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waste_and_pine t1_j9ppuzw wrote

Don't remember seeing "You can eat turnips instead" written on the side of a Brexit bus.


PEVEI t1_j9pwe4a wrote

The irony is that virtually all of the predictions made by the so-called "Project Fear" have come true. Economic downturn, shortages, and even Cameron's warning of war in Europe.

But Brits are too thick to stand up the Tories.


Pafkay t1_j9q15a9 wrote

I have no idea why anyone who isn't a millionaire actually votes for the bastards, it's not like they are benefitting from that vote


Truth_is_Liberal t1_j9q92u0 wrote

Same as in the US. It's all about establishing hierarchies and hating outgroups. Conservative politics has always been focused on hate, not solutions to problems. Unfortunately, hate sells very well to the incredibly stupid.


StarCyst t1_j9r9x59 wrote

as long as it hurts darker skinned people more, they'll vote for it.


Ugly-fat-bitch t1_j9rfp76 wrote

A million isn’t that much money. You would be surprised how many people have a net-worth over 1 million. Not a trumper, but When people have assets they are less likely to give their stuff away if they don’t see a ROI. I don’t see a good ROI in the usa, vs what I see in other countries I visit


S1lm4r1l t1_j9r2b5x wrote

Only a handful of those who voted Brexit are willing to admit their mistake and suffer the "I told you so's"

The British political elite are determinedly pointing the finger at anything and everything besides Brexit.

Brexit as an idea is ideologically dead and nobody amongst the Elite are willing to acknowledge that fact and say it, for various reasons.

Nobody is willing to confront the fact that Britain has gone on this ridiculous far-right adventure for nothing.

It is societal cowardice.


WankeredSnowflakes t1_j9w9skl wrote

Blah blah. Who cares. It's like covid, some people keep it alive while others just get on with their lives


Kitane t1_j9qolt6 wrote

And I remember turnip jokes regarding the post-Brexit economy.

Though to be honest, there were always turnip jokes.


purplecatchap t1_j9t613n wrote

Up in Scotland we have been rejecting the tories since the 50s…still get lumped with the useless fucks anyway.


Hyperion1144 t1_j9rjdjx wrote

A core part of being a conservative is a lifelong sense of grievance and victimhood which causes one to always blame others for their self-imposed problems.


WankeredSnowflakes t1_j9w9mk5 wrote

If Cameron knew there was war coming in Europe, I suggest he dances with the devil himself. Corrupt bastards


PEVEI t1_j9wacsy wrote

The devil is only interested in souls, and Cameron doesn't have one.


RazzamolyReturns t1_j9pzkjq wrote

What's with conservatives and telling you to just accept that they've made your life shit


jeeepblack t1_j9q1i45 wrote

Their own hateful lives are shit and misery loves company.


barnfodder t1_j9r60kp wrote

They simply believe that poverty is a choice that poor people make because they're too lazy to be wealthy.


allen_abduction t1_j9rtxif wrote

Besides, by that pic that winch has NEVER missed a meal.

Just sayin


TestPattern22 t1_j9w6exw wrote

She has a turnip for dinner and a whole pig for dessert


dawgblogit t1_j9pwysf wrote

Hey guys.. eating veggies is a great way to ease the vegetable shortage.


Fetlocks_Glistening t1_j9r1woy wrote

What's wrong with turnips!? I like turnips!! Roasted, or lightly steamed.


dawgblogit t1_j9r8og2 wrote

They are denying turnips their vegetable identity


NeurodiverseTurtle t1_j9rb1ru wrote

“Let them eat turnips.”

Ugh, our UK version sucks. We’ve been outdone by the French…


TheoremaEgregium t1_j9q39ab wrote

During WWI Germany was under blockade and in the winter of 1916/1917 came close to famine. It became known as the turnip winter, because that's all that was left for poorer people.

Not a glorious precedent.


autotldr t1_j9ppcby wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 70%. (I'm a bot)

> Ms Coffey has also come under fire after appearing to suggest people struggling to afford food could work more hours or improve their skills to get a higher income.

> She said people could also access the £842m Household Support Fund, before adding: "We know that one of the best ways for people to boost their income is not only to get into work if they are not in work already, but to work more hours or get upskilled to get a higher income."

> Speaking to reporters later, Ms Maskell said: "It is shocking that the environment secretary shifted blame for food poverty onto people because they are on low wages and are poor, expecting them to work even more hours to put food on the table."

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: people^#1 work^#2 food^#3 Coffey^#4 income^#5


Much_Schedule_9431 t1_j9pp9rd wrote

Yeah except this time there are no Luftwaffe planes flying over London and the only damage being done to the UK’s economy, prestige, and people is from the after effects of the very much self-inflicted Brexit (known ex ante btw) and the price gauging by the fossil lobby. Lol. Edit: also as an outsider it never ceases to amaze me the amount of times your parliamentary debate begins with verbatim: “mr. speaker under the previous labour government.” When it’s been 1 big fucking (Tory) party running the show for the last 13 years. Lololol.


BobMcCully t1_j9q6ji5 wrote


try 44

'New Labour' ... a political coup by Saatchi & Saatchi.


