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peter-doubt t1_ja9zra1 wrote

After decades of not enforcing code they decide it might be important to enforce code....


propanezizek t1_jaa3chs wrote

And cost cutting because of the constant high inflation


rememberingdidnthelp t1_ja9tyjs wrote

This is what happens when you don't regulate businesses.


PEVEI t1_ja9w3mo wrote

Turkey has regulations, there's just so much corruption they're poorly if ever enforced. Regulations only work when there's a rule of law and oversight for corruption at all levels of society.

Turkey doesn't have that in practice.

tl;dr Regulations are an absolute necessity, but not enough without enforcement and oversight.


Archaris t1_jaajant wrote

> Regulations only work when there's a rule of law and oversight for corruption at all levels of society.

Corruption appears when 'trickle down economics' is in effect. That means wealth is truly concentrated* in the very top 0.1% and the only payout you deserve other than barely able to afford food and shelter (let alone education or health) is what you can manage to pilfer from those with more wealth than you do or are willing to take* from those under you.

*these things are "ethically corrupt" even if laws say it is legal. this is 'left' thinking compared to 'right' thinking to me - and simply follows the "Golden Rule"


cnbc_official OP t1_ja9tgag wrote

Turkey has arrested 184 people suspected of responsibility for the collapse of buildings in this month’s earthquakes and investigations are widening, a minister said on Saturday, as anger simmers over what many see as corrupt building practices.

Overnight, the death toll from the earthquakes, the most powerful of which struck at the dead of night on Feb. 6, rose to 44,128 in Turkey. That took the overall number of deaths in Turkey and neighbouring Syria to more than 50,000.

More than 160,000 buildings containing 520,000 apartments collapsed or were severely damaged in Turkey by the disaster, the worst in the country’s modern history.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said that more than 600 people had been investigated in connection with collapsed buildings, speaking during a news conference in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir, which was among 10 provinces hit by the disaster.

Those formally arrested and remanded in custody include 79 construction contractors, 74 people who bear legal responsibility for buildings, 13 property owners and 18 people who had made alterations to buildings, he said.

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chibiace t1_ja9xnb7 wrote

As long as you rebuild better than before eventually all your houses will be earthquake proof


piercet_3dPrint t1_jaa3xhz wrote

It helps if you actually do this rather than just saying you do this and then build them actually worse than before but tell everyone they are better.


macross1984 t1_jaak1hb wrote

The money "saved" in construction more then made up in spade of death. Companies that evaded earthquake safety standard and Erdogan is responsible for this extremely hight death count.