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Scapenator1 t1_j9nrhzs wrote

I truly hope he loses and we got rid of him. Are there any proper candidates available? Or are they forbidden like in any dictatorship.


reddebian t1_j9nwyhl wrote

All of his opposing parties (6 in total) have formed a coalition to win against him.


jogarz t1_j9o31lc wrote

Not all of the opposing parties, the main Kurdish party (the HDP) is sitting on the outside of the alliance, though it is probably quietly supporting it.

Turkish voters are very nationalist, and any independent Kurdish representation gets inevitably accused of links with the PKK, so letting the HDP formally into the alliance would be electoral suicide.


v3ritas1989 t1_j9o9s99 wrote

Didn't he start up the civil war against the kurds again last time they tried this were he was expected to lose?


cagriuluc t1_j9nxc60 wrote

The other candidates are meh at best but it’s a common saying among youth that they would vote for “a slipper” if it was running against Erdogan.


Truth_is_Liberal t1_j9q7ixm wrote

I would definitely vote for an inanimate object over a dictator. The inanimate object would just not get anything done, which is clearly better. Any and all actions taken by an authoritarian like Erdogan are self-serving, so they rarely do any good for their people.


jogarz t1_j9o2vob wrote

There’s an alliance of six parties that are planning to put out a joint candidate to oppose Erdogan, but it’s not clear who they’ll pick yet.

Of the potential candidates, Istanbul mayor Ekrem Imamoglu and Ankara mayor Mansur Yavas are probably the strongest candidates. CHP party leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu is another strong possibility.


scorr204 t1_j9p29y6 wrote

Oh you poor soul. Erdogan is a dictactor and Turkey is absolutely not a democracy. Its amazing how people do not see the writting on the wall.


InfernoJesus t1_j9p6ubm wrote

He is a terrible power-hungry leader but he has only kept his power through majority vote so far. This is about to change.


scorr204 t1_j9p70m5 wrote

Here is hoping. Ever since the staged coup I have considered Erdogan an autocrat like Putin.


InfernoJesus t1_j9p7dza wrote

He is as much of a criminal as Putin but his grip on power is not comparable.

But yes fingers crossed.


medievalvelocipede t1_j9ps42h wrote

>He is as much of a criminal as Putin but his grip on power is not comparable.

The difference between a dictator and a wannabe dictator.


pauelena t1_j9o0z6q wrote

He will not lose, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, Turks love him and secondly, he has no credible opponent.


jogarz t1_j9o2lnm wrote

Polls from mid-2022 show him losing to several different candidates, and I don’t think recent events will boost his chances.

If he wins, it will probably be because he cheated in some way. Since his party controls the Electoral Committee, they could probably get away with a lot of fuckery short of outright fraud.


pauelena t1_j9o8pmk wrote

Mid 2022 is nearly a year ago! The Ukrainian grain deal and the recent earthquakes cemented his image as a powerful statesman.

Putin and Erdogan should never be underestimated! No matter what they do or say, no matter how suicidal their policies might be, they are practically worshipped by the vast majority of their population. Talk to the average Turk in Germany and you'd think Erdoğan is some kind of demigod.

The opposition lacks a credible leader that could pose a realistic threat to Erdoğan's re-election.


Lurkersremorse t1_j9ofe5s wrote

Didn’t the recent earthquakes show that the Turkish earthquake grants were at best severely misappropriated?


green_flash t1_j9q9fad wrote

The Turkish language variant of the page shows more recent polls.

The most recent one is from Jan 27 to Feb 2nd and it shows Kılıçdaroğlu winning against Erdoğan with 46.3% to 40.1% in the first round, 48.2% to 40.3% in a potential run-off, with 11.5% undecided.

That was still before the earthquake though. It will remain to be seen what effect the earthquake and Erdoğan's response to it has.



>This election needs to be postponed until the consequences for my decisions aren't immediately upon me.


KazMux t1_j9nz9bj wrote

> ANKARA: President Tayyip Erdogan’s government is inclined to hold Turkiye’s elections as scheduled in June, having cooled on the idea of postponing due to this month’s devastating earthquake, three officials said on Wednesday.

