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PastelFlamingo150 t1_jadc264 wrote

Sailing around the cape takes too long and is too risky. Has anyone tried sailing due west and coming around the other side?


CurtisLeow t1_jadmfis wrote

The Earth is too big for that. Only a idiot bad at math would think the trip was doable.


MaintenanceDue4065 t1_jae2vyv wrote

A road trip through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Ukraina and Belarus is an obvious first choice.


solreaper t1_jaeoycg wrote

Naw air cargo due north. You don’t cross anything but ocean and maybe Antarctica. Keeps you safe from stray missiles most of the time.


fungi-seeking-fungis t1_jaefc6r wrote

If anything I think Spain might just fund this idea. But probs only a ship or two though, you’d probs have to be pretty annoying (and a closet murderer).


SteveFoerster t1_jaepdop wrote

A framework. Interesting. What would one call that sort of agreement about trade?