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the_qwerty_guy t1_j9z7y2o wrote

Thanks for your sinical ideas. For the record, China already attacked India on it's Eastern borders in 2020, there's still engagement going on as of today. And therefore we know exactly how the world responded. India then asked EU to suspend trade with China to put pressure on China. EU's response was "This is not our war, why would we stop trading with China? Perhaps you (India) should do more trade with China so that they (China) can't afford a sour relationship". Therefore, I humbly ask you... Piss off...


Dawnfreak t1_j9zapj1 wrote

That's a minor land dispute regard a small border territory . Women. Children are not being raped and murdered in mass. Infrastructure, buildings, and national identity are not being erased. So therefore, I humbly ask you to fuck off.


the_qwerty_guy t1_j9zj8hb wrote

Minor or major. It's an episode. And we know Europe's response.


Dawnfreak t1_j9zmn05 wrote

True. They should have sent some gauze for their paper cuts and scratches from hitting each other with sticks.


the_qwerty_guy t1_j9znr6l wrote

At least India knows how to limit a conflict to sticks and continued dialogue.


EmotionalGuarantee47 t1_ja7l8rf wrote

Yeah. India did show that Europe does not give a fuck about indias problems. Your point is what again?


the_qwerty_guy t1_ja7n8yr wrote

My point - Europe looking after itself. India is looking after itself. Europe with an avg annual income of $60K can buy oil at whatever price OPECs are selling but India with $2K avg income can not. Specially when Europe is now feeding into India's traditional suppliers thereby increasing the price of India's supplies.


EmotionalGuarantee47 t1_ja7q2u2 wrote

Oh right. Didn’t have my coffee yet. I mistakenly assumed you were the same person as dawn freak. My bad.