Jex-92 t1_j9pw0bb wrote

I mean…this is, like…look at her, and, turnips? What’s happening? Know what I mean?


cartoptauntaun t1_j9q514x wrote

Yeah I came here for the same reason. She’s basically advocating for the cannibalism of her own people.


psioniclizard t1_j9q78b4 wrote

Don't suggest that, it's not long until she says something like "why not just eat other poor people?"


RRC_driver t1_j9q7ia2 wrote

That's 'a modest proposal '

Presumably not eating turnips helps the Vegetable shortage even more .


PM_ME_A_PLANE_TICKET t1_j9pu4qf wrote

Count your blessings, UK. Our conservatives in the US are telling us to skip breakfast.


Truth_is_Liberal t1_j9q9nho wrote

You could clearly afford a house ($350k+) if you'd stop eating avocado toast every morning ($55k over 30 years if you're being wasteful and careless with shopping). The math clearly checks out.

This is the kind of dumb shit that stupid people in the US always fall for. They never just do the basic math, which would show that the everyday expenses of the average person are tiny compared to the methods by which the rich extract wealth from us.


PM_ME_A_PLANE_TICKET t1_j9r4p3x wrote

And even when you show them how the wealth and income gap has grown exponentially since the 70s, they can't even wrap their little brainwashed head around it.


cantfocuswontfocus t1_j9rb045 wrote

No they just move the goalposts. They say they earned it fair and square and if countered with more evidence they say well you’re just jealous.

They’re temporarily embarrassed billionaires, after all.


PM_ME_A_PLANE_TICKET t1_j9reyuq wrote

Ah yes that is a popular tactic!

I think a lot of them believe their own bs though, is what I meant.


cantfocuswontfocus t1_j9s2g55 wrote

In their mind they’re a few years off from becoming the next Bezos or Musk. In reality, they may be a few medical emergencies away from homelessness


98G3LRU t1_j9q1k8m wrote

Reagan, in a 1980s speech, "Well, ketchup is a vegetable!"


BobMcCully t1_j9q6tlg wrote

'How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered The World'

Great book!


Mcmabani t1_j9pyvua wrote

She could do with eating some turnips herself to be honest


tewnewt t1_j9qxlg1 wrote

Boris: I'm sure something will turnip


slightlyassholic t1_j9rifi2 wrote

Turnips are delicious, both the root and the greens, however they aren't infinite.

If turnip consumption in the UK increased, they would run low just like every other vegetable.


heliskinki t1_j9qac51 wrote

“Let them eat turnip”


WhatsHeBuilding t1_j9qjbc5 wrote

Yeah if she started eating turnips it would probably help relieve the shortage of a whole lot of other foods


timothra5 t1_j9qnks9 wrote

Ah yes. The ol’ turnips and bootstraps method. Classic.


flappyflangeflowers t1_j9qv2fr wrote

Now let's all celebrate with a cool glass of turnip juice.


PotassiumPerm2020 t1_j9r3y9q wrote

Jesus they taste disgusting. Everyone would be farting causing mass emissions


marksmoke t1_j9ttquv wrote

Surely it would be cannabilism for coffey


PregnantPauls t1_j9q3ww2 wrote

You know, turnips were considered quite the treat ... during the Dark Ages.


Skylab232 t1_j9q9cc7 wrote

Eating Play-Doh could help ease it too


jay_alfred_prufrock t1_j9qb2uf wrote

People are already suffering ffs there is no need to make it even worse.

What success Brexit has been, right?


CapableMoosh t1_j9qjw9w wrote

They did this during one of the world wars with carrots.


True-Stranger362 t1_j9t0gd6 wrote

Lol I wasn't even born then and I still think carrots are the key to good vision.


Slippi_Fist t1_j9qkdhp wrote

I knew it - Brexiteers are sustained by wurzels.

Explains much.


MrJenzie t1_j9qqy75 wrote

other vegetables are available ...

oh and buy different produce in the shops already!



Hobo_Knife t1_j9rfnc5 wrote

Awwww SHIT, here we go! Big Turnip is finally getting to throw its weight around.


Hitemup27 t1_j9rfymt wrote

Yes, but have you tasted a turnip before?


CaffeinePhilosopher t1_j9rm7ax wrote

"And with that, a mighty cheer went up from the heroes of Shelbyville. They had banished the awful lemon tree forever, because it was haunted. Now let's all celebrate with a cool glass of turnip juice."


Imfrom2030 t1_j9rylm3 wrote

Let them eat turnips!


OhHappyDay2day t1_j9s1obi wrote

I wanna try turnips and parsnips. Also I wish any store had bean sprouts.


Igusy t1_j9u1eup wrote

Now, let's all celebrate with a cool glass of turnip juice.


lavendervintage t1_ja71ara wrote

Not sure if anyone in this thread has ever had a consistent diet which included turnips but I have and it’s disgusting. Poor people also have dislikes….. who would’ve thought?


Blackfist01 t1_j9qjgem wrote

Britain deserves jokes like this. Bunch of imbeciles.😒


redzeusky t1_j9rqqub wrote

High glycemic index and all carbohydrates. Thanks but No thanks


vt2022cam t1_j9rrbr0 wrote

Had enough vegetables before Brexit. You get what you deserve.