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kenlasalle t1_jegkocq wrote

The fact that you can't question Islam proves that it is infallible because, as we all know, might makes right.

On Bizarro World.


AwfulUsername123 t1_jeglv3d wrote

Clearly Bahrain is very confident that Islam is true.


Mcrski88 t1_jegvv41 wrote

Worlds greatest religion. Islam seems like /r/conservative..: question us and we ban/jail you


Pee_Wee_Mer_Man t1_jeh1q8p wrote

Insane in the Bahrain. Went insane got no Bahrain


autotldr t1_jegkv7b wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 78%. (I'm a bot)

> The case has drawn wide criticism from rights groups, and exposed divisions in the majority Shiite community in the Sunni-ruled kingdom.

> The group has said that it does not question the Quran or Prophet Muhammad's teaching but debates the opinions of religious scholars and modern-day clerics.

> Last month, rights group Human Rights Watch called on Bahraini authorities to "Immediately drop all charges against the men and halt inflammatory public comments condemning the society on religious grounds."

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Qwertyqazws t1_jeh0lyx wrote

The US has a naval base in Bahrain, if only America would only agree to use the American military protect those countries that shares America's values such as Freedom of Speech.


[deleted] t1_jegoau4 wrote



wordholes t1_jegt9e9 wrote

> societal norms based in Christian religion.

There have been plenty of non-Christian societies where clothing has been a societal norm. Almost all of them.


tickleyourfanny t1_jegqm9y wrote

The law says I cant walk around nude? well I question that and think it is wrong. Frankly I know for sure you can walk around nude in all sorts of places in my town...

you see in my country I dont get jailed for what I just that muslim country I see a problem yet and how your example is not exactly on par. First rule of muslim laws is don't talk about muslim laws. Solves a whole lot of problems that way, lol.