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Turu-Lobe t1_j9xwufm wrote

It all started when India abstained from voting in recent UN votes. Where 141 votes to stop Russiad-Ukraine situation, around 30 abstained India one of them.

France was especially mad given India-France relations and asked why India did that. India asked how are you going to stop Russ-Ukr situation with this vigorous voting (cause such voting were going on for a year). Everyone went silent


perrinlighteyes t1_j9xxm5m wrote

This reads like a WhatsApp message


Turu-Lobe t1_j9xzi18 wrote

If only you could just know geopolitics nuances.

If you are so knowledgeable, just tell me what were the recent voting in UN assembly, and tell me how they'll fulfill it regarding Russia-Ukraine.

Otherwise it's better not trying to sound cool


Dawnfreak t1_j9y5cdq wrote

It's easy. Stop loading up on Russian oil for one. Maybe China should invade India's borders with troops, and see how world responds.


EmotionalGuarantee47 t1_j9zpgh1 wrote

Perhaps Europe and US could stop buying the Russian oil that India refines?

India expects the world and the west to not give a shit about Indian problems. Just as the world did not care that a person who bombed Mumbai was living out in the open in UAE and Pakistan.


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Thanks for your sinical ideas. For the record, China already attacked India on it's Eastern borders in 2020, there's still engagement going on as of today. And therefore we know exactly how the world responded. India then asked EU to suspend trade with China to put pressure on China. EU's response was "This is not our war, why would we stop trading with China? Perhaps you (India) should do more trade with China so that they (China) can't afford a sour relationship". Therefore, I humbly ask you... Piss off...


Dawnfreak t1_j9zapj1 wrote

That's a minor land dispute regard a small border territory . Women. Children are not being raped and murdered in mass. Infrastructure, buildings, and national identity are not being erased. So therefore, I humbly ask you to fuck off.


the_qwerty_guy t1_j9zj8hb wrote

Minor or major. It's an episode. And we know Europe's response.


Dawnfreak t1_j9zmn05 wrote

True. They should have sent some gauze for their paper cuts and scratches from hitting each other with sticks.


the_qwerty_guy t1_j9znr6l wrote

At least India knows how to limit a conflict to sticks and continued dialogue.


EmotionalGuarantee47 t1_ja7l8rf wrote

Yeah. India did show that Europe does not give a fuck about indias problems. Your point is what again?


the_qwerty_guy t1_ja7n8yr wrote

My point - Europe looking after itself. India is looking after itself. Europe with an avg annual income of $60K can buy oil at whatever price OPECs are selling but India with $2K avg income can not. Specially when Europe is now feeding into India's traditional suppliers thereby increasing the price of India's supplies.


EmotionalGuarantee47 t1_ja7q2u2 wrote

Oh right. Didn’t have my coffee yet. I mistakenly assumed you were the same person as dawn freak. My bad.


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This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 71%. (I'm a bot)

> France said it will not sign off on a communiqué due to be issued Saturday at the end of the talks unless it contains the same denunciation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine as it at the last major G20 meeting in Bali, Indonesia.

> The declaration at the end of that meeting condemned "In the strongest terms the aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine and demands its complete and unconditional withdrawal from the territory of Ukraine".

> At a session attended by Russian officials, United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen condemned the "Illegal and unjustified war against Ukraine", and she reiterated calls for G20 nations to do more to support Ukraine.

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imaxhighsky t1_j9x7iy0 wrote

In the strongest terms ? Like very very strong ? Or like super duper strong 3.1 ?


VMSGuy t1_j9xxdxn wrote

It has reached "Oh yeah, well I triple dare ya" level...


SomeGuyNamedPaul t1_j9xtdhj wrote

And if this goes through it will do what exactly?


PurpleJacqui t1_j9z0z7d wrote

Isn't it good to know that if an evil army invades, kills and rapes everything you know and love, there's a bunch of dudes in a room somewhere voting to condemn the war in the strongest terms?


edgeplayer t1_j9zqmhf wrote

The West has no moral high-ground here. This is sheer hypocrisy.


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India wants the G20 to go soft on Russia. They want their friend Putler to get a pass


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I can be from any country . What’s your problem ?


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They also send their Income Tax officers, Enforcement Directorate (deals with income tax for international transactions) to harass and terrorize anyone who dares to question the Dictatorship in India.

They harassed BBC, opposition parties, individuals and even ministers for years.

If they know they can’t win the court cases they simply threaten the courts not to take up the case for 2-3 years while the innocent people just rot in jail.

I want the world to know the reality in India . Please stop calling it a democracy or “mother of democracy “


NovaSierra123 t1_j9x81wd wrote

>are you from India ?

So what if he's from India?


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I hope you are just a kid because if I was in your shoes, I would be fucking pissed to be as dumb as you as an adult.


NovaSierra123 t1_j9x875j wrote

Idk, you sound offended asking for France to surrender to India as a response to this post.