Title is a bit misleading


Steppe_rider t1_j9nnuz7 wrote

He can’t. The elections can not be held later than June 2023.


Graxemno t1_j9nnze6 wrote

Even during a state of emergency?


No-Albatross-7984 t1_j9nvrcs wrote

I'm not Turkish but some Turkish guy said in a previous discussion that it's illegal to postpone national elections unless the country is at war.


AgreeableFeedback868 t1_j9q96x0 wrote

This is true, also important to note that it has to be an official declaration of war. So any limited scale military operations would not really count. Considering even Putin didn't/couldn't officially declare war on Ukraine, I find that possibility highly unlikely.


Skyshine192 t1_j9wqcgg wrote

I fear it’s not off the table from someone like him.


Shiplord13 t1_j9nvtav wrote

If Turkey is still in a state of emergency 4 months from now than they definitely shouldn't reelect Erdogan.


kenbewdy8000 t1_j9nrrc7 wrote

His boasts of helping to circumvent building codes and a ham-fisted disaster response should help see him off at the polls.


green_flash t1_j9nqf7a wrote

On a linguistic note: Isn't the word "drops" a bit ambiguous here? They mean he abandoned the idea. But colloquially, to drop something can also mean to release something. To drop an album for example.


insta-kip t1_j9nt2kh wrote

It definitely is. I was assuming he expressed an idea to postpone elections.


OkCicada1536 t1_j9qmmy7 wrote

"Wake up! New Erdogan election postponement just dropped!"


my20cworth t1_j9nyigo wrote

He will try every little excuse he can to somehow make it work out for him. These current dictator wannabes in democracies,in the last 5 years, have tried all the lies and ways to stay in power. Trump, Erdogan and Bosinairo have weaselled their way through government to stay in power but in the end democracy has prevailed. Fingers crossed.


pauelena t1_j9ojzab wrote

Erdogan isn't like Trump or Bolsonaro. Unlike them, the vast majority of the country's population supports him. Barring another major earthquake that kills hundreds of thousands, he will easily win the elections.

In fact, tragedies like this one make the voters rally behind what they perceive to be a strong leader. His potential opponents are extremely weak in that aspect.


my20cworth t1_j9oplhu wrote

Not if it is factual and it comes out he weekend construction laws or sanctioned short cuts in building permits.


JadeitePenguin1 t1_j9ob8ek wrote

Well that's good and hopefully he will lose.

Frankly Erdogan needs to lose or Turkey will stop being a democracy and fail in general.


autotldr t1_j9no8ww wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot)

> ANKARA: President Tayyip Erdogan's government is inclined to hold Turkiye's elections as scheduled in June, having cooled on the idea of postponing due to this month's devastating earthquake, three officials said on Wednesday.

> The government official said a May election, as Erdogan previously planned, would leave little time for election authorities to prepare and make logistical arrangements for the voting of those affected in the quake zone, home to some 13 million people.

> Another senior Turkish official also said the idea of postponing the elections had been shelved.

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series_hybrid t1_j9pi3yw wrote

This is being done to "preserve democracy", because the Earthquake damage will make it hard for Turks to vote, right?

I would never be so rude as to suggest that any delay would give Erdogan more time to give his opponents a heart attack, because that would just be cynical.

Even though his opponents do not currently "seem" depressed, you never know when they might commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head...twice.



powersv2 t1_j9oqgfe wrote

This means he found a way to bypass losing, correct?


gutter153 t1_j9rs5zs wrote

Man this planet atm. So many fucked up countries at the moment. We got this prick Erdogan, Iran, China, Russia. Just trash


Macasumba t1_j9s5jt6 wrote

Make sure you relax building codes again to get more votes!


Skyshine192 t1_j9wq9ns wrote

Why shouldn’t he?

“Let us all forget that my own personal interference dropped building standards to a dangerous low and the few tens of thousand of dead people, only then we can proceed”