0qdlu wrote

Eat all the beans you want for personal reasons, but humans evolved with meat as a staple of their diet. Our biology is set up to eat meat.


BruceIsLoose t1_ja0r2oo wrote

We're not carnivores. We don't need meat just because we can utilize it well.


mosthumansrnotgreat t1_ja0r2tc wrote

Kinda wrong. And knowing we can be healthy and strong without eating meat at all makes choosing to contribute to suffering and torture, not to mention ruining our planet with factory farms, etc., is just completely wrong.


Autarch_Kade t1_ja148b6 wrote

Let's keep the donkey skin trade restricted to Rimworld.

Don't need this endangered subspecies wiped out for fake medicinal junk products


Head-Investigator846 t1_ja2yh1g wrote

what subspecies are you talking about? Donkeys are domesticated btw they are not endangered


MLJ9999 t1_ja06jri wrote

Amazon needs to get off its ass and put an end to this.


Remarkable-Way4986 t1_ja06cnu wrote

Donkey skin? Now I want some donkey skin. You say to look on Amazon. Got it


bowhunterb119 t1_ja0j9g4 wrote

What’s the problem? We eat chicken, beef, lamb, etc and also use products like leather, down, wool… is this some type of vegan thing? Not like they’re trading in spotted owl feathers or panda skin


Autarch_Kade t1_ja140zv wrote

Funny you mention the spotted owl - the specific donkeys being slaughtered are much more endangered than the spotted owl.

So that's the problem.


Rent-a-guru t1_ja1sxwt wrote

That is simply not the case. If you're taking about the African Wild Ass then they live on the other end of the continent, around Ethiopia. There is also only around 570 of them, whereas the article is talking about trade of millions of donkey skins. So this doesn't appear to have anything to do with trade in endangered animals.


Jimid41 t1_ja1k38w wrote

You'd think that would be mentioned in the article.


NormOsborne t1_ja18hkg wrote

The wild burros pictured are protected under Federal Law as part of the Free Roaming Horse and Burro act from the '70s..but really they should be regarded as feral and removed. They out-compete native species and will keep other animals from using watering sites. The young ones are cute as hell but they should all be removed from our public lands.


lalalibraaa t1_ja1g1fg wrote

Donkeys are some of the most gentle beings on this planet. Human beings are monsters.


ThreeSloth t1_ja21ci6 wrote

Never go to Santorini. There are abused donkeys forced to hike people up and down stairs endlessly all day.

One that wasn't even carrying anybody got whipped in the neck for trying to stop and drink water because it was 90°

The donkey drivers there should be hanged


lalalibraaa t1_ja2vjgh wrote

Thank you for this. I won’t. When I travel and see donkeys being abused it fucks with me so hard. I can’t shake it. I want to free them all. 😭


Grinning_Goat t1_ja0wjw2 wrote

Another lawsuit story only made possible by something being illegal in California.


GT1man t1_ja0z8k7 wrote

If donkeys were fucking tasty, I'd say serve them up.

People getting offended that other places use animals for this when the western world has a huge animal use/food industry seems a little hypocritical.

In the U.S. we love chicken pork and beef. I don't think we care what islam thinks of us eating pork, or india thinks about us going through cattle faster than one person could count.


FoamOfDoom t1_ja4f3sk wrote

Horse and Donkey taste similar to a cow of the same diet. Just leaner. It's pretty much just the UK and the US that revile it.


x4ty2 t1_ja408sp wrote

What's wrong with donkey skin vs pig, cow, deer, goat, rabbit, fox, lynx, mink, nutria, ermine, elk, bear, coyote, raccoon, alligator, croc, snake, etc?

It's all skin, and (if the whole animal is used) it's not putting more microplastics in the water.


Used_Offer3967 t1_ja1aalg wrote

Donkeys got lawyers? Are they jackasses?


UpbeatAd1191 t1_ja1j84z wrote

I wish they would skin Jeff beoso while he is sucking cock on the moon or at the deasert golf course or whenever he normally sucks cock.


cannedfromreddit t1_ja2yj6d wrote

They are domestic animals. What is the big deal? What if i want an Ass skin wallet?


Kholat_Saykhl t1_ja358td wrote

These people are just being Asses...


[deleted] t1_ja47tra wrote

Hopefully they use all parts of the animal at least.


Johnaxee t1_ja0zfad wrote

Uh, guys, you know they are domestic animal and a lot of people eat them too right? I'm not saying this is nothing, but this is nothing compared to other shits that are sold worldwide.


golemgosho t1_ja2831j wrote

Poot asses,it’s cruel what they do to them.


teardrinker t1_ja26a34 wrote

💔I am so sorry there’s a donkey skin trade. 💔


[deleted] t1_ja177zw wrote

Who cares what animal/pet/etc it is? If it's not endangered, it should be fair game for whatever is legal.


WerewolfHowls t1_ja1boou wrote

It IS endangered...they're illegally sourcing African Wild Asses...


Bergensis t1_ja2sbz6 wrote

> It IS endangered...they're illegally sourcing African Wild Asses.

There is nothing in the article that suggests that they are. The article mentions that South Africa is involved in the trade. The geographical range of African wild asses is on, and just north of, the Horn of Africa, thousands of kilometres away. The article mentions that millions of donkeys are slaughtered each year, while there are just a few hundred wild African Donkeys in existence.


KarinOjousama69 t1_ja06tlp wrote

why do we care what California thinks


in general


SerpentJoe t1_ja0s7uc wrote

Well if we ask the Amazon corporation they'll say "as a retailer, we want their citizens' money"