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Playfair99999 t1_je3t0qb wrote

Yes, it's a cycle. First it was China, then it's India, next could be Vietnam/Bangladesh/Phillipines, some other country that needs to put it's people in employment and gain capital from it.


goodnewbadestnews t1_je4dhrn wrote

China and India has a huge population as well. Indian middle class is rapidly rising.

Things would be different in Vietnam and Phillipines.


GrammatonYHWH t1_je4n215 wrote

It's all over the place already. My Samsung phone and Sony headphones are made in Vietnam.


Ponicrat t1_je5oddn wrote

West Africa's gonna be it one of these days. Rapidly growing population/economies, increasing access to electricity, internet, etc, much closer to Western markets than Asia