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nariusone t1_jecap2g wrote

Ok, so now you are enemy to the rest of the world. Got it.


QubitQuanta t1_jecc3po wrote

Not really

Only if you consider 'rest of world' to be the 13% of the global population that consists of EU/America/European Colony/American Vassal states.

The global south, BRICS, including the two largest countries in the world by population - all support Russia. Given BRICS has a large economy that EU + US now, economic support also leans on SA's side.

A more correct thing to say is that they are now an enemy of the established world order.


MeteorPhoenix t1_jed255d wrote

An even more correct thing would be to say they support colonial invasions and illegal annexations.


krtshv t1_jed5lx5 wrote

Population means nothing. This isn't a popularity war.

It's about who has the strongest economies.. And that's the west.


QubitQuanta t1_jed72ib wrote

Ah, its greatest hearing the so-called champion of democracy deciding that its $$ that talks, and that people mean nothing. I suppose that is pretty much American democracy in a nutshell.

But even if we can go buy your measure of money is king:

BRICS has overtaken the G7 is GDP. SA is still standing in the side of global support.


krtshv t1_jedaqp0 wrote

Population matters in the matters of state. In a country that is a democracy.

The world, as a whole, isn't a democracy. World wide decisions aren't made according to population.

And the G7 isn't the entire west, just as the entire east (or w/e you want to call it) isn't just BRICS. The west, as a whole, still has a more powerful economy.

In the end, it's "made in China" (or India) because they're cheap labor for the west to purchase.


tiktaktok_65 t1_jedeeao wrote

as if the majority of people isn't driven by money, power and status as well. exploitation is as old as human history and no one is innocent - we all contribute our share to human suffering. as for BRICS overtaking Western GDP let's see what happens a couple of decades down the road when climate change has had a chance starting to erode wide areas around the equator or sea levels start rising requiring tremendous investments to reallocate major urban areas. once people start dying like flies because corruption won't help you escape heat, drought, rain, storms, poverty, bad infrastructure and solve the problems of a lack of food and water supply we will see how BRICS are going to help each other. when everything goes to shit everyone turns on everyone, that is the only truth about human civilisation, doesn't matter what direction of the compass points at you.

also: gdp on itself is meaningless as a value for comparison. you compare gdp per capita. BRICS have a lot of catching up to do.