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ChrisTheHurricane t1_ja0sbhp wrote

For those who haven't read the article, this is a protest against Russia.


AnthillOmbudsman t1_ja0yzxw wrote

Meanwhile in Berlin, thousands of morons lubing theirselves up and bending over for Putin.


black641 t1_ja1253x wrote

Every nation has its home-grown morons, luckily the Berlin protests seem like they’re being excoriated by the press and general populace.


DetectiveFinch t1_ja1ccul wrote

Just to add to this, several high ranking politicians, like vice chancellor Habeck have spoken out and called these protests misleading.

And the number of protestants was 13k, which is not really much for a protest in the capital Berlin.


Vashyo t1_ja1j8e8 wrote

Finlands home grown moron is the guy running the "Power Belongs to the People" Party

Everybody else is against russian aggression.


black641 t1_ja1pv7d wrote

There’s a delightful irony of someone in charge of the “Power Belongs to the People Party” simping for one of the most authoritarian regimes on the planet. Ironic, and infuriating.


Vashyo t1_ja1s69i wrote

The guy who started it is a real troubled invidual, was kicked out from the "Basic Finns" Party cause he was openly racist and spreads all the standard conspiracy theories he likely picked up from the americans.

In short, the perfect target for russians to manipulate.


Silverso t1_ja2au58 wrote

There was a pro-Russian protest last year, it was quite small. One woman said that Ukrainian newspapers are all spreading propaganda. She was asked does she think the Russian newspapers aren't doing so. She said they wouldn't risk it. I still don't understand that answer


ComfortableMenu8468 t1_ja0x6w1 wrote

About as useful as citizen of Congo protesting against some western pllicy


lordofedging81 t1_ja1zqck wrote

A big part of these protests are to get the country where they are protesting to provide more military aid to Ukraine.

A politician may see a small protest and ignore it, but if they see 1000s of people protesting it gets their attention more and helps them realize military aid to Ukraine is popular.


nariusone t1_ja0fz62 wrote

That is the wrong place to march. Moscow is more like it ... though Helsinki is certainly a lot safer for protestors.


TROPtastic t1_ja0q0lt wrote

>“We’re directing our demand for peace toward Russia, because they have the opportunity to end the war,” Pykälä said.

Sounds like they're aware of this, but still wanted to voice their disapproval of Russia.


Worried-Ad1369 t1_ja41ke1 wrote

Putin has been checkmated, 1000 fins protested for peace, it is over, he has no choice but to withdrawal.


Ill-Ad3311 t1_ja87m5i wrote

Probably was not even a thousand , these crowd numbers are always way over estimated.


orangeowlelf t1_ja2t1sj wrote

I always worry about it when they “demand peace”. I would like to clarify that the demand should be that Russia abandon Ukraine, including Crimea, and then start the process of paying for the reconstruction of every building and resource that they destroyed during the course of their illegal war. That’s what I mean by “demand peace”. Not that just the fighting stop


olympicbadger t1_ja3tq59 wrote

You can click on the headline to read the article.

> “We’re directing our demand for peace toward Russia, because they have the opportunity to end the war,” Pykälä said.


orangeowlelf t1_ja4ol3y wrote

OK, well, I like the specificity in my first comment.


bannacct56 t1_ja3l8ui wrote

I don't understand Finland did not invade Ukraine that was Russia, you all should go protest for peace in Moscow, good luck let us know how that goes.


Disquietudette t1_ja3xpt4 wrote

let us know when you realize that is what Ukrainians are doing and most of EU and western countries are helping them do: taking the fight to Moscow by first expelling their invading force from Ukraine. These people can’t achieve their goal of peaceful and healthy Europe by marching straight to Moscow. We need to maintain a certain degree of stability to not upset the precarious situation and have it blow up in our faces even more.


dano1066 t1_ja2neff wrote

Why? It's not like Helsinki have the power to end this war whenever they like


WhatsHeBuilding t1_ja2rjg5 wrote

Wild guess here but maybe they live there and felt it was too difficult to protest in Putins office?


dano1066 t1_ja343rc wrote

Ah, yes, Putin might hear word of the protest and call off the war so


WhatsHeBuilding t1_ja3dc0y wrote

You seem confused as to what a protest is so let me help you:

A protest (also called a demonstration, remonstration or remonstrance or a maree richo) is a public expression of objection, disapproval or dissent towards an idea or action, typically a political one.


dano1066 t1_ja3ju6w wrote

Thanks, that condescending response cleared it right up. Now that I know what a protest is, let me clarify. This is an absolutely pointless protest that will achieve nothing.


WhatsHeBuilding t1_ja3w00v wrote

Yeah I mean again, and really trying to not sound condescending here but the point of a protest isn't necessarily to achieve anything, it's about raising your voice and protesting something.


olympicbadger t1_ja3tfq7 wrote

> This is an absolutely pointless protest that will achieve nothing.

It will showcase the Finnish people's desire to continue supporting Ukraine against Russia, which directly contributes to the amount of political power the Finnish government has to send Ukraine more aid and defense materiel. It will without a doubt achieve something.

It's kind of like playing dumb and being a smug asshole towards people taking part in this protest. It won't cause Russia to immediately and magically win the war, but in a small way it actively contributes towards it by making fun of people opposing them.


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gfghfhgfhfcvb t1_ja0c3e7 wrote

Lol its a small nation what you have done must be cheap and tells lot of you as a person.


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x3Smiley t1_ja12xt2 wrote

Im finnish and can confirm, its a small nation so even 1000 people sounds like quite alot of people to gather to such a event. Don't know what your issue is


isanameaname t1_ja1jl7f wrote

They didn't read the article, and therefore don't understand that this was an anti-Russia demo.