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Dying4aCure t1_je3pv4n wrote

Because the labor is cheaper. According the the CEO.


Playfair99999 t1_je3t0qb wrote

Yes, it's a cycle. First it was China, then it's India, next could be Vietnam/Bangladesh/Phillipines, some other country that needs to put it's people in employment and gain capital from it.


goodnewbadestnews t1_je4dhrn wrote

China and India has a huge population as well. Indian middle class is rapidly rising.

Things would be different in Vietnam and Phillipines.


GrammatonYHWH t1_je4n215 wrote

It's all over the place already. My Samsung phone and Sony headphones are made in Vietnam.


Ponicrat t1_je5oddn wrote

West Africa's gonna be it one of these days. Rapidly growing population/economies, increasing access to electricity, internet, etc, much closer to Western markets than Asia


Hapankaali t1_je4a3cd wrote

It's not the only reason. During Covid there were repeated lockdowns in China, and foreign corporations have become more hesitant about relying on Chinese subsidiaries and suppliers in their supply chains. At the same time infrastructure and education in India has dramatically improved, making it a more attractive option. There are still many places with much cheaper labour.


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Dying4aCure t1_je52nbx wrote

But India isn’t much better. Just give them time, they will outpace China in those respects.