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reddebian t1_je5cgck wrote

Nawww, is someone butthurt? Anyway, here's a relevant Wikipedia article and I'm sure this statement applies to this as well: China’s final warning


s0ulmates t1_je5jqhy wrote

> More than 900 Chinese "final warnings" had been issued by the end of 1964.



One_User134 t1_je5z725 wrote

I disagree, they’re going to launch military drills around Taiwan, effectively throwing a fit like they did last time. I’m not saying they’ll attack though, but they’ve already did this in August last year. That’s one reason the US/allies is taking China even more seriously.

To be clear, these drills are dangerous. It takes just one idiot to make a mistake and send a missile to a military asset of either the US or Taiwan, or worse yet, something of civilian nature.


[deleted] t1_jegdrdy wrote

Yes, I can't believe that drill happened and we did nothing about it, also the world did nothing about it. That drill was basically blockading Taiwan!


warenb t1_je6fia3 wrote

At this point it just has to be the classic bad translation from Chinese to English. I mean when have you not seen a classic poor Chinese English translation written on anything, like assembly instructions


[deleted] t1_je5il8b wrote



ContagiousOwl t1_je6uxm9 wrote

Assuming this is a sincere question:

Geopolitical claims gain/lose legitimacy if they're not refuted. In this case, China's crossing of the Median Line (established in 1955) is to challenge its legitimacy and assert the strait is their waters. If no one challenges that by sailing through the international waters between China & Taiwan then, in the future, they can assert "We did X back in Y and nobody complained then".

America responds to China's patrols with their own patrols on the Taiwan side of the line so such a claim can't be made without refutation.


nariusone t1_je5d6qg wrote

like what? Visit the murderous war criminal Putin? Oh wait ...


autotldr t1_je5dg1q wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 72%. (I'm a bot)

> China has threatened to "Resolutely fight back" if US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy meets Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen during her planned transit through the United States.

> Taiwan's armed forces have said they are keeping watch for any Chinese moves when Tsai is abroad. Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, told reporters in Beijing that Tsai's "Transits" of the US were not just her waiting at the airport or hotel, but for her to meet US officials and legislators.

> "Such visits are a reaffirmation of US support for Taiwan at a time when critics of the Tsai administration - and the CCP - strive to sow doubt about the reliability and commitment of the US as a partner to Taiwan," J Michael Cole, a Taipei-based adviser with the International Republican Institute, told Al Jazeera.

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ForeignCapitalOut t1_je6mvbn wrote

Fick Kevin McCarthy but he should do it, china doesn't get to tell us what to do.


smsmkiwi t1_je5dj4i wrote

Build up another atoll?


FuckRulez t1_je6ysgc wrote

Fight back over what? Talking? Visiting? Really? Paranoid much? Shows alot of fear of nothing, very sad and pathetic look for china


Zaynara t1_je66k2h wrote

who the hell you gonna go meet Winnie? Putin in the ritz? already did that gtfo, gods we need to cut all ties with china


SarahSallySpeed t1_je7xk0c wrote

I know it might not necessarily apply here, but don't the authoritarian regimes ever get tired of ALWAYS being the ones to directly threaten violence first? When has that ever succeeded?

No doubt we enjoy antagonizing them, but the US is never the first person in the conversation threatening missile strikes and nuclear detonations. Mostly, I assume, because we don't really need to. Still, though. Do they really not realize what reactionary and fragile idiots they look like when they try for an intimidation tactic that literally never works?


JesusMurphyOotWest t1_je60yq6 wrote

Call Staples- we’re gonna need a lot more paper for all these hurt feelings reports.


seedstarter7 t1_je7ervb wrote

well I think the proper response is to have a meeting with Biden instead.


coreywindom t1_je83cmu wrote

China publicly acknowledges the fact that their actively attempting to undermine the U.S. and establish a new world order, they said it’s the beginning of a new Era. There is nothing they can say that will stop us from working with whoever we want to work with and if they want to keep all of their shiny new ships there is nothing they can do about it so at this point they need to sit down and shut up. We don’t threaten them when they meet with the leaders of countries from under our sphere of influence


ReflectionEterna t1_je8fk6i wrote

Maybe China will invite DeSantis for a diplomatic visit, recognizing Florida's sovereignty!


ThirdSunRising t1_je63ccg wrote

Now that he mentions it we have to do it. It's the law.


JC2535 t1_je6duon wrote

Kevin McCarthy is opposed to helping Taiwan so he’s going to obey China- because he wants to own the libs.


PicaDiet t1_je7iucw wrote

Uh oh. Get ready for Republicans to start siding with China any second now.